V22 Symbian Anna on Navifirm for Nokia N8/E7 – Anna arriving shortly to OTA/Ovi Suite?

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Glenn tipped in that Anna (v22) is on Navifirm now for E7 and N8. This suggests Anna is coming.

If you waited and didn’t install the Anna or Belle leak, congrats on the patience. It should be officially available OTA or via Ovi Suite in the next couple of weeks.

Ronit Bhattacharjee also emailed us with screenshot of V22 on navifirm.

Update: Ronit has an update screenshot :D

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  1. tholj says:

    anyone could tell me if update is available on navifirm for EUR1 (france). i am at work cannot check. thanks.

  2. would be very nice for nokia user….

  3. NOKIA says:

    Hi there!!! We have released Symbian Anna in all countries for all models and product codes now !!! Go to #0000# and update your firmware to Symbian Anna.Hope you like our firmware and awaiting comments !!!! thank you for your patience !!!We also released Microsoft communicator,adobe reader, Quick Office and internet Radio as a supplement software …. ENJOY!!!!

    • ron says:

      download it today and now cant open my conversation meaning cant read my text. also, update failure keep coming up everytime i try re-donwload symbian anna update 1/2! why is that? what should i do?

    • anonymus says:

      thank you Nokia for releasing the update but it isn’t flawless,

      first of all as soon as i updated the phone i found in applications folder an app called signal boost that when i click it says system error

      secondly it is not the full update, nokia n8 doesn’t get autofocus or 30frame/sec

      the split screen isn’t working in all applications that are native for the mobile

      and i quote “!We also released Microsoft communicator,adobe reader, Quick Office and internet Radio as a supplement software …. ENJOY!!!!” where do i get these supplements ? from ovi store they cost money but we should get them for free

      other than that everything is has improved a lot i believe including ram usage and battery

      thank you

      • Blue says:

        If you’re successful with the Anna update once you check for software update you’ll see there are 5 more updates in there. Two for Symbian Anna (one required and one important), the Microsoft communicator, a free game and another I forgot.

  4. ssdh says:

    Can anyone do an HTML 5 Test for the Anna browser?? Thanks..

  5. madmax025 says:

    im in the uk on the 3 network and still not available either through nokia software updater,ovi or OTA

  6. falken says:

    What about Symbian Anna for Spain?

  7. Reza says:

    no symbian anna for canada for i think ever .. rogers didn’t even release 1.2

  8. Culturismo says:

    Comes too little too late for me. Sold the N8 & E7 and am loving the Nexus S. Sure its nice that Anna is out but short of Maps there wasnt too much exciting about the UX. you can also kiss Google services integration or app dev goodbye. I’ve pretty much accepted there won’t be many relevant apps for the N9, I hope its browser is punchy enough to DO IT ALL. enjoy your dated underwhelming ‘update’

  9. Jeettak says:

    Got Symbian Anna this evening.

    Loaded without any problem by using the Nokia Software Updater (http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/nokia-software-updater).

    Once done re-started and connected to the OVI suite and downloaded 2 Symbian Anna updates, and OVI store and Social application updates. Updates downloaded and installed first time.

    Had a few problems with the updated OVI Store. It would not sign me in and the font looked very funny. I had updated my device to use the new Nokia Pure font, so I took it off, restarted and hey presto the OVI store started working again, and the boldness to the fonts on the email widgets has been sorted.

    Overall am very impressed with the update.

  10. Georgeb says:

    The update worked nicely but what is with the stupid white icons? What are you thinking nokia with these bland white icons? The look is rubbish the performance seems marginally better though.

  11. rock says:

    hi allz symbian anna is realeased all is ok but in the themes all the beauty of nokia n8 gone vanish themes are very very cheap even you look differance between the size of battery bar and signal bar themes are look like artifical camera setting are not clear in setting all fonts shows white nokia n8 will not more colourfull after the update of symbian anna 022.014 profiles phone managment msgs all are looking white white white symbian^3 defult themes for nokia n8 were very very excellent than this cheap anna theme all looks fake

  12. Michael says:

    still no update here. – singapore :(

  13. Michael says:

    Me too. no update yet for my N8 (Singapore-Starhub Set)

  14. unfazed says:

    Michael you should change your product code with phoenix then youl be able to update

  15. hasan says:

    what about c7???

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