Does “MeeGo” even matter?

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The more astute among you may notice that the “MeeGo” mentioned in the title is placed in quotes. That’s something I’ll get to a little later but first let’s address a few important points from my last editorial. Many of you mentioned that Nokia had a great ecosystem before the deal with Microsoft and that joining a dying ecosystem with no marketshare made no sense. Fair, Microsoft’s marketshare is on the decline but so is Nokia’s, along with decreasing profits and outlook, “strong” ecosystem or not. Others commented that Nokia had already embarked on a relationship with Intel in order to create the open-source OS called MeeGo which would be used across a myriad of consumer electronics devices. That’s nice and all, but we’ve yet to see any deliverable product from that there venture. Further to the point, the “MeeGo” we see now is not even MeeGo in the literal sense!!! The MeeGo running on the N9 is from all indications Harmattan at the core with a MeeGo-ish UI and API compatibility slapped on. Might be a big part of the reason why media and assets from Nokia CONSTANTLY mention Harmattan when describing the OS. Given that Harmattan is, more or less proprietary with the use of upstream components, the open-source nuts should probably quit criticising other “closed” ecosystems so much.

Further to this,Intel specifically promised mobile-ready chips by the end of 2010, amongst other things that I’m sure Nokia were promised or assured of prior to signing this agreement. We’re now halfway through 2011 and we’ve yet to see anything of the sort. If anything, ARM is starting to creep into the lower spectrum of Intel’s space and with greater support for ARM architecture by the largest OS on the market, they may begin to cede parts of their market they’d rather not lose.

So let’s set this straight, the N9 ain’t running the Open Source, Intel co-developed MeeGo for handsets and the only reason the MeeGo branding can be used in the first place is because of the “similarities” between the Harmattan API and the MeeGo API. Furthermore, Harmattan uses a very substantial UI framwork layer called MeeGo Touch whereas the MeeGo being developed with Intel does NOT and instead relies on Qt Quick for the UI framework.

PS. The UI that’s running on top of the N9 isn’t open source either by the way.


So now that that’s out of the way, we get to the meat of the matter. If MeeGo Harmattan isn’t really MeeGo as some of ‘us’ would like to think and the two use more or less incompatible UI frameworks then further development on this “MeeGo”-Harmattan, especially when future versions of the Open Source, Intel co-developed MeeGo don’t use this framework don’t make any sense. Cue Stephen Elop’s comments mirroring this exact point. In essence Harmattan  won’t be developed much further than the current state.

The craziest thing though is that MeeGo itself isn’t important! The things that supposedly make MeeGo the best thing since sliced bread (it’s certainly the best thing out of Finland since Linux — I kid!!) are the same things that make the UI, UX, Applications and designs and performance platform-INDEPENDENT. The best things, the most important things about the MeeGo experience are all possible due to Qt! The same cross-platform development and UI framework is the reason all of this is impressive in the first place.

In essence the MeeGo experience isn’t all really due to MeeGo (though the Linux kernel probably plays a sizeable role) but due to the capabilities of Qt and good design. Which is all more or less portable to platforms of Nokia’s choice! What’s even more awesome is that not only will Qt continue to support Symbian (for the short time it will exist post 2012) but it will move on to support Nokia’s largest platform.  And there have been rumblings that there are big things on the Horizon on that front. ;)


I guess the key takeaway (this is definitely aimed at the TL;DR folks) is that whether or not MeeGo succeeds, while relevant is not the be all and end all. Whether Qt succeeds on the other hand, is the crux of Nokia’s strategies moving forward. I’ll leave you with Attila Csipa’s tweet

“Repeat after me: the N9′s ecosystem is #Qt. It’s not one of the kind. It’s the kind that can share software with 100M+ devices”

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  1. Shmerl says:

    Lot’s of points wrong.

    > the open-source nuts should probably quit criticising
    > other “closed” ecosystems so much.

    No. Closed source ecosystems deserve all the critique they get. Especially those which promote walled gardens, DRM and all those iOS style totalitarian restrictions. MS is notably moving in the same direction as Apple. So no love for Windows Phone from those who value freedom of software.

