Shootout – Nokia N8 vs MyTouch 4G slide vs Samsung Galaxy SII

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N8 is the last one of course.

Steve Litchfield compares the camera of these three units. The now over 1 year old since announcement N8, undisputed camera king goes against the self-touted most advanced smartphone camera, MyTouch 4G Slide (HTC) and possibly THE best Android handset right now, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

At first, I thought the N8 was the first in Steve’s collection. I seriously thought, “woah, these other two are producing better pictures”. But no, of course not, let’s not be silly :p the one which looks best is obviously N8 😛 Didn’t GSM Arena already teach us this in their blind test for N8 (against a dedicated mega zoom  Sony no less) as well as the multitudes of tests from independent reviewers that again have shown the N8 is just head and shoulders above the rest?

Imagine if Nokia some how decide to try and improve further on the camera? Not that they’d need to.

Only test not performed is flash. Only the N8 has Xenon and would be the only one decent enough on a night out with moving friends.

Steve further mentions that Myriam Joire (@tnkgrl) from engadget recently sent praises N8’s way when doing her review of the MyTouch 4G Slide


“There’s no doubt that the myTouch 4G Slide takes beautiful pictures. Still, as we mentioned above, the Galaxy S II usually performs better and the N8 still plays in a league of its own. The Slide manages to gather a lot of information, but that’s no match for the massive amounts of detail captured through the N8’s impeccable Zeiss optics.”

Now take this asset from the N8 camera (which is only a fraction of what Nokia can do in imaging btw), mix it up with upcoming flagships again  (Myriam dislikes current Symbian) and you just might get the great software/hardware combo. The fact 9 months on from release, over 15 months since announcement, N8 is still the best camera in smartphones ever is a great testament to what Nokia can achieve. They just need to step it up on all fronts. Update screen resolution, improve the software side, market the hell out of it. Done.

Source: allaboutsymbian and engadget

p.s. N9 solves a few of the usability issues in terms of camera UI I’ve been waiting for in Nokia. Belle camera UI still looks like it sucks. Please keep the camera button (seemingly mandatory in Windows Phone so that’s a good thing). Some good points to pick up from HTC. Bring back the panorama feature you had by default please, and as good as the awesome one in that dedicated app, Nokia Panorama. Does it need to be sweepshot (like that other nokia app?) or can some alignment be ok? Also improve the burst mode feature from old Symbian to actually usable bursts (with FPS rating in integers and more than 4 at least)


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  • stylinred

    awesome news

    im actually surprised how close the other phones came though

    • jill

      was that a joke ?

      • stylinred

        no, i expected them to be much much worse as in horrible but they’re simply, bad 🙂

    • Sun Down

      The other 2 looks ”better” due to artificial effects. The N8 kept it as it is, yet still manages to edge ahead. I agree with LOLme though, they can’t keep this standard for too long, and the N9 is the only one than can push it. Well, the upcoming Symbian and WP7 phones can also set a new standards too.

    • Ninja

      > im actually surprised how close the other phones came though

      Me too, I thought they would be much better and they weren’t even close 🙂


  • LOLme

    “Imagine if Nokia some how decide to try and improve further on the camera? Not that they’d need to.”

    You’re kidding me. While no doubt N8 IS still the king in mobile photography, they can’t stay at this standard forever. Other companies are slowly but surely starting to catch up. They still need to keep thir standards up. Like what damian dinning and his team are doing. Making software tweaks to the N8’s camera in the next anna update.

    Besides, Nokia already has a huge chunk of the mobile industry taken away from them. To loose the king of mobile photography title next would be bad..

    • Jay Montano

      No that wasn’t completely a serious comment. I’ve mentioned previous times already how Nokia must step up more as folks like Sammy and even HTC are trying to take the imaging crown from Nokia too.

      Possibly for the current cycle the N8 cam quality is fine. They’ve already managed to improve optics again by bringing near N8 quality into a much slimmer profile with N9 (N8 arguably better, and Damian Dinning says so himself).

      I’ve mentioned on the camera features and usability things that Nokia has to improve. This is also important. N9 does this quite well actually (except the removal of the camera button).

      • Dave

        From the pictures, the N9 is nowhere near as good or flexible as the N8.

        Most of the time, all that people need to do is start the camera, point it, take a picture. Settings are rarely used.

