Gallery: Nokia N9 versus iPhone 4 versus Xperia Arc

| June 25, 2011 | 41 Replies

Someone (DΕ©ng Noble) posted a link to our facebook page ( of a fantastic gallery of Nokia N9 again (note, tips are preferably sent here if you want posts shared quicker).

Amongst the myriad of N9 solos, you have the N9 pressed up against Apple’s iPhone 4 and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc.

Check it out here:

Like the Xperia Arc, the N9 has varying thickness. At the thinnest point, the N9 is 7.6mm (12.1 at thicker raised glass?)

N9 does come in three colours (well, of what was in official press shots anyway, we have seen other colours :p), Black, Pink in addition to Blue. The solid blue blockiness does make it look that extra bit thicker where as iPhone uses illusionary thinner silver band. To be fair though, iPhone 4 is slim (9.3mm) as is arc (8.7mm – which part is that?)


Other colours – they say black is a slimming colour :p

BTW, does N9 have the Battery monitor integrated? Dammit, I think I’m going to love using the N9.

Check out their gallery. Seen a few times already now, but I love how screen brightness is immediately editable in first settings view (though you can edit from drop down setting right?). There’s a lot of intuitive changes in MeeGo that looks like it was made to just make it easier to use for the end user.

I’m interested to know if the power button can bring up profiles as traditional Nokias always do.

There’s another screenshot showing google settings. I wonder how it manages to cope with Calendar Sync. I’ve loved that on Windows Phone – it was so easy to set up. I’ve got my google calendar and live calendar. Things I put on phone are on live calendar and things I put in google or live go into the phone (I wish they could all just sync together).



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  • ravo

    who do i kill to get a n8 πŸ™

    • ravo

      N9 N9 N9 N9

    • Nabkawe

      believe me if N8 isn’t running belle (the qt based UI) you don’t want an N8 you wanna a N9 ,
      Though i was sad to see it doesn’t have radio transmitter like the N8 has , it really is useful to have music via your car’s fm radio.

      • Paul Grenfell

        it has fm tx/rx hardware, no doubt software will enable it in due course..

        • joy mullick

          how much time will it take to come up with a software for nokia N9 which will make the fm receiver and transmitter work for nokia ??? if i but the phone in october then after how many days will i be able to use the fm receiver and transmitter ???? and i read somewhere that with nokia N9 you can’t make skype video calls ???
          is it a fact ???? πŸ™

      • Dave

        Like the idea of getting an N9, but the camera still isn’t an overall improvement on what is currently in the N8.

    • Ricky
  • Usedtolovemeegoandnokia

    Is Skype video chat coming ala N900 style?

    • Cod3rror

      I would not count on it.

      This is probably all you’ll get, no updates, nothing.

      • mj

        lol, the community will have that running before you know it.

        Like the Twitter integration was done last year, that iOS 5 just announced

  • Paul Grenfell

    The more i see of this, the more i like it..
    The drop-down status bar.

  • Paul Grenfell
  • M

    Ya’ll should check out this website to see other features maybe missed by reviews.

  • V***

    are they gonna lunch it in september?


    • V***

      look at 9:05

    • V***

      launch so for my bad english :p

  • scapegoat81

    Damn i want this thing….

  • ggg

    can someone confirm with me?

    Does n9 have hdmi? Fm radio? Fm tranmitter? Ir? Skype video call?

    Can faircrack work in n9?
    And other useful apps like mobile hotspot, mplayer, sib, cutetube, pyradio, vpn, webtexter…..

    • WiFi hotspot is integrated πŸ˜‰

  • Rex

    Arc looks clasy
    iPhone4 looks like a brick
    N9 looks like a rubber covered brick =/

    • dsmobile

      It’s just the colour really, does not make it justice in photos.

      Black is really looker if you compare those other phones in store.

      Also surface is matte colour and not shiny so that also will make it look different in real than in photos. matte is making it less slippery and feels nice on hand.

  • Keist

    The iPhone 4 still has the best design.

    • Cod3rror

      I’ll have to agree with that, even woth it’s signal issues iPhone 4 is a stunning design.

      Still the best.

      • rxc

        Yeah, I don’t care if I am unable to make calls. You know, in a “smartphone”, all that I care about is looks, not this stupid functionality. /s

        • Sam


          Yea well, Nokia has the industry leading patent portfolio for mobile phones so Apple has to compete with something else :))

          But IMHO N9 looks much better. I like the N9 design a lot more. I haven’t liked the Nokia design so much the past few years, but this N9 baby is really something beautiful.
          Simple and elegant. I am just stunned. Going to change my iPhone4 to N9.

  • Ninja

    I think we see from all this N9 stuff that Windows Phone is clearly pointless. And don’t kid yourself that WP is somehow going to come in below the N9 and fill the midrange gap to replace Symbian, being Microsoft software WP is typically badly written bloated and technically crap so the component costs won’t allow it to be midrange.

    • Jay Montano

      Now and again it does creep doubts in my mind. Now and again.

      Hey Ninja, what’s your opinion on MeeGo-Harmattan versus Symbian? Are you shifting focus to MeeGo or just still vehemently disliking Windows Phone? (genuine question)

      • Ninja

        I think people think I don’t like WP because I don’t like WP because I don’t like WP. i.e. because I’m some sort of blind fanboy.

        NO. That is not the reason. I am TOTALLY in favour of Nokia replacing Symbian with something superior. But that’s the key. It needs to be REALLY, GENUINELY SUPERIOR.