    > So let’s set this straight, the N9 ain’t running the
    > Open Source

    No, it does. The very UX is closed, but the whole core is open, allowing one to create open UX, open apps, and utilize the power of Linux to full potential. There is an open UX called Meego CE which is aimed for N9 too. Hardware matters – i.e. there are drivers for N9 components which allow Linux to run there. The closedness of Nokia’s UX is a minor issue here.

    > and the two use more or less incompatible UI frameworks

    I’m not sure where you get that. Qt makes them fully compatible. You aren’t forced to use Meego touch. You are even encouraged to use Qt quick.

    > The craziest thing though is that MeeGo itself
    > isn’t important!

    This is a total nonsence. It’s the portability of Meego which makes it imprtant.

    • gordonH says:

      I love the emperor’s new clothes… meego

    • Ballumi says:

      First good posting here in a while. Clearly Andrew has no Idea what Meego/Meamo is overall.

      QT for S40 and we should be happy? Are you serios Andrew? lol

      Pretty crazy things going on. While on Engadget the bloggers hype the N9 on mynokiablog they cry for Windows Phone. Whats wrong with you guys?

      • Antonio says:

        “Pretty crazy things going on. While on Engadget the bloggers hype the N9 on mynokiablog they cry for Windows Phone. Whats wrong with you guys?”


      • Jay Montano says:

        I don’t know, but I see like 50 posts I’ve posted about the N9 on mynokiablog all of which are positive. There’s more to come tomorrow too.

        It seems you have actively decided to ignore my excitement for Nokia N9 and decided to support your argument by focusing only on posts which then possibly tries to see a different point of view on the situation.

        • Zak says:

          Nobody’s ignoring yours supposed excitement, but you guys are acting like mr. Elop. “Oh Great we’ve just released N9 which is so great, but then again WP7 will be so awesome n have some of what N9′s smoking”.

          and here you guys “ZOMG<! OMG! MEEGO N9! AWESOME!… but.. meh meego is nothing WP7 would be so much matter"… It's like Nokia itself including elop and nokia bloggers (like u) are spouting the same BS what elop's doing.

          Yes, maybe WP7 will be so much better for Nokia or whatever. But atleast for now let N9-Meego have it all till Nokia's WP7 are launched. Like Elop, you guys are overshadowing N9-Meego too with nonsense posts like this one and such written by Andre, who adores WP7. Pffftt ridiculous

          • Jay Montano says:

            Just for reference we have many writers here (all whom doing this out of free time and a love for Nokia). What may be said by one may be reflected by all, and in contrast, may not.

            It may seem difficult to perceive it that way given the way blogs are perceived as a one-voice type thing. e.g. It’s not a particular writer at Gizmodo, it’s the whole of gizmodo that likes X.

            The same message that blogosphere is thinking of: MeeGo is fantastic – but what about it’s future? As a Nokia fanboy, I am just interested in the wellfare of Nokia, REGARDLESS of OS.

            At the current state, Nokia is fielding all attention to WP and shows at least it has future there, that’s where I’m also aligned. I have doubts what MeeGo will do without the array of apps or possible future devices (we can’t really be certain right now as Nokia has never officially said anything regarding MeeGo future, just what may or may not have been misinterpreted in an interview)

            I’m still wanting MeeGo to be successful. I don’t want it to fail for the sake of WP success. It’s this kind of bullshit of previous Nokia leaderships that has resulted in Nokia’s catastrophic downturn, promoting infighting and sacrificing one league for another.

            It may have been asked too soon, but there are questions that need to be asked and discussed.

            I think what this article was trying to show is that, “hey guys, MeeGo may not have a future according to what has been discussed in papers, but you don’t have to worry as it will live on in Qt”.

            I wish I could take the tardis to 2002 and warn Nokia of all of this, lol. Then maybe I wouldn’t have such an odd, unhealthy obsession for this mobile phone company.

    • Brian says:

      Andre, I know you are a WP phone 7 fanboy. And I´m not a Linux not by any reason, but yes it matters!

      The ignorance by the mynokiablog guys is ridiculous!

      We went through this nonsense with multitasking when you claimed that multitasking on WP7 was as good as on any other system and I pointed to the Maemo/Meego multitasking, where you two started backpeddling.

