Stephen Elop Introduces Nokia Windows Phone? (Looks like Nokia N9 or possibly is just that)

| June 23, 2011 | 66 Replies

UPDATE: HOLY MOOSE I thought this was a joke. No it’s real.

Update 2: told you it was real.

When the Nokia N9 was launched, some fans of Windows Phone (yes, there are some) wished that the N9 had Windows Phone inside.

Well, what you see is supposedly that, the blog saying it was introduced by Elop (says translator). Screenshots from a video (though no video is given). It might as well be an image as we all know it’s really easy to just pop a screenshot from a different phone and pass it off as the OS in another.

What’s intruiging though is that this N9 is somewhat designed differently.

Look at the LED placement. It’s on the side and not the top.

Another thing is the placement of a camera button on the side.

Perhaps it is the windows phone Nokia OR perhaps it’s just the N9 at a different development stage. What we heard from early testers was that the N9 had different designs, which could be traced back to who ever leaks it. This makes sense as remember when we were speculating the N9 design, there was an image where the LED placement was just like as it is seen here.

Interestingly enough this camera buttoned design was in one of the official Nokia videos we saw yesterday when Jim and folks spotted a white N9.

If that is Windows Phone then well, at least it will get some positivity on the hardware front (with a Marmite love or hate response on the software, well based on reaction now, folks have not yet tried Mango). I HOPE internally it is on par with SGSII in terms of processing power. NOT that Windows Phone needs it to be smoother than Android, but potentially for the longevity of the device and future apps that might take advantage of the dual core system (does Android utilise the dual core at all or is it there just for, look what I have purposes).

Mango aside, what hardware do you feel Nokia’s first windows phone needs to impress?


Cheers Zeban for the tip.



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