Nokia E6: Brightest screen ever tested by GSM Arena, higher pixel density than iPhone 4 retina display

| July 9, 2011 | 47 Replies


First the Nokia N9 (display bordering on perfection), then Nokia X7 (with brightest AMOLED, second overall only to LG Optimus Black) now Nokia E6-00 gets some accolades for it’s screen.

And it takes two biggies.

1) Dethroning LG Optimus Black, the E6 now has the BRIGHTEST screen ever tested by GSM Arena. What these folks haven’t tested isn’t worth knowing about.

2) Known before but higher pixel density than iPhone 4? By their maths, they’ve worked out 328ppi vs iPhone 4 326ppi. Note this is pixel density, pixels per inch. Total pixels and comfortable pixel count to screen size is also important.

GSM Arena points out E6 will not be put to shame by Blackberry screens. They also note that the capacitive display is as responsive as they come. That’s pretty important for a touch screen. The screen is amongst the best they’ve seen for LCD.


I’ve not had as much comparison with other handsets to E6 as GSM Arena does but I’d agree with them on the counts that the E6-00 screen is very good, very sharp display, extremely bright, very responsive to the touch. Good to know that those praises aren’t just because I like Nokia :p

Interesting that they note brightness difference between 100% and 50% being minimal – hence why most of the time I kept mine at default (usually, I push the screen to 100%). The values they have for white (cd/m2) at E6-00 on 50% brightness (757) is already higher than the LG Optimus Black at 100% (749) At 100%, E6 values are 1004.

Cheers @Nirj_7 for the tip!



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  • RGBW pentile matrix screen, not as good as iPhone 4’s

    • IMarius

      it does have many advantages over the iPhone though, like being able to make proper calls and all.

    • Ninja

      > not as good as iPhone 4′s

      I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, but you need to prove that statement otherwise it’s just fanboy nonsense.

      In exactly what *PRACTICAL* (not just mere specs, but so it actually makes a difference to the user) is the iPhone 4’s screen better, if E6 is a.) brighter and b.) higher res.???

      • J R

        Pentile = two subpixels, not three. On some of the older Android phones I’ve seen with PenTile screens, the text doesn’t render as cleanly and pictures sometimes look grainy. I haven’t looked at E6 myself to see how this display tech looks with the increased DPI.

        On the plus side, PenTile screens are battery-friendly.

  • Unfortunately not, although it is said so, it really isn’t I used maths and the stats of both screens and found that the iPhone’s screen is slightly denser.

    • posted on the 15th of April, I used maths to determine that the iPhone’s density is actually 354ppi and the E6’s is 344ppi, it was my first blog post so I’d remember…

      • sdgh

        Err, how did you get those numbers?

        • like I mentioned below pythagoras and math, I’ll recheck everything tomorrow, but I did recheck it more than twice to avoid errors…

      • weirdfisher

        lol, try posting this on Engadget.
        You’ll probably get 100+ likes

      • Rock

        E6 is 325.2 PPi to the measurements given on GSM Arena

        iPhone 4 is 329.65 PPi to the measurements given on GSM Arena.

        Thats using the formula for computer monitors, which should apply to phones but these phones screens might be different aspect ratio to each other. Which they probably are.

        And I can’t be assed’ to work it out with those differences.

        • iPete

          “A VGA screen with a 2.46″ diagonal has higher pixel density than the iPhone 4’s Retina display: 326ppi for the Retina and 328ppi for the Nokia E6”


          • Rock

            Probably, or like I said the aspect ratio’s on the screen are different so the pixels are tighter together vertically or horizontally.

            For example the N8 and iPhone are both 3.5inches but the iPhone is wider and different type of screen.

            Meh idk >.<

      • Tiv

        Hmm… I might be wrong but I think you’ve miscalculated somewhere.

        If the iPhone’s display is 354ppi, as you said,
        that means it would have 125316(354*354) pixels per square inch.

        The total number of pixels is 614400 (960*640) so the total screen area would be 4.903 square inches (614400/125316)

        My N8’s screen, which is smaller than the iPhone’s(due to the iPhone’s 4:3 ratio), has an area of roughly 5.2 square inches so it seems unlikely that the 4.903 figure is correct.

        If I do the same calculation as above but using 326ppi, I get an area of 5,78 square inch for the iPhone which seems more likely.

        • I used Pythagoras to determine the length of each side thanks to ratios and diagonal screen size. Then I used the total amount of pixels and ratios to calculate the ppi which amounted to the figures above. Double checked everything, I might be wrong, but the mathematical side of things show that is what it should be, the actual figures might differ as math isn’t always fool proof.

          • Rock

            Thats the wrong way to work out PPI. Or I’m not understanding you.