      Here´s a simple case:
      I want to send 3 things to a friend of mine through email:
      - A excel sheet that I have on my network drive at home, wifi since my laptop´s not with me.
      - A word file that I have in my email, as an attachment
      - I want to make markups on a picture I got sent in a email and I have as a attachment before I send this to my colleague.
      - A picture I took of my son or whatever other object

      Now how am I going to accomplish this in WP7 with all the compartmentalization that doesn´t allow me to access files cross directories?

      Here´s where Meego matters :)

      • Andre says:

        I can do those things on iOs which is certainly much more restrictive ffs. Those aren’t use cases that necessitate directory access (which can be gotten with ease). But yes I’m a total fanboy… -_-

        • MoritzJT says:

          Aww comeon, Andre would tell us if he was a fanboy. I would do so incase I would be fanboyish stupid.

          The only thing in place is that Andre has some views different of your own ones, and that he is relativising stuff way more than you are able to.

          Andre never mind. Only a very few criticisms on you were justified, such as deaconcgli’s about how you communicate your views.

      • PJ says:

        What’s a Windows Phone phone 7, it sounds awesome.

  2. Shmerl says:

    And as I said above – if Nokia will leave Meego – so be it, others will produce hardware. But stop bashing Meego as irrelevant, or it sounds like a paid M$ PR. Nokia made a bad decision with moving to WP, and Nokia will suffer consequences. But since Meego and WP are totally opposite ideologically, it was expected that Elop would ditch Meego completely with that move. So, we’ll get over it. If Nokia would ever repent for this betrayal, it’ll be welcomed back.

  3. Upakul says:

    MeeGo is not MeeGo. Its Maemo6 with MeeGo UI. So?
    Who cares?
    Qt is enough to dive it forward in future.
    See the device. See its ui. See is functioning.
    It is the only Nokia handset comparable to an iPhone.
    People are liking it.

    Who cares its a true MeeGo or not?
    Elop failed and finished Nokia

    • rebel_ng says:

      The two things that make the n9 great are

      -the ui

      Elop hinted about nokia continuing and improving o the ui on the n9.

      I believe nokia are working on another os which would have a similar ui tom that on the n9 and also support Qt. If that were the case, Meego truelly would be irrelevant.

  4. pchees says:

    Meego/Harmattan does matter because it is a very bad strategic decision to completely hand over the creation of mobile software to a 3rd party vendor with the reputation of Microsoft. I have no problem with it in principle as long as Nokia retain its ability to produce ultra high end Meego/Harmattan based phones (1 a year) in the future.

  5. Weirdfisher says:

    Andre Why dont you make a My Windows Phone Blog?

    • dr_zorg says:

      For a troll, this would be tantamount to suicide. There’d be very few people biting on his articles on a “” website, let’s be honest here.

      No matter how offended Andre might feel about being called a troll, this is exactly what he is. And I think that deep down he knows it too.

    • Why don’t you go to MymeegoNEblog?

    • Andre says:

      Nut job… did I mention Windows Phone??

      Nope, this isn’t even pro-Microsoft or pro-Windows Phone, it’s pro-Qt and trying to explain to you that MeeGo in and of itself isn’t that important.

      The things that make the N9 so appealing are the UI an Qt. As stated in the article itself, I recognize and appreciate the significance of both. As do Nokia. So stop trolling will ya?

    • MontyN95 says:

      Remember this is called MyNokiaBlog and NOT mySymbianBlog.
      And Nokia is now on WP so all WP7 news are relevant to this blog

      Stop trolling and crawl back into your cave!

  6. Nagol says:

    See now I’m all fuckin confused!! Elop said to me through email that they will continue to support meego, now they’re possibly banning it?? O____O

    Dude stop playing with your damn consumers and make up your mind. He’s really starting to piss me off with this shit!

  7. Jorge Arturo says:

    If Nokia manage to introduce Qt to WP it would help developers to transition and users too to WP, by the way if that is nit MeeGo, I actually don’t care the OS looks sweet

  8. Shihuzaan says:

    Qt in S40. qt has a future. qt is ecosystem. . Why did Nokia abandon meego?

