Where to buy Nokia N9 in the UK?

| July 1, 2011 | 44 Replies


Now, I’m not sure about everywhere else, but what we’re hearing is that the UK ISN’T getting the Nokia N9. It is instead one of the markets for the ‘competition’ that is the Windows Phone. Nokia’s own UK stores certainly won’t be selling as they’ve shut down.

I think a couple of days after launch day we saw Expansys list the N9. I thought only Black N9 would get 64GB? They’ve got a listing for the blue one in 64GB too.

No price yet, but this is at least one retailer to get a N9 from if you are UK based., another UK retailer has a listing too. (Cheers zonk0r)


I would expect to also have the N9.

If you’re used to getting your phone subsidized, the N9 might be out of the question as it looks to be available only SIM free.

Here again is the availability of the Nokia N9


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  • dofo

    Any news on the pricing?

    • Jay Montano
    • Ninja

      This whole thing STRONGLY indicates that EVEN Nokia themselves (!!) believe that Windows Phone is not competitive with the N9.

      Now what sort of message does that send out to everyone? This really should indicate to people that Windows Phone is not competitive as I and others have been saying time, and time, and time again.

      We’ve seen the reasons why WP is not competitive: technically inferior, lacking features, hardware requirements and thus costs too high due to Microsoft’s CRAP software engineering ability (yeah, any UI looks slick and pretty if that’s all the phone’s doing and it has a GHz+ processor and loads of RAM – lame, lame, lame). AND WP has been rejected by the market and is not selling.

      If Nokia want to release WP phones, or anything else, sure, why not? That’s fine (my objection is to ditching Symbian + MeeGo, not adopting new stuff). But not if WP products are not going to stand up well against other products in a similar price range. WP needs’ to be well below N9 price OR be VERY competitive with it in terms of looks, interface, features, ecosystem etc.

      It is EXTREMELY stupid IF Nokia are deliberately restricting the market for N9 to give WP a chance. This is the height of lameness. We need open markets where everything competes on it’s own merits, and if WP is too shit to cope with that then Nokia should NOT be adopting it.

      • Harangue

        Or…. It could be as simple as limited markets due to limited units made so far.

        Or…. It could be due to preventing confusion amongst buyers if the Sea Ray device will turn out to look like the N9

        Or…. Nokia had done some market analysis and take up of the original N9 (N900) was low in the regions where the N9 is not available and thus they won’t offer it there.

        Or…. It is one entire cock-up and regions will be added when it’s come launch time.

        • Ninja

          Or…those are all really weak or incorrect answers and as you always do, you are desperately defending Windows Phone again and trying to find some excuse for it’s failure and weaknesses.

          None of your suggestions seem reasonable or likely. And the N900 was in no way the original N9! The N9 is a completely new and revolutionary device that has had a completely different response from the media.

          • Harangue

            Ah well, I’m open to anything. Unlike yourself I’m not convinced that my reasoning is the be all and end all.

            And how doe you read a WP defence in that post? I’m not convinced WP will be the saviour of Nokia. Especially with seeing Mango coming to fruition (no pun intended) it’s becoming more cluttered.

            However I also question the N9’s succes. It basically is just a good UI concept. But core functionality like mail etc. hasn’t really been field tested by users yet. Bu I’ll admit that the N9 as it is, is more appealing because of familiarity.

            But we’ll see.

            Could you please stop with the condescending posting style?

            • jim

              Never ceases to amaze me how reasonable and patient people seem with this tool ninja. He writes in such a condescending cnut of a manner that he doesn’t deserve it tbh

      • Johnny Tremaine

        I’m not sure what you’re really going on about.

        Your conspiracy theory revolves around two different products……from THE SAME COMPANY.

        They’re a public corporation with shareholders, who will do, as far as selling which products and why, as they see fit.

        You, I or others may not like it, but Nokia executives aren’t elected officials or anything. They’re there to enable a profit-making enterprise and to see a return on shareholder value.

        So, yeah….

      • S.s


  • stylinred

    Guess I’ll have to get it from Greece or HK

    Does Greece get the MIF ones ? seem to remember with the N8 that greece got both the MIC/MIF units

    • Johnny Tremaine

      I’m thinking that at the moment, the people of Greece have *far* bigger issues than what phone they’re getting at what time.

  • Rejei

    I read somewhere that this list of availability only indicates the countries where the nokia online store is still active, you know maybe for pre-order, etc from the official nokia store.
    It does not have anything to do with where the n9 will actually be available upon release.

    • Paul Grenfell


    • Dimitris

      These countries don’t have online stores, at least some of them. So it’s wrong

  • Jed

    Um, The UK “is” getting the N9, as evidenced by the fact that expansys & play are taking pre-orders!

    Now if you meant to say: it looks like there’ll be no carrier deals for the N9 in the UK.

    Then I can’t yet see any evidence for that, but it’s looking more likely as each days passes.


    • Jeettak

      I was in the 3 Store in Bristol Cribbs Causeway, a couple of days ago and one of the sales assistance said “We will be getting the Nokia N9 sometime in September”. She got this information from one of the marketing guys.

      • Jed

        well that’s awesome!

        Goes to show that stories going round that nokia plans not to broker deals w/carriers in the biggest markets because it wants to leave them for wp7 are utter crap!

    • Mapantz

      I’ll bet a pretty penny that Tesco will get it. 😉

  • gordonH

    Nokia executives are out of their minds if they have the old thinking on “Nokia model A competing against model B”.
    Too many manufactures and mobile OS competing … it’s a different ball game now. And the truth remains ugly for 2011 with the new UK generation not being interested in Nokia.
    Time for NOK to put everything compelling on the table and get your name back.

