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Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts is shutting up shop.

He said he was thinking of doing it back in July when famously Symbian-Gurus Ricky Cadden shut close their blog, for frustration of Nokia’s craptastic devices like the N97. We felt it was the wrong time for Ricky to go since it was just before N8 was to be come available and it promised so much.


If I recall correctly, Ricky made Maemo-Guru, but then Nokia made the switch to MeeGo and I don’t think MeeGo-Guru ever got set up (possibly understandable annoyance as a Symbian blogger to be sidelined and have your favourite OS on transition mode). Eventually, Symbian-Guru closed due to frustration with – well Symbian, and what was felt as lacklustre Nokia devices and services.  I believe Ricky and Rita are doing quite well, Ricky at Radio Shack and Rita having built up her own pharmacy.

Thankfully, Matt continued with Nokia Experts for another year, giving us many great posts, tips and hands on videos.

Back when my buddy Ricky Cadden shut down Symbian-Guru I thought of joining him and have had my own ups and downs over the past year. One thing that kept me going here more than the devices was the people of Nokia and those writing about Nokia and I appreciate their friendship over the years and hope we can continue those relationships for years to come.

Matt says he has also lost motivation to write about Nokia at Nokia Experts. His primary smartphone love as he says is with Windows Phone (and Nokia doesn’t have one of these yet). In a previous post, Matt notes,

“I won’t predict that Windows Phone will resurrect Nokia’s sales numbers, but they will have a positive impact. Hopefully the Nokia brand will introduce Windows Phone to more people because I just think people need to try it first to see how great it is. At this time people seem to avoid it because it is from Microsoft and they have existing feelings about the old Microsoft mobile operating systems.”

In this post he mentions again, as a Nokia fan, happiness with WP -  Matt in’t too sure it will make the great impact expected, he says it’s the right move.

I am extremely excited to see the Windows Phone OS running on Nokia hardware and while it may not have a major impact on Nokia’s market share I think it is the right move for them at this time.

However, Matt’s coverage of Nokia won’t stop though, he says he’ll just focus his attention at ZDNet. He’ll also be spending time on other tech blogs as well his day job and of course his family.

Matt notes that future Nokia WP articles will appear at WPCentral.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the Nokia Community, Matt! Good luck with everything. 🙂

I’d also like to say thank you to our readers, commenters, writers and tipsters for making my blogging experience here extremely enjoyable. Thanks to those new joining us, and thanks to those who have stuck by us 🙂

It all seems be to a bit of déjà vu again. We’re in transition years again, and we have yet new hope in another set of upcoming devices (in the form of Epicness with N9 and Nokia’s first WP). Can we weather it? I certainly hope so. It’s getting rather tiring always being the underdog, especially when there was so much untapped potential to be anything other than unequivocal trendsetter.

Just to note, come September/October I might not be able to blog as much, but I’ll do what I can to balance things out with Uni again. 🙂 We also have other writers but since this is just a free time thing, posts can’t be guaranteed.

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Update: Dan has confirmed it’s now official that his Nokia Blog, World of Nokia is also to close.

Dan Carter notes he has closed his blog before and came back 2 months later. However, there doesn’t seem to be much hope this time of that happening. As you may have noticed over the past few days, error notices when trying to go to his site.

Due to a technical fault, Dan has lost his contents. Whilst he says the texts and posts can be recovered, he can’t bring back all his images. Now I’d say continue on with your site, but Dan also notes a loss of Love for Nokia. Posting without motivation is the most difficult thing to do. I also went through a gap of just avoiding all things tech/Nokia. Doing anything without motivation is difficult (That’s why I always tell friends who ask me advice to do things they like doing career wise if it’s possible  – hence why I’ve gone my route as I love Anatomy/Pharmacology/Patients/Hospitals/Helping folks out in general :p). But Dan’s not totally moving away from blogging. He still has his work over at

Dan’s a great guy, he’s friendly, helpful and was one of the first Nokia bloggers I had ever met back in Nokia’s glory days of 07.  I hope no one else decides to leave Nokia Blogosphere. It’s getting lonely here.


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