    • Shmerl says:

      Because MS commanded them to. Nokia is now MS’s vassal.

      • rebel_ng says:

        Because nokia doesn’t need meego for anything.

        The n9 runs a nokia developed ui. The ui is not developed by the Meego team and thats what we love about the device. That and that it supports Qt. Nokia doesn’t need meego make a sucessor to the n9.

        Elop hinted at nokia continuing with the innovations shown in the n9. They are definitely working on a new smartphone os.

        • Shihuzaan says:

          meego is a combination of maemo and moblin. meego harmattan is made by maemo community/ nokia qt team. so?

        • Shmerl says:

          I’m not sure what you mean by “we love about the device”. I like that’s it’s Meego, not that it has a closed UX. And that’s the problem, that MS can just grab the ides of this UI and put it to their sinking WP, and even worse they can start abusing related patents as usual.

          • rebel_ng says:

            Why do you like thats its meego?

            • Shmerl says:

              You must not know what Meego is if you ask ;)

              • rebel_ng says:

                You must not know what you like about meego if you can’t say. You’re just being sentimental.

                There are 3 selling points about meego or is it harmattan.

                -its linux
                -the ui

                Nokia is continuing with the latter two and really only geeks care about the first. I’m not sure why i would wan’t to run pc apps on my phone.

  9. tom says:

    i can’t find where your post mentions Microsoft or windows phone. Strange that is the crux of all the complaints in comments.

    Someone dares question meego. Oh no run for the hills.

    If only the Finns left maemo alone to grow and make that 5th step we would all be singing from the same hymnsheet

  10. JD! says:

    Andre, I guess you should change the headline to… “Would Intel really matter for Meego / Maemo?”

    Intel is the one who left and couldn’t deliver! The resulf of same is borne by Nokia. Thank God they released it finally (even it is not pure Maemo with Intel partnership). We dont want Intel chips! If they are late, they are loosers. Nokia, dont be a looser & develop Maemo or whatever its name is! Who cares about names, we need good products… thats it… period

  11. jill says:

    Well from what i have read & understood (can be right/wrong, can be damn simple)

    1) Symbian is difficult to code, difficult to change. It can’t achieve the slickness/eye-candiness which other OS’s have. I hope ‘Anna’ is more than what we have seen so far (at core, but this no longer matter) & will follow with ‘Belle’. This will be the end of Symbian in terms of development (since now the intentions have some other direction).

    Symbian will still generate interest (with Anna & Belle, I feel Belle will be out more quickly) & keep the fans engaged (10 new devices in a year). A stop-gap arrangement till the transition happens to (Windows phone, S40 etc), which also means that the existing Symbain 3 devices will be avaialble at a very competitive price to the end users.

    Transition to ‘Accenture’ means faster developement (i am assuming this) but what this faster developement will lead to, only God knows. And only God knows (or may be even Elop) what will happen to those 2800 Symbian staff.

    2) So what happens to ‘Harmattan/Maemo’…why Nokia N9 is the last meego device?…why are we only getting positive reviews of Nokia N9 from every damn site…why it became compuslory for Elop to officially leak the NWP after days of N9 announcement…why is Nokia moving towards S40 & not harmattan/maemo for the smartphone range…why cant WP/Maemo/S40 co-exist together (catering to the entire range of phone market) ?

    3) Qt is the magic as i understand & thats where it is redirected now S40. It exists in Symbian in the form of Apps & we already know how well it makes the end user experience. So why cant Qt go ahead with the development of Maemo/Harmattan? why its only about WP right now?

    4) What if N9 comes out & is liked more than the NWP…will this lead in to a strategy change or can this lead in to a strategy change? I am not asking for a drastic change, I am asking for co-existance. This again ends with the same question…why its only about WP (now that we have N9/Maemo/Harmattan, Symbian & S40)…why cant it all co-exist (pls dont consider symbian as the attention is towards S40 as understood from the posts around)?

    5) Now if we see…only a few things can be understood (or may be not)…first windows phone…second S40 but is S40 comparable to Maemo/Harmattan?

