Press shots of Nokia 700/Zeta leaked (and tiny rant) #Symbian Belle

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Snap, what do we have hear then, it looks like Elop might be a master in leaking a device on purpose but he sure isnt one in keeping a device  under wraps. What we have here is the first ina group of devices that will run the next version of Symbian called Symbian Belle.The press shots of this device look exactly like the prototypes Jay and Harangue have posted and with the leak being this early it seem to confirm that a possible Symbian Belle device for release this year Nokia World 2011 in October. (Other confirmation of Symbian Belle from Nokia 700 profile,  showing 7.4 browser , 7.3 is Anna)






Again to recap some of the rumoured specs of this device:

Symbian Belle (didnt expect to see it on device this year to be hones, where is my ANNA :-D)

  • 1 GHZ processor (on a mid range device like this ? strange)
  • 5 megapixel camera (come on Nokia you can do better than this)
  • 3.2 inch AMOLED screen (too small)
  • NFC

Now again these are all just rumours but they seem to be about what we expect for the type of device, although we are slightly miffed about a GHz processor on what looks like another mid range Nokia device.


When I first saw the pictures I wanted to restrain myself to any judgement until I actually saw some decent pictures, I was especially intrigued by Symbian Belle being an N8 user, so we when I saw these press pictures I just burst out laughing I mean seriously Nokia you come up with an UI on the N9 that your haters such “Engadget and most american blogs” loved and then you also come up with this !!!!!

I mean a poor mans copy of HTC sense is no way of selling a phone. If this was sat next to a HTC device in a phone store there is no question that HTC model will sell way better.

A tip to Nokia if you are going to copy someone, copy it properly and dont come up with half baked stuff, I mean we know you are good enough just stare at the N9 long enough and you will know what I mean.

thanks to mprince for the heads up !

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