Nokia N950 Dismantled – internal/external photos of disassembled Developer MeeGo Phone (12MP Carl Zeiss confirmed)

| June 25, 2011 | 91 Replies

Avert your eyes, we’re going into the geeky-dissection room to slice open the Nokia N950. This is the official disassembly for the FCC (expect more to come later as folks piece it apart). BL-4D battery, less capacity than the N9. I guess devs don’t mind and would be closer to power source more often than typical N9 user :D

It looks like those old plastic army toy soldiers frame thing from early 90s/late 80s

External N950 photos are available too

As seen in the teaser, this has 12 mp. The N950 info page was a bit coy in saying N9 and N950 had similar image quality, both being able to produce 8MP pictures. Well N950 does this by lowering the resolution by 4MP.


What a gorgeous looking thing



If you’re a developer, check out this post on how you can get your free N950 devkit

THE n950 Manual:

Full document here

Cheers alee for reminder!

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  1. Donovan says:

    Check this out! Nokia N9 Includes An FM Transmitter & Receiver, No Software To Take Advantage Of That Yet

    • arshak says:

      this is nmokia man…
      they never kept thier promises
      like happend in N8
      they are bunch of MFs
      the only problem with nokia is thier service …..
      They have new technology and ideas
      but in the case of service they are just scum bags

  2. mikat says:

    Stephen Elop has hammered in the last nail into a Nokia-MeeGo coffin. It will prove to board of directors that MeeGo it is bad.

    - Itself MeeGo it is not very stable yet.
    - The processor from the last century
    - Bluetooth 2.1
    - The display with mediocre resolution
    - The operating time isn’t enough

  3. Bhairav Pardiwala says:

    Whoah look at microphone positioning

  4. chester says:

    n9 is just awesome,but they should have put a 12mp cam,8mp isn’t bad maybe they wanted it to be slim,but so far n9 is just excellent.

    Which one will you choose if there was a an option
    1) N9 with 8mp + NFC or
    2) N950 with 12p & no NFC

    Both phones are wonderful.
    Nokia may start selling N950 when they finish the N9 unit they are making.Meego will gain more ground later this year when more manufacturers release their Meego powered phones.I think 1Ghz CPU + 1Gb Ram is enough,we need something we can use,by the way this will run Meego(pure linux)which is just efficient and the best in resource utilisation.Think about the support that we’ll also get from the Linux community.Nokia says Meego is for future disruptions,guess the disruptions have started.

  5. mkudro says:

    How LCD n950 compares to Amoled N9 screen. They have same resolution but, what are the real world differences (i’m not asking about technology behind these two screens)

    • rebel_ng says:

      The Amoled display would have more apealling colours with deeper blacks. It would also have better sunlight visibility.

  6. Chen Zhe says:

    12MP? I would like it!

  7. Aliqudsi says:

    uhm why does it say N9 on it?? (in the last pic)

  8. HaugMedia says:

    Looks like a military grade electronics.

    I want it, it looks sci-fi.

  9. Alboooz says:

    The battery pack is small that will not last for one full day, and might bee buggy phone they can not solve problem on it, that’s why they give for free to developers…bcz if they where for sale, than in few days all the phones will be returned back to the service as defective people might consider…so guys if you want to have headache and the phone than register for developer, hope you’ll get one…i will not want it even is for free…thanx.

  10. Bhairav Pardiwala says:

    Got anything on how much memory it has
    i am guessing 64 gb !!!

  11. zaxxx says:

    The only thing force me not to buy n9 is upcoming nokia wp7 phone,and all nokia attention goes to their wp phone i’m afraid n9 will be another n900. Maybe i’ll stuck with my dying os n8 till next year… Damn Nokia.

  12. Jammy says:

    Why didnt they made N950 as mainstream device, it has all the ingredients to become instant hit,and if they make it with 64GB onboard memory and put 1500Mh battery in it, then it would have looked as great device……. I thnk Nokia dont want to make it mainstream as then it will affect sales of E7, which similar in looks to this device, and above all E7 woulf have looked medieval age device in front of this thing, so may be they wll release this with more better specs, in Fall……… Or if they dont release this device for public then it only means, that Elop really wants to screw the greqt OS like Meego, just to make his bosses at Microsoft happy……..

    • Jay Montano says:

      It was supposed to be last year’s N9, but MeeGo wasn’t ready. Hardware wise it got approval but MeeGo was not mass market ready.

      On the whole affecting Symbian Sales? I did over hear some Nokia folk say it was not announced at Nokia World 2010 (though it could have been and was expected there) to put limelight onto those Symbian devices.

      MeeGo still isn’t ready now. It’s backtracked harmattan (Maemo 6) in between MeeGo. Harmattan was due in 2010, I think we heard about it in 2008 and even then we already said that was too late for Nokia.

      If there’s anyone to blame it’s the culture inside Nokia that causes such slowdown of innovation.

  13. Alou says:

    Hello, do You know which recent Nokia (with bluetooth fonction) do have an external antenna jack ? I want to put an external antenna on the roof of my car. Thanks from Belgium.

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