    6) S40…sees/has more opportunity than Symbian (from the posts around, m not a hardcore tech guy to say this)…S40 in our minds have a place of an less superior OS (psychological) but as heard & seen later they are coming to the fore with better processors, ram etc…which clearly signifies the opportunity & as mentioned in one the posts here needs a new name…needs altogether a new & a better branding.

    I might be wrong some where in whats written…correct me if i am…but still some of the questions remain so as asked above.

  12. a2d4f6h8k0 says:

    Andre, you’re missing an important thing. With WPx phones Qt will die.

    Sure you can use Qt in S^3 or S40, but you ain’t getting the Swipe UX to them.

    So Nokia needs Meego (or some other high-end OS) for Qt to exist in it’s full potential.

    And if you argue, that Qt will be successful in S^3 and S40, then there comes a question in mind: if Qt Ecosystem is successful in S40 and S^3, and Qt is also the main application framework for Meego, what does it matter that Nokia uses Meego instead of WPx?

    So Meego matters, because that way the Qt ecosystem can move to the next level! With WPx it will stagnate.

    • rebel_ng says:

      Nokia does not need meego to evolve Qt. Qt existed before meego and its certain to outlive it.

      I believe nokia is working on another os, something proprietory, from scratch with Qt at heart.

      • a2d4f6h8k0 says:

        Yeah, but it needs a cutting edge platform to utilize the full potential of Qt, and to keep it competitive in the long run.

        Obviously if Nokia is already creating another OS for this purpose Meego doesn’t matter in this perspective.

  13. HaugMedia says:

    First off, the N9 is running MeeGo 1.2, that is the merge everyone was talking about, there is a lot of Moblin in there. It is NOT just API compatible. It is still MeeGo (Maemo+Moblin), the only thing extra is the Harmattan UI which were built using Qt and designed originally for Maemo 6.

    The UI is closed, the core is open source.
    That’s probably the smallest problem in the world, if it is a problem at all..

    And HOLY SHIT are you guys reading the finnish news article wrong…. you can’t be serious! Even Engadget are saying “OH NOES, he killz MeeGo!”

    He is NOT killing MeeGo, he says that MeeGo will still be alive but never get a COMEBACK AS FIRST PRIORITY, it will live on as the disruptor. The authors bad english is just how the Scandinavian mind thinks when they try to translate their language to english, I know, I am after all a scandinavian myself and I see EXACTLY what the author tried to say.

    Oh god..

    • totte says:

      lets hope you are right, anyway kick elop out!

    • dsmobile says:

      Wrong that there is name MeeGo 1.2 in device probably is just to full fill some of the details in contract Nokia has with Intel.

      Intel is now only actual company doing the MeeGo OS now. Nokia is still working on Linux and Qt for their Mobile phone line up. This N9 might be something that is part in future disruptions R&D cost and part of Mobile phone R&D cost.

      Nokia can go back to MeeGo if Intel actually can make it something ready for Mobile phones and tablets. Does not look really look because even the tablet version of the OS is not moving fast enough and Windows 8 tablet will be ready first.

      • HaugMedia says:

        Personally, I hope they go back to calling Maemo 6 with the Harmattan Qt interface. A Nokia standalone Linux operating system.

        • Jay Montano says:

          Same. We would be in a different position if Nokia weren’t seduced by Intel. We already saw how amazing Maemo was. It would have been fantastic as is, just with slimmer hardware.

          • Titanium says:

            At the time there wasn’t the same buzz around the word “ecosystems” but I think the reason of the merge was exactly to build a stronger ecosystem

            • Jay Montano says:

              The only ecosystem the intel thing gave was possibly more devices, of which on the phone side we are only seeing one consumer one that isn’t full MeeGo.

              • Harangue says:

                I presume OPB and BOD went with Moblin to create MeeGo for the sole reason that they understood that they couldn’t make it as the sole MFR for Maemo.
                They needed the now infamous ecosystem, but they didn’t want an outside OS they couldn’t influence.

                Hence the MeeGo move, which did look like a promising one at the time but it didn’t materialize quite fast enoug for it to have succes.

                • Jay Montano says:

                  Unfortunately they moved to MeeGo when they absolutely needed Maemo 6 to be the hit it looked like it was going to be. It was a huge gamble that didn’t pay off because it took so long to do anything.