        • Jeff

          If you read around inc. Damien’s articles & in the MeeGo/Maemo forums…

          It’s clear the N9’s camera has the potential to be just as good (even better in some areas) thanks to optimisations the N8 won’t get.

          There is one or two areas it’ll never be as good in, but AIR they’re more relevant for camera enthusiasts.

          Overall it’s still extremely impressive… Given they were able to shrink the module by over 70%.

    • Steve

      I think several people (in fact all!) are missing the point 🙂

      3-4 years ago the review comparisons were all about the prowess of the camera..that was the ‘in thing’ and was fashionable at that time. Sony, Samsung, Nokia were all able to put xenon flashes in some of their flagship devices, because the handsets were thicker and that’s what marketing dictated that we wanted.

      No marketing dictates that devices are as thin as possible and so you have a ‘trade off conundrum’

      Its not that Sony, Samsung are not perhaps capable of producing a worthy competitor to the N8 just that you ‘can’t have your cake and eat it’ how many stand alone point n’ shoot camera do you see that are 10mm thick and have LED flashes? None!

      You need a reasonable size to work with to fit in a proper mechanical shutter and a proper xenon flash. Xenon flashes are expensive, large and power hungry which why they are not in the Samsung Galaxy 2..again a trade off.

      That’s why I have to put up with the hump in the Nokia N8 it needs it to be able to fit a proper mechanical shutter, superior sensor and a proper xenon flash. (again a trade off, yes i would like it thinner but you can’t have both)

      My own thoughts on the comparisons above are that I would be happy with any of them, its just splitting tiny hairs but and its a BIG..’BUT’ the comparison photo subjects are flawed, it seems that no reviewer ever uses ‘real life’ usage for proper reviews.

      I would imagine that the design brief for the Nokia N8 was to be to get it as close as possible to the performance of a point n’ shoot stand alone camera whilst still making it actually look like a smartphone and not a camera that happens to make phone calls to. A smartphone with a good enough camera to replace that point n’ shoot stand alone that you might have otherwise carried with you.

      So what does the average Joe do with their point n’ shoot stand alone camera and how good does it need to be? That’s one of the key issues!

      Lets look at 3 broad areas –

      1) Normal day light photos of people on holiday, places, buildings etc and perhaps a few close ups (macro)

      2) Photo’s indoors, again of people, maybe moving, maybe dancing etc

      3) Photos at night including again people, again moving, walking, running, dancing at a night club etc.

      It frustrates the hell out of me that almost every review just concentrates on scenario (1) A bunch of photos in good daylight conditions. Lets be honest they all can produce excellent photos in those conditions, yes you can be pedantic and anal about the technicalities but to the average user they are all clear and sharp.

      However that only one third of typical usage and it’s the easiest.

      Can you imagine every car review only testing testing cars at 30 mph on pristine tarmacked road services. So you might have a top of the range BMW 5 series, a Ford focus and Renault Clio and guess what they all sound really refined at 30 mph!

      My own litmus test which covers usage points 2) and 3) is as follows –

      Try taking a photo indoors of a black framed plasma television for use as a listing for ebay. I tried this with my Nokia N85 when I had one about a year ago and it was just impossible. I must have tried 30 times but with the reduced light it was just not able to pick out a sharp out line of the TV set and I had to borrow (again) my parents old Kodak 3.2 mega pixel to do the job well. However N8 does the job well.

      Also try taking photo indoors of people something that rarely features in review comparisons but makes up nearly 90% plus of photos by your average Joe. People of course have a habit of moving..again that’s where you see BIG BIG fact some are not even capable of taking a usable photo without blurring.

      And last but not least night time photography. Again I am not talking about stationary photos of well lit buildings but your typical night club ‘facebook opportunity’ scene…people MOVING about goofing about, dancing etc. I don’t think i have ever seen a reviewer post photo comparisons in the scenario and yet it’s arguably the most popular use of a stand alone point n’ shoot and the hardest for a cameraphone to match. I have seen countless times women produce a camera out of the handbags when they also have what does that tell you? They can’t do the job adequately..not the ladies by the way..the camera 🙂

      I would so love to see the photos from the N8 of a crowded MOVING dance floor of people at NIGHT compared to any of the latest LED equipped smartphones, the difference here is not small pedantic technicalities it’s actually a clear sharp well lit photo compared to a blurred unusable mess.