        I’ve developed software for 25 of the last 28 years, on a variety of systems. Followed and used Symbian for years. Ran a software label when I was 17 and my software had 250,000 users worldwide. Now run a small mobile co. doing industry analysis, mobile software development (J2ME for the last 3 years but also mobile web) and server-side software dev (PHP and C). Am very active in professional mobile discussion groups. Followed Microsoft for at least 20 years, incl read 2 biographies on them.

        I’m not trying to boast. I’m trying to say “I have my reasons” for harping on here repeatedly about WinPho being not up to the job, Nokia doing the wrong thing etc. I’m passionate, and I care – most of all about the end users.

        I see the world being deprived of a superb OS (Symbian) that was going to give a huge boost to people in the developing world who deserve better than what S40 has given them to date. But Nokia are starting to make up for that with the latest S40 handsets, and with Qt and Maps coming. But Symbian is huge boots to fill.

        Secondly I KNOW Microsoft software. It is UNIVERSALLY badly engineered – I have the experience to know it when I see and use it, and badly designed too. And yes this does matter to end users. End users often don’t realise when they’re using something that’s not up to the job, they just think it’s the best they can get and are happy. It’s morally wrong if something better can be given to them easily and isn’t being.

        I am TOTALLY WILLING to see Microsoft produce excellent, superb software to go with Nokia’s excellent hardware. But I have yet to hear of or see, in 20 years, MS producing well written, well designed, efficient software. They got to the top because of business skills and marketing, not because there software was any good.

        Right now, WP is a steaming heap of shite, whether you like the UI experience or not (if you do, at least they’re starting to get something right). But the feature list of WP is pathetic, and the hardware requirements are pathetic. It is not progress and evolution to have something new (WP) have less features and higher hardware requirements (and thus greater cost) than what came before it. This is wrong.
        Customers have also rejected it, and NOT because it has had limited roll out geographically or because the manufacturers that make it “are mainly focussing on Android”. RUBBISH. It’s had a multi-hundred million dollar marketing campaign, a whole variety of handsets from well know makers, and so on. And yet it has sold far less than one handset from Nokia (N8). CONSUMERS HAVE REJECTED WP.

        All this means things do not look good for WP.

        And I still haven’t answered your question πŸ™‚

        MeeGo vs Symbian? Well, Symbian is slightly less power for a much lower cost so I’d say Symbian is better in that regard. MeeGo is more limited in it’s UI and more immature technically. So again Symbian is better. But that’s all today, right?

        Symbian itself, plus it’s market leading hardware capabilities (note, not specs, but actual capabilities as specs are irrelevant, it’s what you can do with them that counts), plus things like Anna, Belle, and Nokia Big Screen showed Nokia could have competed easily in the mid range market and low end for several years while they slowly brought in MeeGo at the rate they were able to.

        What they needed to do was throw more into Symbian development, not throw it out. And improve it faster.

        The only truly crap, terrible, horrible thing about Symbian was it’s image problem in the Western world. That was it! Accelerating development and the right marketing campaign would have fixed everything wrong with Symbian.

        As for what I’m shifting focus to – J2ME/S40, that’s where the real future lies for the most people. The high end is just rich people’s boys-toys πŸ˜‰

        • Ninja

          Oh and I’ll just leave the here to show how important Symbian still is to most of the people of the world, from Tomi Ahonen’s Phone Book 2010, from the end of last year. And noting that the loud and proud USA mobile market which so many people desperately follow, accounts for under 10% of the world mobile market…personally I prefer to listen to the other 90% of the world…

          SMARTPHONES BREAKDOWN (which are ~18% of all phones sold)


          Smartphones – ~25% business, ~75% consumer
          Business – Blackberry 39%, Nokia Symbian 44%, WinMo 6%, Other 4%
          Consumer – Nokia Symbian 47%, iPhone 21%, Blackberry 12%, Android 6%, WinMo 4%, Other 10%
          Overall – Nokia Symbian 41%, Android 16%, iPhone 15%, Blackberry 15%, WinMo 4%


          Western European

          Just over 60% Nokia Symbian:
          iPhone ~18%
          Android ~4%-5%
          Blackberry 7% or 8%

          Advanced Asia Pacific

          Just over 60% Nokia Symbian:
          iPhone ~10%
          WinMo ~6%
          Android ~4%
          Blackberry ~2%

          Emerging Asia Pacific:

          Nokia Symbian ~75%
          WinMo ~4%
          Android ~4%
          iPhone ~3%

          Latin America:

          Nokia Symbian ~50%
          Blackberry ~25%
          WinMo ~10%
          iPhone ~4%
          Android ~3%

          Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East:

          Nokia Symbian ~78%
          Blackberry ~10%
          WinMo ~4%
          Android ~3%
          iPhone ~3%

          • Ninja

            And note that WinMo is Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone (a completely different incompatible system) which has sales so low they don’t even register.

          • JD!

            Finally someone said better than Jay πŸ˜€

            You are great man… Should start writing in this site. We need real reviews from passionate professionals.

            Thanks for opening the eye. HOpe you support Meego πŸ˜€

        • Wow,it actually is a good article on its own and really good one.

        • Rock

          Nice of you to fully express my views πŸ™‚

        • Johnny Tremaine

          Sooo…you’re an OSX fan then? Sounds like you prefer Macs to Windows machines.

          Join the club!

  • he

    i love N9 looks.will buy N9 for sure.
    Its an Iphone 4 killer.
    Now i will tell my friends whose got the best phone.

  • he

    Its only a rumor that N9 is the last meego phone.
    Its only the last meego phone of 2011.

  • Alboooz

    Just see the difference between plastic and the metallic ones…hmm nokia made only two good phones the non-touchscreen N95 and my mighty N97mini.

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  • Personally…really can’t be bothered to look at iThingy or anything with google on it, this started when I tried N9 briefly.

  • Magnificent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your effort!