                  BTW, where are all these amazing mobile chips to take on ARM that intel has promised? What flagship phone currently has intel chips inside? Serious question, I’m not too up to date on this.

                  • Harangue says:

                    Currently there is still only the Aava reference device with a Moorestown design chip in it. It is the Medfield version that supposedly can bring the real smartphone capable chip.

                    Moorestown lacked integration, it was basically a chip with all other kinds of thing bolted on all controlled through a PCH (platform Hub Controller) in part this drives up power consumption.

                    Medfield however integrates some more things but it still doesn’t integrate the modem stuff which reportedly only comes with the next generation courtesy of Infineon which Intel bought recently.

                    My guess is that Intel will only really be at play on the smartphone world when they deliver low power (current Atom isn’t) and integrated circuitry.

                    ARM is already at work with integrating all kinds of stuff inside their chips. This integrating leads to more energy efficient designs and lower latency ie. speedier chip designs.

                    But in the end I only have some basic knwoledge about all this.

  14. Harangue says:

    Here’s something interesting regaring MeeGo’s future. A comment from MR forums by the highly informed dsmobile:

    ‘What Nokia has left for future OS teams is people behind the N9 and Harmattan and Intel SW/HW part is gone and this why Elop says that there is no going back to MeeGo. Well not before someone at Intel makes it actually be something ready to tablets and phones.’

    There is more in that post and this isn’t rock solid info it appears. But it does coincide with Elop saying MeeGo is a no-go. Harmattan Maemo however.

    • dsmobile says:

      lol ;)

      Not really highly informed. Only thinking about small info here and there and combine that with some inside rumours and info and speculate the real story behind everything.

      Everything will end up to X-files and may be we can actually get the real story in “Book of Elop” in year 2020. Is it success book or fail book will see :D

  15. Mirza says:

    I will still buy a nokia n9 regardless, and then wait for a dual core nokia wp7 device…..

    • outdated os says:

      They will out a dual-core/multicore WP just to put N9 to shame.

      Effin free rider phone (Sea Ray).

      • dsmobile says:

        that’s 2012 if even then. WP has not been really going for Dualcore and as long as they keep UI like that it does not matter even with 6 cores.

        It just needs too much focus from user when they use it. The UI is just too much to actually full fill usefulness as smart phone.

        I’m glad there is N9 now coming if not I would have to move to iphone5.

  16. Brian says:

    Andre, I know you are a WP phone 7 fanboy. And I´m not a Linux not by any reason, but yes it matters!

    The ignorance by the mynokiablog guys is ridiculous!

    Have you guys actually got a clue about how phones worked and tried different operating systems out for yourselves?

    We went through this nonsense with multitasking when you claimed that multitasking on WP7 was as good as on any other system and I pointed to the Maemo/Meego multitasking, where you two started backpeddling.

    Here´s a simple case:
    I want to send 3 things to a friend of mine through email:
    - A excel sheet that I have on my network drive at home, wifi since my laptop´s not with me.
    - A word file that I have in my email, as an attachment
    - I want to make markups on a picture I got sent in a email and I have as a attachment before I send this to my colleague.
    - A picture I took of my son or whatever other object

    Now how am I going to accomplish this in WP7 with all the compartmentalization that doesn´t allow me to access files cross directories?

    Here´s where Meego matters :)

  17. ej victor says:

    Fire the man immediately! A CEO’s only job is to create shareholder value and make a profit. If the N9 is so hot, Nokia should release it in every market. If by accident Nokia has made a novel and appealing device that people actually want, it is insane not to move it to the top of the priority list.

    • Harangue says:

      So far the N9 is hot amongst tech blogs and their readers. The real market (the money makers) can’t decide yet and could decide against it (the unknown factor especially with alternatives like Android)

      I’m not implying or suggesting WP is the be all and end all. But only the market can speak about a device’s hotness. Blogs can say one thing but the average buyer can say something completely different.

