Windows Phone users more satisfied with OS than Android users.

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A while ago I think there was a survey showing high satisfaction amongst Windows Phone users. However, that was met with doubt, at least with independent research by ChangeWave showing it’s not as high as MS would have us believe.

Zdnet are reporting on some new research undertaken ChangeWaveresearch that shows again Windows Phone getting 57% very satisfied rating amongst owners (an increase from the last time of 44%, possibly helped by NoDo update). This is significant as this beats the 50% satisfaction level of Android. I’m not sure how many people were in this research, granted t

Overall though, Windows Mobile OS gets 27% because of the poor rating Windows Mobile received (versus Windows Phone). This should get even better as Windows Phone matures from this early version to Mango with its additional 500 features.

PCMag gave Windows Phone an Honourable Mention back in June for its Mobile OS award (Winner being iOS).

This should be seen at least as a positive for Nokia as it IS a decent mobile OS for the majority of Nokia’s intended market. There are those that will just inherently dislike it, but then there seems to be more that like it (well, of those that have managed to buy one anyway).

So it might be hard to get people to buy a Windows Phone, but once they do, well, they actually like it, more so than Android users, according to ChangeWave. What more when it actually is given the updated hardware it deserves, features that it should have appeared with from the start, and of course Nokia handset with Nokia distribution? Essentially, out of the box, users get something that just works, and more so with Mango integration and even better hardware.

Being the usual way surveys are conducted (at least this one admits focus on North America), Symbian of course does not even exist. It didn’t exist when it was unequivocally number 1 nor does it now it’s in decline.

Source: Zdnet

Via: ChangeWaveresearch

Cheers WD-DN for the tip.


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