Shootout – Nokia N8 vs MyTouch 4G slide vs Samsung Galaxy SII

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N8 is the last one of course.

Steve Litchfield compares the camera of these three units. The now over 1 year old since announcement N8, undisputed camera king goes against the self-touted most advanced smartphone camera, MyTouch 4G Slide (HTC) and possibly THE best Android handset right now, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

At first, I thought the N8 was the first in Steve’s collection. I seriously thought, “woah, these other two are producing better pictures”. But no, of course not, let’s not be silly :p the one which looks best is obviously N8 😛 Didn’t GSM Arena already teach us this in their blind test for N8 (against a dedicated mega zoom  Sony no less) as well as the multitudes of tests from independent reviewers that again have shown the N8 is just head and shoulders above the rest?

Imagine if Nokia some how decide to try and improve further on the camera? Not that they’d need to.

Only test not performed is flash. Only the N8 has Xenon and would be the only one decent enough on a night out with moving friends.

Steve further mentions that Myriam Joire (@tnkgrl) from engadget recently sent praises N8’s way when doing her review of the MyTouch 4G Slide

“There’s no doubt that the myTouch 4G Slide takes beautiful pictures. Still, as we mentioned above, the Galaxy S II usually performs better and the N8 still plays in a league of its own. The Slide manages to gather a lot of information, but that’s no match for the massive amounts of detail captured through the N8’s impeccable Zeiss optics.”

Now take this asset from the N8 camera (which is only a fraction of what Nokia can do in imaging btw), mix it up with upcoming flagships again  (Myriam dislikes current Symbian) and you just might get the great software/hardware combo. The fact 9 months on from release, over 15 months since announcement, N8 is still the best camera in smartphones ever is a great testament to what Nokia can achieve. They just need to step it up on all fronts. Update screen resolution, improve the software side, market the hell out of it. Done.

Source: allaboutsymbian and engadget

p.s. N9 solves a few of the usability issues in terms of camera UI I’ve been waiting for in Nokia. Belle camera UI still looks like it sucks. Please keep the camera button (seemingly mandatory in Windows Phone so that’s a good thing). Some good points to pick up from HTC. Bring back the panorama feature you had by default please, and as good as the awesome one in that dedicated app, Nokia Panorama. Does it need to be sweepshot (like that other nokia app?) or can some alignment be ok? Also improve the burst mode feature from old Symbian to actually usable bursts (with FPS rating in integers and more than 4 at least)


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