      • Cocco Bill says:

        So are you saying that let’s not release N9 in every market, because we don’t know if it will sell? The same can be said of any new product. It can be said of Nokia WP7 as well, because we don’t how it will sell. But that’s just a crazy way of doing business. “Let’s not release anything, because the future is uncertain.” Well if you do business that way, you can be absolutely certain you’re not going to sell anything. Future is always uncertain and doing nothing will bring you nothing.

        The only way to know whether N9 is going to sell or not is to release it. And market it. All over the world and especially in the USA & EU (& India). If you don’t release it and give customers the option to buy it, it’s impossible to sell and succeed. That’s what Elop is doing and it’s insane. It’s like he doesn’t want N9 to sell well and succeed. That’s a horrible way of doing business and I’m totally puzzled as to why he’s allowed to continue as CEO. He’s just hurting Nokia and it’s owners. I’ve never seen anything like this. I have always thought that companies want to sell their products and make money.

        And what about other manufacturer’s WP7s? We already know that WP7s don’t sell well. So “the market” has spoken and it doesn’t want WP7.
        “The market” said it’s not hot.

    • Jay Montano says:

      I think for the benefit of everyone, epecially Nokia, WAIT until the transition is complete or at least until the first parts of the strategy begin to get executed.

      Wait at least till Nokia World 2011. What has been brought is a CHANGE at Nokia. Most importantly is the removal of the weed and the overgrowth that means Nokia is now more agile and can respond more quickly to changes in the industry.

      Elop may just be a change agent. Hopefully strategies pay off and we see Nokia doing better and better. This is not to promote Windows Phone but to promote Nokia. I don’t care what OS they push, at least have a mind to push one.

  18. Jay Montano says:

    P.S. Folks, as a Nokia fanboy, I frankly don’t care what OS Nokia runs just as long as it gets Nokia back on track, maybe/hopefully to their glory days.

    Symbian was awesome for its time, though got long in the tooth. I love it’s feature list, though I’m facing certain stability issues and the UI is looking dated (especially after having come back down from Maemo 5). Symbian was just that, had great Symbiotic relationship for Nokia but then it just couldn’t grow at the pace it needed to to improve and innovate.
    Maemo was epic, transformed into MeeGo that unfortunately didn’t get where it needed to as quickly as expected. But there’s still a lot of hope. Gosh I miss MAEMO so much.
    WP – that’s unknown for now what that will achieve for Nokia with no NWP out and all, despite not so positive sales versus the positive reaction from major reviewers, it’s still one of these things we have to wait out. It has bad points but definitely some good ones too, it’s not completely one way or the other.
    S40 – lol, no not yet.

    Reiterate – Nokia blog, I’m not a fan for any particular OS, just whatever that is, hope it pushes Nokia to the heights they once soared at. Some of our writers may like one OS much more than another (no not just Andre with WP, Serg loves Maemo/MeeGo). We’re looking more and more to include more fans of particular things so we can get the many different views on Nokia as a whole. Symbian/Maemo/MeeGo/WP fans.

    • Harangue says:

      Jay, just what I was thinking about. Got a post in my mind about this thing. Won’t elaborate, will be ready for reader consumption in a couple of days.

    • yasu says:

      “P.S. Folks, as a Nokia fanboy, I frankly don’t care what OS Nokia runs just as long as it gets Nokia back on track, maybe/hopefully to their glory days.”

      That’s where you and I are different.

      Nokia is also defined by its homegrown OSes. They are part of its identity. As someone on another forum said about the WP7 prototype : “It… looks like… any other Windows Phone…”. So sad.

      I care because I don’t find it healthy to have your destiny on the hands of a third party.

      If the partnership were to succed, all the credit will go to MS, Nokia will just be seen as the peddler of MS wares, while it was Nokia that did all the heavy lifting.

      If the partnership tanks, MS will just say, oh too bad, and carry on. Nokia, on the other hand…

      • Jay Montano says:

        It is a blessing if a company can have the options to put their destiny in their own hands with their own OS.

        I was and is still unhappy that Nokia has lost total control but staying in this mindset, especially the way Symbian was going was going to lead Nokia crashing and burning.

        I think Elop has already mentioned before that there are folks working on the next disruption than will make all the WP stuff irrelevant. Let’s hope that’s true and Nokia does find a way not just to be number 1, but not dependent on someone else for their success.