      So people here are missing the point and are being misled by ‘smoke and mirror’ seriously flawed reviewer photo comparisons.

      It’s not a case of when will they catch up or even a case of Nokia producing a better camera. It maybe that the N8 is the best and the last great camera phone and it’s mainly down to fashion and the obsession with keeping things can’t defy the laws of physics and have your cake and eat it so to speak.

      If Nokia do try and improve the camera then again it will have a hump or be thicker. As for the iphone and the rest then they will simply never produce an adequate replacement for a stand alone point n’ shoot because there marketing priorities are elsewhere. The mass market would probably not accept a Samsung or HTC with a hump in it..end of! 🙂

      • Steve

        Oops,should have proof read, apologies for the terrible typos! 🙂

      • Ninja

        > It frustrates the hell out of me that almost every review just concentrates on scenario (1)

        Did you actually even glance at the AAS article this story is about? It concentrates purely on the sort of difficult night shots you’re complaining that no one’s covering. Kind of undermines your rant?

        • Steve

          Yes i did and no it doesn’t undermine my rant, as you call it 🙂

          The AAS was an article on an article by Engagdet. Steve Lichfield is perhaps the only tech journalist that I am aware of to repeatedly comment about low lighting conditions etc, but he is only only piggy backing on the back of the original source material to to make his point. Steve would probably concur with me that the ideal de-facto photo shoot comparison should include using real life people in all sorts of different light conditions, movement and the use of flash and no flash. That’s where you see game changing differences.

  • jims

    Well, i’m no photographer but in that candle shot the n8 looks the worst to me. Sgs2 looks amazing, especially considering how thin the phone is.

    U can easily change the colour tone anyway. Sgs2 is cool colours by default

    • stylinred

      yeah i felt that too but supposedly the sgs2 uses edge enhancement (barrrrf)

  • Ninja

    Reading this story, I immediately thought of Sinead O’Connor’s song “Nothing compares to U”. Yep, NOTHING compares to the N8.

    Funny that the absolute best efforts of the entire rest of the phone industry throwing vast amounts of money, effort and time into their phone cameras, AND the rest of the digital camera industry into their standalone digital cameras, and we STILL have “Nothing compares to U, Nokia N8”. Nice 🙂

    > “Now take this asset from the N8 camera (which is only a fraction of what Nokia can do in imaging btw), mix it up with upcoming flagships again”
    …and it’ll be like sticking a Formula 1 car engine in a piece of crap Russian Lada from the 1970’s.

    > Myriam dislikes current Symbian
    And? So what? So do plenty of other people. But many more people like current Symbian. Yes, really. Despite all the hype and bullshit about how it’s not up to scratch. I’ll say it again: Many more people LIKE current Symbian.

    > you just might get the great software/hardware combo
    Nice try, but we’ve ALREADY GOT a great software/hardware combo thank you very much. Could the N8 software be better? Of course. With Anna + Belle it becomes totally competitive. But is the N8 already great? Yes. Is S^3 already great? Totally. Even though some people (including people who write blogs) don’t like it. You’re just random people.

    > Belle camera UI still looks like it sucks
    What rubbish. What pre-judgement. The current UI is very good, but could be improved definitely. The Belle UI is even better. The fact that you don’t like it and prefer something else is nothing more than a subjective opinion, and does not mean that it sucks.

    My bet? We’ll be seeing another test like this in a year and N8 will STILL be king of the hill. Yep, seriously. Optics are that good. And it’ll be running Belle then too.

    Now you are starting to see why millions of people with S^3 devices (esp. the N8) which are running Anna + Belle at the time Nokia’s WP devices (or the iPhone 5) are released will see on balance no reason why they should switch. They will already have the best devices on the market. And I’ll bet Ovi Store has >100,000 apps and doing over 10 million downloads a day by then too.

    • jim

      “AND the rest of the digital camera industry into their standalone digital cameras, and we STILL have “Nothing compares to U, Nokia N8″. Nice”

      Lol, stopped reading at that point.

      Stopping reading at the “Ninja” part from now on.

      • Ninja

        Well, be dismissive if you want but I’ve now seen quite a few comparisons between the N8 and standalone digital compact cameras that are considered good or great (i.e. not cheapo ones) and the N8 comes out on top every time.


