Goodbye Nseries/Eseries/Xseries! Nokia New Naming Conventions. Again. Sticks with just Numbers.

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Apparently Nokia are having yet again new names for their devices. And these new names are not names. They’re numbers. Lovely.

I’ll stick by my opinions on actually wanting a name. Ideally there would be both. A code name to distinguish amongst Nokia users where this handset lies and a name that’s marketable. (Numbers are NOT memorable!!) At least for the flagship. (don’t want the name to be zero, that was just an example)

Why are we going with names? According to Nokia Conversations

1) Nokia doing away with separating devices. They say it’s up to us how we use our phones, not just for music with Xseries, or messaging with Eseries. Isn’t that what convergence should be about?

2) again, Nokia notes that with these different series: N for multimedia – the cream of the crop, C for core stuff, Eseries for business, X for music; it’s all a little hard to compare, in terms of features and cost.

3) People like numbers. Apparently. The bigger the number, the better the handset. I guess that’s what Nokia initially tried with the NX-XX way. N8 would be first batch, N8-01 would be second and so forth. This is the same it’s just the dash and letter disappears I guess. It got a bit daft quite early on when a device like the X5-01 is not the same as the X5-02 yet both existed at the same time and referred to as the X5. Utterly confusing. Congratulations to who ever thought of this.

We might then just have the 9 hundred series, the 8 hundred series.

Is Nokia finally understanding the need to make LESS, but better phones? A more organized portfolio? One that understands convergence? One that can now put more effort as there are less devices to share attention? Please make sure that when a new phone has a higher number, it is 100% better in every way. N9 vs N8. N9 as Damian Dinning says is great but N8 is still the camera king.

I hope so. I remember being told by Nokians that Nokia got so big that folks from the Eseries team had little or no contact with folks from the Nseries team, devices and features got very fragmented; features reserved for one line and not another. Now, could everyone concentrate on just making great phones?

Goodbye Nseries, Eseries, Xseries, and well maybe Cseries too (we never saw much of you).

Cheers crisscross and wes for the tip.



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