Nokia N9 the last MeeGo device?

| June 23, 2011 | 67 Replies

Finnish newspaper is reporting that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has ruled out the possibility of coming back and producing another MeeGo phone, regardless if it is a success or not.


“But even on that phone sales would be a success, Nokia has no intention of coming back Meego  smartphone operating system, says CEO Stephen Elop”

Strictly speaking is the N9 full MeeGo? Is there a possibility to return to Maemo? What about future disruptions team, what are they working on?

When asked by Stefan on twitter on whether N9 is the last MeeGo device, Jussi Makinen (the guy behind and the one demoing the N9 officially) answered:

the innovations in design, UI, and the Qt developer experience in Nokia N9 will live on in a variety of ways in Nokia.


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  • he

    IT IS ONLY THE LAST MEEGO PHONE OF 2011.Said by Forum Nokia.
    It is the last Meego phone of 2011.
    Next phone in 2012.
    Nokia is testing Meego 1.2
    If it going to be a huge success(>10million),it will replace symbian as the smartphone OS at higher end.

    • Jim

      can you provide a link?

  • Arbegla

    I really hope MeeGo lives on. Nokia can keep it exclusively high end and one single device every year. The iOS of Nokia, while WP7 could be the Android.

    • Nabkawe

      this is actually brilliant

    • Blackidea

      Good idea

    • kevin

      Yeah the problem is that the Meego phones will probably outsell the WP7 phones and make the CEO of Nokia look like an idiot.

      Imagine what his board of directors or any shareholders think after hearing this comment? Wait so if the N9 is a huge hit Nokia will never make another one ever, great strategy.

  • Claudio Gomes

    “We want Nokia to keep MeeGo”
    Over 2000 have signed the petition
    Lets see what Nokia’s BOD will say to Mr.Elop after this

    • Kelvin

      You’ll have better luck kicking out Elop to see the next Meego device. MS doesn’t like any OS that can threaten their position. What’s common between Meego and Android? Linux…

  • Debianer

    Hi there @ all

    there is another issue I want to add to this discussion …
    it seems that the WeAreMeego twitter account, which was (as far as I know) some sort of official mouthpiece of the meego/maemo nokia dev team, has been deleted sometime within the last hours. I find this very odd … does anybody of you know why this account doesn’t exist anymore? Don’t get rid of the thought that this is related to the dissonances concerning the reception of meego on the N9

  • vinay

    Another f***in effort by Trojan Elop to divert peoples mind from amazzzzzin Meego N9 to this Windows piece of sh**t. Bottom line is that, Nokia has future only with Meego and Symbian and windows phone will make u obscelete.

  • hosnysantos

    this el. must be a crazy men for this even wiht succes N9 will be the last -he will be burning money ? who is burnring now?

  • Kelvin

    Someone please start a facebook or twitter page to kick Elop out of Nokia. Maybe the petition has to reach the Nokia Board to be effective. Since Elop, Nokia share price kept making new lows…

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  • Moises

    I love the N9 phone…in my job there’re blackberrys, iphones, htc and nokia high…but everybody ares so happy with the new N9 and MEEGO, WE ARE WAITING FOR MORE NOKIA+MEEGO

  • It might have been better to have said ‘Nokia N9 the last MeeGo device from Nokia?’ It is slightly misleading to those skimming over titles.

    Nokia is far from the last bastion of MeeGo for the world. In talking to other companies (Intel in particular), it sounds like Nokia didn’t have their hands in MeeGo much after the two companies announced MeeGo. They were in the opinion that it would not alter the course of the OS in a dramatic way.

    Qt, on the other hand, is a little more precarious, were it left to Nokia’s devs alone. It seems as though Nokia started putting Qt out into the open early so they could start detaching themselves from Maemo/Symbian/MeeGo.

    I am also of the opinion that Nokia should run with MeeGo/Symbian. However, I also believe Nokia needs some change of focus. Compared to how quickly Android is being developed, it makes me wonder how Nokia was always so slow in getting any kind of support out for their devices. In all honesty, though I love my Nokia phones, unless that aspect changed I wouldn’t have used them anymore regardless.

    I think significant change in Nokia is good as well. Whether or not they pump out high quality MeeGo (not Maemo/MeeGo) devices, the fact that MeeGo is now in the open is the best thing that could have happened.

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