            Its as simple as dividing the amount of pixels diagonally by the screen size.

            I don’t know how you got 354PPI.

          • Tiv

            The following assumes that iPhone has a perfect 4:3 ratio, square pixels and is exactly 3.5 inches in diameter.
            Since I don’t have an iPhone I can’t be sure any of that is true.

            Using Pythagoras, the 4:3 ratio and the 3.5 inch diameter gives a length of 2.8 inches and a width of 2.1 inches(unless I screwed up).

            Lenght: sqrt(3.5^2/(4^2 + 3^2) * 4^2)=2.8
            Width: sqrt(3.5^2/(4^2 + 3^2) * 3^2)=2.1

            just to make sure:
            2.8/2.1= 1.333333 which means 4:3 ratio

            and using Pythagoras.
            2.8^2 + 2.1^2 = 12.25
            3.5^2 = 12.25

            Vertical PPI 960/2.8 = 342,8(343)
            Horizontal PPI 640/2.1 = 304,7(305)
            An average of both = 324 PPI

            PPI based on the diagonal(this is where square pixels is required).

            (sqrt(640^2 + 960^2))/3.5 = 329,65

            • Tiv

              Nevermind I just remembered that the iPhone has a 1.5:1 and not a 4:3 ratio.

              Lenght: 2,912176
              Width: 1,941451

              So PPI for both=329,65035

              • Now I get 322ppi for the iPhone, and 321ppi for the E6, my problem might be through decimals and the fact that I convert everything to centimetres and then back to inches at the end. So I’ll call it quits and say they’re equal, although the iPhone’s might be better due to size and certain other factors. The E6 just shows that Nokia can make better screens if they want to, with regards to pixel density and Symbian can handle non-nHD resolutions, like VGA.

        • Oh and I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between ppi and ppi-square so of cource the two numbers you mention will differ…

  • nt

    Held one in a local store. Feels food in the hand. It’s thinner than what it looks in the picture :). I just didn’t like what they did with the “white” color since only the front faceplate is white and the rest is Silver. Unlike the Black which is solid black.

  • Cod3rror

    Lipstick on a pig, at least a pig is useful, this phone is completely useless and outdated.

    • stylinred

      uhm compared to what? i know you enjoy trolling now but it only makes sense when there’s a sliver of truth to it.. which doesn’t apply here

      • arts.

        your feeding him.

    • bored


      Since you’re a man of great wisdom, technological insight and vision, can you please describe to us your ideal phone.

      • Cod3rror


        Galaxy S II

        Nothing comes close to these two. Buy one of these and I promise you, you won’t regret it… and if you’re going over from using a Nokia phone, man, you’ll feel like one of those monkeys in 2001: A Space Odyssey look at the monolith, it’ll be an enlightening experience for you.

        • bored

          I had previously owned a Nokia 6300 and late last year got myself an LG Optimus One, running Android 2.2. While it was a great step up from Nokia S40, I can’t say I was thrilled with all aspects of Android. There were some things from Nokia that I did miss:

          – Notification LED which flashes when there is missed call or SMS
          – Navigation key which lets me accurately navigate to a particular letter in a word to change it. On my LG Optimus One, trying to move my the cursor with my finger proved to be a frustrating experiencing.
          – Being able to forward a telephone number (from my contacts) when in the middle of an SMS. With my old Nokia 6300, this was pretty easy. All i had to do was insert a (contact) number. With Android, I had to save the existing SMS as a draft, open up my contact list, find the contact, copy it’s number into the clipboard, open the saved SMS and then paste the number from the clipboard.
          – Being able to easily press the numeric keypad when in a call. With Android, at least with my LG Optimus One, the numeric keypad had to be accessed by pressing a button on the screen. Because of this extra step, i sometimes miss the opportunity to press the number on time.
          – When the alarm goes off in the morning, I can just hit the snooze key. With my LG touch screen phone, I actually have to physically open my eyes and look for the snooze button on the screen.
          – Being able to text without looking at the screen. With a touch screen, there is no way around it, you have to look at the screen.

          Having said that, the Android phone has been great when it comes to integration with my GMail and MS Exchange accounts. Browsing is also reasonably good.

          My gripes with Android could be a result of me not having the top of the range Android phone, like the Galaxy S II mentioned above. However, I think it’s probably more to do with my dislike of touchscreen phones. Which is why I’ve been keeping my eyes on the E6. There aren’t too many decent Qwerty Candybar offerings from Android manufacturers. And we all know that Apple, who brought touchscreen to mainstream, will never release a Qwerty Candybar.

        • unknown

          “Nothing comes close to these two.”

          Not to mention the price 0_0 (no contract of course)

          • Cod3rror

            The difference between those and the N8 is like €150 which I’d gladly pay for a much superior product.