    • anamika says:

      Why are you fan of particular company? Shoudn’t you be fan of the products provided by the company like ios, android, meego not apple, google, nokia.

      Unless of-course you have stock in that company.That i can understand.

  19. Nagol says:

    I think Nokia will continue to support Meego. But it won’t be supported as much as WP7 because Microsoft is gonna be the signature OS for Nokia in the future. But Meego is just a future disruption option for them on the side.

  20. PJ says:

    And to be fair, none of you commenting here have had your hands on the N9, and a WP by the looks of it, so any comparisons you guys make are all based on assumptions.
    The N9 looks amazing and I’m going to buy one as soon as possible but I’m not going to say that it will be the best thing ever since I have not had a hands on yet. And those who have, have only had it for a couple of hours max so any praise they have should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    I’ve used a Omnia 7 for about half a year, though not exclusively. WP7 is a solid OS but has some holes that need to be filled in before it is good enough to be used day to day. Many of those holes will be filled in by the Mango update.
    For 90% of Nokia users today WP will be just fine, and for many it will be much better then Symbian.
    WP7 is a sensible choice for Nokia’s main smartphone OS. If you don’t like that then go with the N9 or Android, no one is stopping you. There’s alot of phones on the market for just that reasons so that you can choose the one that is best for you.
    Also why the fuck are you on a Nokia fan site if you just want to complain about everything Nokia does. Like I said, Nokia is not the only phone maker out there, your free to go and buy some other phone like a Samsung, Motorola, SonyEricsson, HTC or Apple iPhone.

  21. Deep Space Bar says:

    OPK and ELOP fucked nokia up end of story

    • tom says:

      opk more so. Elop came to a sensitive, weakened nokia. Opk burned nokia when nokia was topdog.

      • yasu says:


        OPK had its faults (slow execution and no straightening of the incompetent ditherers that prevented the good work of the engineers to see the day of light), but he left Nokia trending up (volume sales, ASP, stock price), under him Nokia credit and debt rating were top notch. He brought in Qt and had a vision for the future. The handset division posted a $4 billion yearly in 2009 and 2010.

        Under Elop Nokia may be on course for the first time to have a loss posted by the handset division. The debt and credit rating are down the toilet. The situation is so out of control that he isn’t even able to provide quarterly guidance because that fool stabbed Nokia’s main bread earner in broad day light (that’s treasonous).

        He sells out Nokia assets to Microsoft, and tries to disarm Nokia and make it completely dependent on Microsoft.

        The weakened Nokia is now, where people are speculating its dismemberment since its parts are worth than the whole.

        OPK >> Elop (which happens to have extremely questionable loyalties).

        • yasu says:

          “The handset division posted a $4 billion yearly in 2009 and 2010.”
          I meand $4 billion *profit* despite that evil Symbian costing oh so much to maintain (so it paid for itself).

        • yasu says:

          “The handset division posted a $4 billion yearly in 2009 and 2010.”
          I meant $4 billion *profit* despite that evil Symbian costing oh so much to maintain (so it paid for itself).

  22. admin says:

    If you’d be big time Toyota fan, and suddenly they would start making cars with engine from Ford, which would be worse in performance and fuel consumption, and still they’d do it because CO says that the deal gives better add-on equipments in future. What would u say?

  23. Jed says:

    There’s sooo many inaccuracies in the this article it’s not funny.
    Andre for the sake of a better informed community…

    I beg that you to ask QGIL over at Maemo/Meego forums to proof-read this article for you.
    He’s a Nokia employee that’s intimately involved with Maemo/Meego interactions over the past 18mths+

    It’s really giving out a lot of misinformation.
    In an unintended way of course…


  24. Jedibeeftrix says:

    @ Jed “Andre for the sake of a better informed community… I beg that you to ask QGIL over at Maemo/Meego forums to proof-read this article for you.”

    too true, but that would be a good start, particularly his recent blog post.

  25. aleci says:

    So its all about QT. Qt would enable all nokia phones to be compatible whether it be running s40, symbian or harmattan. this is actually quite advanced and too futuristic for people to understand now since its only a superficial battle of Oses.

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