Nokia tablet announcement mid-august 2011 ?

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WeAreTabCo = Nokia ??!!

I am sure you may have repeatedly heard about this TabCo company from Jay here and here

I got an interesting tip from @camb078 to a post from the forums, the post goes like :

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Hey guys further to the N9 not been released in certain countries.
I have a friend who works in a Vodafone shop, he told me the Nokia rep was coming to the Poole area to talk to various networks about upcoming handsets.
Basically he (Vodafone)and others O2, 3, Orange all got told the N9 will definately not be released in the UK. I spoke to a couple of the other reps in O2 and 3 networks and they got told the same thing On a brighter note my mate at Vodafone did say that Nokia are releasing a Tablet next year Q1 which in the reps own words “will be different to anything else on the market” something will apparently be announced middle of next month August.

Seems he is friends with some guy in a Vodafone shop and had talked to a visiting Nokia rep. Initially he goes on that N9 is not coming to U.K, that’s not the juicy part, the juicy part is, he says Nokia are going to release a tablet next year ( Q1 2012 ) and announcement will be somewhere around mid-august.

Mid-August = 15th ?

Check these links :

There have many pointers to the company being Nokia, and we all know how weird Nokia campaigns are. Is it going to run a swipy Meego OS ? Or is it Windows 8 ?

Major question : ” Will it be Nokia ? ” I hope so, and all the various pointers lead to them and them alone. 😉

Enough said, are you excited ??!!


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