        • Dave

          True, the N8 does better a lot of dedicated compact cameras – but no way does it better them all. Maybe it betters a lot of them up to maybe £200, and maybe some above that point, but those tend to have horribly compromised optics, folded, or too large a zoom range to have a decent lens.

          But there are compromises to be made – if you want or need a reasonable zoom range, the N8 is absolutely useless.

          It could do with a better flash range, could also do with the flash being put in a better place (as far away from the lens as possible, its always put too close in 99% of cameras).

          • Ninja

            > the N8 is absolutely useless.

            That made me laugh. It has a great zoom, especially for video. The only thing it doesn’t have are the advantages that a physical fat zoom lens brings. So what?

            > It could do with a better flash range,

            That’s SUCH a subjective comment and really quite a joke when the N8 has the best flash on any mobile phone by far.

            In other news, it’s terrible that my £1500 car doesn’t have wings and travel at 200 miles an hour, whinge, whinge.

    • jim

      And btw, it’s not samsungs best effort at a camera. It’s their best effort given the space to fit a camera module in a 8mm thick or whatever phone.

      You don’t think they could make a better camera with a giant camera module whacked on their SGS2 like the n8?

      They don’t do this because they think that the average user isn’t going to zoom in 100x to see minuscule differences in photo quality. But the average person does love a thin phone.

      Judging by the sales success of the SGS2 I’d be hesitant to disagree.

      • Ninja

        I agree with everything you’ve written there.

        I am still confident the N8 would have a better camera though. Much of it’s ability comes from the tweaking to the firmware, as well as the quality of the optics.

      • jim

        Samsung cameraphones are next to sh*t, the sh*t is HTC!

        • dunno mate, just got an SGS2.. mate as a desire HD..

          my phone (camera UI and options included)blows the HTC out of the water.

          the macro mode is excellent, ISO, scene options.. literally everything is very good

          all i’d say is that low light isn’t great if your shooting at longer than 2/3 metre’s – still works fine – just not great!

          but considering how much better this phone is in almost every other way to all the other mentioned phones (try using it on a day to day basis).. it’s a winner hands down.

          I have no doubt the camera module on the N8 is superior at reproducing colours etc. to the closest possible “real-life” match.

          BUT for someone like me who wants to take good looking photos.. the SGS2 is the nuts!

    • Hypnopottamus

      Honestly, I stopped reading after “Ninja” :p

      • Ninja

        Whereas I never stop reading after “Hypnopottamus” because I always hope that you will produce a fair and balanced opinion. Still hoping 😉

        • Hypnopottamus

          By fair and balanced you mean “Symbian is the best EVER” correct? You are so delusional that you cnnot even see how “fair and balanced” you are.

  • Nilux

    I love the fact that the lens is 28mm equivalent. You’ll notice the difference when you try to fit people in a room into a picture with “35mm” optics.

  • j

    i feel really sorry for users who bought android devices from the competition. when the n8 ist constantly improving (anna, belle) and hast still it’s great hardware, others have to deal with a slow gps sensor and a bad camera and loudspeakers.
    (but propably the clue is to buy an android device every year…)

    • jim

      lol, so many fanboys on this site (makes sense I guess.) Why can’t people just take an objective view and recognize the strength in both systems. You feel sorry for them? Give me a break, if they wanted the n8, with a OS/UI that every reviewer anywhere has vigorously slated, with STILL non-existent updates, pretty sure they would have popped out and bought one…

      • j

        1. there have been updates to the n8 – navigation, pr 1.1. etc. – whats missing ist the anna update

        2. the ui isn’t as bad as mentioned by some reviewers – it looks oldfashioned – thats true, but for my part – i have tried different skins for the c7 (ndesk etc.) and returned to the default the reviewers: they have praised phones that showed in real usage a terrbile battery life – that means phones that were eyecandy but when you get bored of that you have ….. we will see what the updates bring, but n8 users can be sure that they have still the best phone it several points. even the n9 will fall behind the n8 in some points (xenonflash..)

    • Ninja

      +1000 (at least)

  • Cod3rror

    Uhh, which to go with, a garbage phone with a slightly better camera but nothing else or a phone with a great camera, great software, support, services, apps, tons of features and 1080p video recording…

    Hard decision.

