Nokia Tablet Imminent? Tabco presents…not just another tablet.

| July 7, 2011 | 63 Replies

Someone tipped us info that will be presented in this post yesterday, but since twitter wouldn’t find the account they mentioned, I just dismissed it.

We got the tip again, this time via crisscross who points us to a VERY interesting video. Lots of techy-geek references there.

Now do you remember the disappearance of the account WeAreMeeGo?

There’s a similar named account up.!/WeAreTabCo

It may just be a coincidence, but some popular MeeGo folk follow that account too (and this is just from the small selection of who I follow, there are probably more). It might not be Nokia at all. There’s equally huge likelihood of us following similar non-Nokia related things.

It all seems to be a very clever, very elaborate viral campaign. Not unlike stunts Nokia would pull before. If you have an ounce of fun in you you might find it entertaining.

Focus group and their tablets. Listen how they discuss all the competition. iPad, MS laptops, PadFone (OOH listen to the dig on their CEO), Xoom and all the other android tablets. Darn I hope this isn’t HP.

  • Lots of swiping
  • ‘The user interface is fantastic’
  • ‘this is the new android’
  • ‘i’ve researched tablets and honestly this is entirely different’ <<Well HP WebOS tablet and BB Playbook tablets are NOT entirely different to all the other tablets.
  • ‘Google couldn’t do this…this is Way more Apple than google’
  • Guy goes to rip of the name tag of who makes it. It’s a little bit long for HP.

This video has subtitles in multiple languages.


Tabco at WWDC.

Forget the fruit!


Cheers crisscross

  • MeeGo swipy tablet?
  • MS Windows 8 tablet?
  • HP touchpad?
  • New BlackBerry Playbook?
  • It’s NOT any of the Androids.
Ah, I do love a good mystery.
Cheers for the tip, crisscross and others I’ve missed.
Oh, one last thing. Who is the guy who doesn’t want just another tablet? He says there’s really one properly successful tablet, right? The iPad. Everything else? Just another forgetable 201st tablet? Who said that? Oh that’s right, Nokia’s Stephen Elop.

From FAQ


Wouldn’t it be easier just to launch the product normally instead of going through all this marketing hoopla?

Well, sure, but then we would have a bunch of time left over prior to our launch and who knows what trouble we’d get in then!

About Our Product

When will TabCo launch its product?

During a month when the weather is really warm…

Why are you launching a tablet? Isn’t that kind of a stupid move when the market is saturated?

It would be if our product was like all those other products out there. It isn’t. (Meh, if it’s WebOS, it is)

OK, what makes it so darn special?

A lot of things. The UI, for one is like nothing else out there. It is predictive and draws its inspiration from the semantic web. The desktop is different, almost a canvas that gives you extensive flexibility to organize your life and work. I could go on but my marketing people would be pissed.

How much will the TabCo tablet cost?

It will cost you less than a bottle of 2010 Bordeaux from a first growth producer.

What kind of OS are you running on?

An Aha! OS. We think you’ll like it.

UPDATE: if this means anything…




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  • Thiago

    The video has the same name as a commercial of Maemo by Nokia, back in 2009.
    It should be a hint that this device runs MeeGo.

  • T?

    Just speculating, but… the TabCo tablet looks awfully lot like this:

    Though that’s just a picture for the FCC, what’s worth noting is where the antennas are located – very much alike they appear to be located on the “TabCo tablet”.

    On the other hand the design is not at all Motorola-like.

    • Thiago

      It could be Motorola. But I would not bet on this.
      In the TabCo website, in the “That Aha Moment” section (, there’s a lot of ‘aha moments’ that is credited to Motorola (3). And NONE to Nokia. By the way, Nokia is never mentioned.
      But, by saying that the tablet market is all about iPad right now, it criticizes their new tablet Xoom. So, I don’t get what kind of advantage is that, where one of their products comes out hurt. And, they also criticizes Google and Android, so unless they come out with a new OS and cancels their Android partnership, it’s not Motorola.
      This is gonna be HP (But webOS is not that new and innovating) or Nokia (Maybe they have a new UI on MeeGo, just for tablets – The back of the tablet is so N9 related! Curved, and with probably a camera in the middle)
      I hope this comes out very soon, by the end of July, tops!
      And, despite the brand behind this, it gotta be something really good! Because people are already not enjoying the marketing videos on youtube…

      • T?

        I agree with you on that the tablets design is very “nokiaish”. It doesn’t resemble anything from Moto (to date). It’s design is also quite far from HP’s normally more rounded corners -like form. Design on this tablet most certainly points towards Nokia alongside with Acer (mostly because they have been copying Nokias style and form factor lately).

        Also if one assumes the real logo/name of the company behind TabCo is under the sticky tape on those tablets, then HP’s round logo wouldn’t propably fit under it (the ractangle shaped on the other hand would.

        The reasons for Nokia not being mentioned on TabCo website could be numerous. One of course is that it acts as a hint to point out “the one not mentioned” is behind this all. But it could as well be because “TabCo” is really american and Nokia is irrelevant in their eyes.

        Motorolas Xoom is btw almost the only one of those tablets mentioned on those videos that doesn’t get bashed that badly.

        Hopefully it’s Nokia behind this all but hoping too much could well end up in big disappointment. It’s always nice and fun to speculate though :).

        • Thiago

          I also hope this is Nokia’s. And hope I don’t get disappointed when the truth comes out.

  • wolverine

    They took stabs at BB, Android and Apple, plus they were making it damn obvious that the tablet has some sort of swiping interface…the wearetabco name….yeah it’s pretty safe to say this is a nokia meego tablet.

  • can’t wait to get more info…

  • viipottaja

    all this talk of it being Nokia’s Meego tablet seems wierd and not likely when they have time and again said they are only relwasing one Meego device (at least this year)… seems more likey to me that its some other manufacturer or not meego, but i sure hope i am wrong.

    • Intel?

      • Thiago

        LG has joined Intel on MeeGo. But I doubt they had the time to make a tablet that would be so innovating. Remember they don’t have the fabulous UI made by Nokia upon MeeGo. Nor that swipe thing, I guess.
        So, LG is out to me.

  • Maybe they’re just.. TabCo.. A new company.. lol

    • viipottaja

      yeah, a new start up is a distinct possibility for sure

  • arm dual-core running harmattan would be awesome.

  • Just updated my blog. Found a Nokia engineer talking about the ‘aha moment’, he works at the Research branch of the Silicon Valley Nokia, near SanFran that was mentioned by TabCo as a place where a milestone happened. Etc… As mentioned above the domain was registered near Redmond, Windows 8 running tablet?…

    • These guys are good, even the beer they say they got drunk on mocks Apple, it has a fruity taste and a cloudy appearance…

    • Might be Amazon…

  • mj
  • Marcel

    Another idea just came to my mind? It could be very well related to Nokia, but not being from Nokia itself…

    In some news about the giant layoffs in Nokia it was mentioned that in Finland, Nokia will sport some support programs for startups for laid off employees.

    Maybe TabCo consists of ex-employees from these layoffs coming from the Nokia MeeGo teams…

  • viipottaja

    could also be someone like Amazon or Tom Tom?

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