  • James
  • i’m in italy and i’m pissed off! n9 aren’t in the list of product because the big 6 nation are for the wp7 launch… WTF! I choose the product to buy, not the company WTF! Stupid Elop

  • Steve Barker / @SteveBarker66

    Thanks as ever for the heads-up, Jay

    Whilst the prices discussed so far might seem steep compared to, say iPhone (which will have access to a wider range of apps & services) I believe there is a hard-core bunch of geeks who would sell their grandmother to get their hands on this, despite it’s commercial limitations.

    Much as I am interested in WP (Sea Ray) I want something I can use as a stand-alone device without having to use proprietary pc/desktop software to load my media onto and off of my device, and I don’t think this is allowed for in Mango.

    I’d expect Sea Ray to undercut the N9 by a couple of hundred £ to be competitive in the mass-market, but the extra money would be well-spent in my use case.

    I don’t think I’d need to run to the full 64GB version either; the ability to use the device as a drive when plugged into any computer mitigates the need for so much storage space to me.

    Besides, I have my concerns about running huge volumes of data on any mobile device; I remember how much quicker the X6 16GB was compared to the 32GB version and guess some applications will periodically have to refresh their libraries which will use up processor time and battery capacity.

    No, the 16GB N9 in Black will do fine for me – where do I sign?

  • Waiting for my N9 64Gb,will get it 1way or another.

    • Jeettak


  • Laborant

    Germany isn’t on the list, but some users from had written an email to Nokia Germany.

    The answer was in each Mail: Don’t panic, the N9 will come to germany too.

    Maybe the listed countrys (Switzerland! \o/ ) will get it earlier – there were Launch-Blogger-Events on the 22th June (a day after announcment) in Zurich and somewhere in Austria.

    The Product Manager of Switzerland said, that the 64GB version only will be avaiable in Black. Magenta and Cyan only for 16GB (for sure, there will be a black 16GB ver). Just for Switzerland or everywhere – I don’t know.

    A release date for Switzerland is unknown – it isn’t listed in any store yet.

    I hope, this Infos were helpful 😉



  • pep

    wtf with elop?? nokia mobile competing with their other mobiles??? i think nokia shld focus on gettng some profits instead of helping wp7 to get fame

  • “If you’re used to getting your phone subsidized, the N9 might be out of the question as it looks to be available only SIM free.”

    At a time when the N900 handset cost £450, i got mine on contract for £110 upfront and eighteen monthly payments of £20.

    In short, it cost me £30 extra to get eighteen months of voice, text and data……….. with a shiny new N900.

    This is relatively normal, as most handsets are massively discounted on contract.

    Tell me why I would pay £450 for a sim-free N9 handset in the UK today?

    If Nokia refuse to let carriers sell the N9 on contract I will say; “get stuffed then”

    If they refuse to let carriers sell the N9 on contract because it might spoil the marketing push of their WP7 handsets in a launch market then I will be livid!

    I want an N9 on contract in the UK.

    • Nrde

      You may want to contact your carrier then demanding N9.

      I’m pretty sure the carriers are hesitant to take N9 just because of the uncertain future of it and not because they just don’t want to offer Nokia phones with their contracts.

      If a carrier wants to subsidize N9 I’m sure Nokia will deliver the phones, whatever OS it has.

      • megapack162

        Carphone Warehouse are always likely to offer the N9 on contract (they offered the N900 for about 6 months), even if the UK operators don’t plan to offer it themselves. That’s how I upgraded my N86 to an N8 for free in October when Orange wanted £50 in store for a branded version.

        You still get your 18 (or 24) month contract with your preferred operator (and therefore all your bundled services) but your phone is unbranded (faster updates) and the warrantee is from Carphone Warehouse.

      • “I’m pretty sure the carriers are hesitant to take N9 just because of the uncertain future of it and not because they just don’t want to offer Nokia phones with their contracts.”

        Perhaps the answer is demand a level of support from Nokia for products that it allegedly is trying to sell?

        • Nrde

          That is what I was basically saying.

  • N9 ecosystem

    Singapore was not listed in the list of availability of n900, it surprises me that we can get n9!

    • N9 ecosystem

      I have feeling that majority of n900 users will buy n9 as their next phone, and there are many new potential customers.

      • larryg968

        I have seen a few people in singapore with the n900. Also, the nokia store in vivocity used to sell them last year

      • Deep Space Bar

        i want the N950 screw the N9 i need a friggin keyboard

  • oakpacific

    Expansys is expensive….

  • Michael

    Denmark is not on the list at all, but 2 carriers will be selling it (3 & Telia). Info is official on their websites. Plus many other online stores.

    We will be getting black N9 64gb first, then 16 gb models will arrive few weeks?? later I guess.

  • zymo

    well just noticed that the german nokia online shop closed the doors. maybe this is the reason why germany besides uk, italy, spain… are not listed in the availability list.

  • scapegoat81

    I WANT IT NOW !!!!!!!!!

  • N9 ecosystem

    N9 and e6 are so hot!

  • herde28

    I think that WP will look like MeeGo in the end. At the moment Nokia tries to sell MeeGo in countries were WP still wont be supported, so people will get a nokia phone and at the time WP comes to those countries too, they will have a nokia devise with WP.

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  • murray

    Hi, Got my N9 meego two weeks ago ! ! just the sim card i need to get now, had a bit of bother get’n one but it’s on it’s way now hoo haa !!!

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