    • Ninja

      You blow hot and cold don’t you? 🙂

      OK, so you dislike Symbian, think WP is crap (agree) but love MeeGo.

      You’re right apart from Symbian.

      SGS 2 is a fine device, but still (apart from screen size) not up to the N8 standard.

      • Cod3rror


        “N8 standard”

        The standard of defects, no updates and a clunky ancient Symbian.

        • stylinred

          how many android devices from a year ago are running the current version of android? and how many arent?

          n8 hasnt been out a complete year yet but we’ve already had minor updates with 2 major ones looming that WILL run on the device

          • Cod3rror

            Looming… that looming will continue forever when Nokia release a new batch of their junk for forgets about their old junk.

            Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD all the last year’s flagship phones run the latest software.

            • Tiv

              And how long after google released 2.3 did these phones get the update?

              How long did it take Google to release 2.3 to their own Nexus One?

              Nevermind I’ll answer myself.

              Galaxy S = 4.5 months
              HTC Desire HD = 5 months
              Nexus One = 2.5 months

              • Hypnopottamus

                There is a HUGE difference between the kind of updates Nokia pushes out w/ Anna and the one Google pushes out w/ 2.3.

                Google – cosmetic and stability updates
                Nokia – stability updates and “new” features that should have been there on release.

                In other words, Google puts out maintenance updates with 2.3, while Nokia is putting out Anna to help bring it closer up to speed w/ the competition.

                • Tiv

                  So you are saying that google needed almost 3 months to bring a stability and maintenance update to the Nexus one.
                  If so then you are right it is a HUGE diffrence didn’t think google was THAT slow.

                  But seriously here are some of the features that came with Android 2.3 that Symbian already had.


                  Support for front facing camera

                  New audio effects such as reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost

                  Internet calling: Native support for SIP VoIP telephony

                  Some other features 2.3 brought

                  Support for WebM/VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding

                  Native support for more sensors (such as gyroscopes and barometers)

                  New Download Manager giving users easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email, or another application

                  But still no support for landscape homescreen, dialer or icon grid.
                  And it still doesn’t come with a smart dialer.

                  So no it wasn’t just a maintenance update.

                  • Hypnopottamus

                    Still doesn’t change the fact that basic features that other OS’s have and have had are only NOW being brought to Symbian. NFC came out after Android 2.2 came out. Smart dialer? You can have shortcuts to contacts as well as quick dial. Fact still remains. Symbian is behind. I’m NOT saying Symbian isn’t good. Just behind the curve for modern touchscreen smartphones.

                    • Tiv

                      “Still doesn’t change the fact that basic features that other OS’s have and have had are only NOW being brought to Symbian”

                      That can be said of any operating system.

                      Those things I listed that Android doesn’t have are pretty basic.

                      Apart from portrait qwerty which I agree should have been there the whole time, what other basic new features will Anna bring?

                      “NFC came out after Android 2.2 came out.”

                      Yes you are right it came out after 2.2 infact in version 2.3 as I said.

                      Google Smart dialer(you can get it for Android as a 3d party app)

          • I like nokia’s an all.. but im afraid cod3rror is right (did i jsut say that?)

            sort of anyways.

            Kind of pointless comparing devices a year apart in age, especially from Nokia/Samsung who make so many different phones.

            they make all these phones because each one fills a niche – it has something a particular person wants (normally).

            This is opposed to the “all-in” days of nokia (like the n95) when they dumped all the new tech they could into that phone.

            the N8 is not that device.

            The SGS2 is Samsung’s N95 (and as such i own both!!)

            the only thing that peev’s me off about it is the battery life, but luckily that’s removable and I have a couple of spare’s knocking around.

            Nokia’s symbian strategy is all over the place – it’s one thing having updates or PROMISED updates for phones.. but it’s another carrying on releasing phones with symbian in it’s current state when they are trying to change the UI/image of symbian entirely.

            that nokia 500 with the 1ghz processor – why does it run slower than an N8 with a 600Mhz processor – lack of GPU?

            this is not improving symbians image. Regardless of whether they say “1Ghz for £150″… if it runs like your old nokia – why would you care – as a consumer you’d be asking yourself why it runs like a 90 year old man?