            • unknown

              the problem is, 150 euros is sometimes a bit too expensive for some people and saving up for it might take too long.

              btw though it is the best android device around too date, it doesn’t make it a one for all device automatically

        • Ninja

          > Nothing comes close to these two

          Apart from N8 which beats both hands down. Easily. Without even trying.

          That said, what both I and you have said are equally meaningless, because the best phone for a person is the one that’s best for them, that they want and need.

          • Hypnopottamus

            I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, but you need to prove that statement otherwise it’s just fanboy nonsense. In exactly what *PRACTICAL* (not just mere specs, but so it actually makes a difference to the user) is the N8 better than the iPhone and Galaxy SII?

            See what I did there? I just took your rediculous “prove it to me” litmus test from above for other devices to stack up against your “superior” N8 and applied it to you. Please continue 😉

            • Tiv

              Did you even read the part that said:

              “That said, what both I and you have said are equally meaningless, because the best phone for a person is the one that’s best for them, that they want and need.”

              So you want him to prove that he likes the N8 better than the iPhone or Gallaxy SII?

              • Hypnopottamus

                You obviously have never read any of Ninja’s posts. I’m just throwing his fanboyism comments back at him. He also did say:

                “Apart from N8 which beats both hands down. Easily. Without even trying.”

                Which isn’t exactly a shining example of the “to each his own” principle.

                • Tiv

                  He said:

                  “Apart from N8 which beats both hands down. Easily. Without even trying”

                  and then he said:

                  “That said, what both I and you have said are equally meaningless, because the best phone for a person is the one that’s best for them, that they want and need.”

                  Which basicly made his earlier statement that the N8 beat both only valid for him(unlike Cod3rror who constantly mistakes his oppinions as fact).

                  And as you pointed out his comments have had a bit of an N8 bias ;), which you then asked him to prove in your comment since in this case he is the user.

                  I know that you did a reversal of his earlier comment I just think you could have choosen a better comment to do it on.

                  • Hypnopottamus

                    Fair enough 🙂

        • Rock

          ‘Nothing comes close to these two’

          Your starting to sound like a bigger troll than some Nokia fanboys. Phones do come close to those two, not to mention the overrated iPhone.

          The N9 for one caused a huge row, your telling me that doesn’t come close to them? Well probably not. It’s miles ahead.

          Nokias’ aren’t rubbish because they use adequate power levels in their phones or because their OS is too complicated for the average consumer. Try have a fair argument for all phones rather than faving your plastic Galaxy S.

  • Higher pixel density? Don’t forget that E6 is using Pentile. I was planning to buy E6 once it is available in China but not Pentile is THE deal breaker

  • Nabkawe

    I have big fingers i could never enjoy E6 , congrats though i think nokia should really give you those stuff for free i think the news gathering you do is priceless and you should really create an app with an option to donate (create it using the ovi thingy ) live feeds from your blog
    that reminds me you really should post another post about Horus reader and urge his creator to make it into an app launcher.

    • Schneider

      It’s not pentile matrix, it’s regular RGB.

  • Gravtar

    How do you guys know it’s pentile matrix on e6 not regular?

  • Gravtar

    Lets do some maths here.
    The diagonal of E6 display is 2.46 inch.
    So it’s length = 1.476″
    breadth = 1.968″

    So total area of display = l x b
    = 2.904768 square inch

    Now total no. of pixels
    = 640×480
    = 307200 pixels

    So pixels per square inch = 105757.155

    So Pixel per inch = 325.20

  • Gravtar

    Using the same method here is ppi for iphone4, n8 and x7:

    diagonal = 3.5″
    l= 2.91″
    b= 1.94″
    Area of display = 5.65 square inch.
    PPI = 329.76

    Nokia N8:
    Diagonal = 3.46″
    l = 3.015″
    b = 1.696″
    Area = 5.11 square inch
    PPI = 212.25

    Nokia X7 :
    Diagonal = 4.0″
    l = 3.486″
    b = 1.96″
    Area = 6.8367 sq. Inch
    PPI = 183

  • Jed

    ^ and N9?

    Man some of those specs are a bit wrong actually.
    Since found out there’s a few more improvements.
    I’ll get them to update…

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  • symbian is first of all is not a small phone technology. all the nokia phones have the same software and features, be it 5k phone, 10k phone or 20k phone. they only change the physical design and cheat the customers by selling it at high costs.

  • firas

    i am an owner of nokia e6-00 its awesome !!
    screen display is way better than all other devices all of them and the pixel density is awesome so clear the sound is a bit low but its fcking awesome too ! oh and the best device for playing gameboy emulator is nokia e6-00 its screen size is almos thte same as real game boy but its better on with display its awesome ^^

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