>36% of Engadget readers going to BUY a Nokia Smartphone (MeeGo/WP), 73% of MNB readers want N9, 43% in black.

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Engadget have another post on the Nokia N9 – This time asking their readers if they’ll be BUYING one.

VOTES are still being taken, with the Nokia/NonUS readers starting to see this post and voting up.

Now engadget is a US techblog with American focus, predominantly targeting US readers with focus mostly on iOS and Android related stories. So it’s quite a surprise to see around 36% of their readers wanting to BUY a Nokia smartphone.

20.5% want the recently announced MeeGo smartphone, the Nokia N9. Oddly, there’s 15.5% who want the relatively unknown, unannounced leaked Sea-Ray.

43.9% at this stage seem to be in trapped in the ecosystems of other OSes (BB?). Folks may be too entrenched in the particular services they’re used to, or have purchased too much from one app catalogue and it makes more sense for these folks to stick with that OS. Hmm.

There’s still the possibility of gaining new smartphone users who aren’t locked into any OS.


Now Andre asked this same question last week – our audience being of a different demographic (and sample size)

  • 25% love the N9 so much they are going to preorder
  • 48.52% love the N9 and are most likely going to go get one (with a chance they won’t)
  • 6.25% not convinced (perhaps sticking with Symbian?)
  • 10.77% is torn between this and Windows Phone (it doesn’t get much love from our audience here – though it was N9 launch day when Sea-Ray was not yet ‘leaked’)

From the folks that are pretty much definite on getting the N9 we asked which colour they’d prefer. Ignore the sneaky peak white one (it makes sense in later post why that was there)

  • The majority, 43.54% want black. After seeing all three, Engadget’s Vlad said, “The black one blows the other two out of the water. It is so slick and sophisticated, it is just so beautiful. Like honestly if you put a Vertu branding on it, I would be like, ‘finally, Vertu has a phone worthy of those 10,000USD price tags’.  It is fantastic, the black one.” It is more widely appealing than the other two. It’s a safer colour (some have said boring as it’s the one they see the most). You can get cases for the N9 already to change it to blue/pink and all the rainbow colours according to one video.
  • 21.27% would like the blue
  • 2.53% (of I’m guessing predominantly male with few female) would like the pink one.
  • That makes just over 23% wanting pink/blue whilst 43.54% want black and the rest (around 34%) not wanting any of those options
  • 25% want this in white (seems that’s the Sea-Ray camera buttoned version)

Cheers Paul Grenfell for the tip


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