            I suppose you get what you pay for… although my old ZTE blade looked to run about as fast as that 1Ghz nokia.. and that had a really old 600MhZ Qualcomm chip..

    • stylinred

      the 1080p sucks though we’ve already seen the comparo with the N8s 720p and the N8 wins

    • j

      well compare the price of the sgs II to with the price of the n8.

      then: how is the gps sensor of the sgs? the build quality? (from my point of view it’s to thin to have a long life with me) i have seen some pics of the sgsII , oversaturated like iphones.

      the software: how many crap is in the android market? besides some malware too.

      and above all:

      i have used the sgs II, it’s nice, but it’s nothing special(why don’t buy a sensation?) compared to the n9 or the n8.

      i dont say that the n8 is the best phone for everyone. but for some people it’s still the best.

    • Eddy

      Kinda like the Iphone fanboys huh…Absolutely JUNK OS, far outdated, camera decent but not n8 quality, yet they still pay over 700 for those paperweights.

  • Hypnopottamus

    Nokia maps and cameras are still the best in the business. That’s not even in despute.

    Outside of camera comparisons, Steve Litchfield’s device comparison series are a joke. Any objective viewer can see how he weights his criteria to put every Nokia device in the lead. Of course Nokia is and has been the hardware king (one of the few reasons I miss Symbian), but if you keep adding hardware categories to your comparison chart Nokia is ALWAYS going to come out on top (which they do in EVERY device comparison article). Its very disengenuous. Does anyone really think the X7 is a better day in day out device than the Nexus S? Materials and durability are 2 seperate categories. He treats Nokia’s clunky Social app the same as the Nexus S’s OFFICIAL facebook/twitter apps (I’m assuming because they aren’t native apps). What a joke.

  • Jeff

    Keen to see a similar shoot-out with N9 in the mix.
    Once all the optimizations underway for it’s module are complete.
    Hurry the frack up Nokia, get it freaking “out there”!

  • waloody88

    hey jay, i dun want to see N8 12mp vs 8mp mytouch n other weakling. i want to see mytouch vs E7 or c7…x7 something like this group. this will be fare, cause nokia fans love to buy these nokia cameraphones not just n8

  • ashouhdy

    Sew a full comparison between the galaxys2 vs n8 camera full test

  • ashouhdy

    See the full comparison between the n8 and galaxys2 … Day photos and night photos also flash photos !

  • imtiaz ali

    all of u guys hav d0ne your best . Bt here need s0methng worth discussing.
    The manufacturer doesn’t only focus on camera,many other areas to work out on, and infact should be. Ranging from a teen,teacher,corporate to enterpreneur cust0mers that uses these cell phone. The logic behind producing difrnt m0dels with time is due to variety of people need and use them. I respect every1 opinion. . Bt c0nsider one thing, just try 2 b optimistics, regardless of likes and dislikes. Thz g0na work and help out infact.
    Thumbs up to all.

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  • Jay,

    I just wanted to let you and your readers know that there’s a link to a ZIP file in my Engadget review of the myTouch 4G Slide, containing original identical images taken with the Slide, N8, Galaxy S II, Xperia Arc and Canon s95 (point-and-shoot).


  • jas

    If i want to take a really good professional picture then i wouldnt be doing it on a phone be it the GS2 or the N8. please get lives and stop fanboying this phone as the cam must be all its got going for it. after all when i was looking to upgrade and i searched for best phone, the N8 not so strangely, did come up.

  • jas

    If i want to take a really good professional picture then i wouldnt be doing it on a phone be it the GS2 or the N8. please get lives and stop fanboying this phone as the cam must be all its got going for it. after all when i was looking to upgrade and i searched for best phone, the N8 not so strangely, did not come up.

  • Michael

    They could try to do the test with camera pro with 100% quality mode activated will cramp even more detail.Btw still 99% of the population thinks that higher megapixel mean better image quality which totally false .

  • Good post, nice blog, if ya get chance have a look at mine and let me know what ya thing, feedback welcome thanks 🙂

  • ymmp

    I own an n8 and have now moved on to Android for the simple reason that the apps are way better. This includes pdf readers, soft keyboards, music players and much more. The n8’s handling of wifi and mobile connection is unwieldy. The screen is also too small, narrow and low resolution.
    Sorry, I love my n8, but that’s the truth.