Video: (Tutorial) Flash Symbian Belle on your Nokia N8 (follow at own risk!)

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 OK read title: Put Belle on your N8 at your own risk.

Last week was pretty exciting in tech (MotoGoog, HP kills webOS and exits PC business, and the reveal of, sadly, TabCo). The Nokia scene was busy too, with Belle leaked and Anna update finally released (wow).

We’ve seen plenty of Belle screenshots now, videos too, and most recently Camb078′s selection.

That may have tempted some of you into flashing Belle to your N8. Some bricked their N8 as the first release was corrupted, but more users are expressing positive reactions to Belle. There have been some bugs, noted by Danny himself (the guy who leaked Belle) as well as the other users moving up to Belle. If you have looked around to what these are and are aware of the risks of bricking your phone but not really sure how to get Belle on your N8, you might find a tutorial helpful. A reader, Hawke commented on his tutorial.

Video by 

There’s one comment there saying they’ve had success with this (and it’s not some new recent account).


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  1. Mike says:

    I like belle i really like it !
    anyone else here who likes it too ?

    They should’ve released Belle instead of Anna .. . . ..

    • kevinaux says:

      I like it too, very the much.

      Anna should have been Symbian^3 from the beginning and Belle should have arrived 6 months later.

    • Deep space Bar says:

      i hate the fact that the menu is one full menu :( and now i have to fight for space with my widgets :(

    • winson says:

      i am relly like belle 2..its luk so great after i saw the leak video…much batter than anna…..but i am sceard 2 flash my n8 to belle,and my n8 still under warranty..people says belle have much bugs,..i think this ver not stable yet…i hope nokia will realese stable symbian belle in the next update…sorry my english not good…im a malaysian..

    • suyashxp says:

      i think anna is relaesed after a year which was just small updates for symbain 3.
      but Belle is complete Ui revamp ..
      it will take at least 8-9 month (as per nokia’s History)

      Will wait till : july 2012

      • Jay Montano says:

        No, I think you will see Belle as an update this side of 2011.

        • suyashxp says:

          jay can you please tell me is belle supports more than 3 Home screen….
          i want it badly…..

          • nokia3660 says:

            It does. I remember seeing 4 dots in one of the videos

            • Deaconclgi says:

              Currently, the unmodified Belle leak only supports 3. There are multiple homescreen mods and custom firmwares that enable 4 and up to unlimited homescreens even though 6 is the maximum number of dots as Symbian^3 is coded to support 6 homescreens. For whatever reason. Nokia continues to officially support only 3 homescreens.

              • suyashxp says:

                so without Mod, in this Belle version also ,there are only 3 home screen????
                :’( :’(

              • r'yie says:

                bro,u can use sym’belle together with the ‘SPB MOBILE SHELL’ that give u 10 widget by using profesional & lifestyle layout,follow it by search at youtube,some kind of people provide the link to download and also the license keys..

  2. Chiron says:

    Just updated my phone using the tutorial and I gotta say Belle is sick!! It literally takes 5 minutes to do everything and it feels like I have a brand new phone with amazing features. I am just thinking what if Nokia N8 had came out with Belle how sick would have that been. But yeah just follow the guide and you will be fine!

  3. Nabkawe says:

    Anyone tried the Handwriting input method yet ? , it’s awesome , specially for Arabic!!! , its faster than Swype for Arabic users (which isn’t saying much when there’s no Arabic Swype , but still very smooth input method and it works well for Arabic because Arabic unlike English is a connected letters language (i hate it in movies where they show Arabic words with separated letters…)

  4. Duncan says:

    Also works with any official firmware. There is also no need to dead flash, works fine without. Remember to hard reset, then repair QT files with before flashing; also DO NOT restore any previous backups from ovi suite this will cause bugs and errors because of code incompatibilities. Just restore your apps manually, so if you get any bugs just uninstall that app.

  5. XFCE-Desktop says:

    Will I keep all my files on the phone like with the Chinese Anna leak?

  6. saket says:

    i have done it and belle seems so fluid and fast.

  7. Jaydee says:

    I’ve read somewhere some GPU intensive games lag when played on Belle.. is it solved yet..?

  8. SaDudE says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have done this update as well, just a couple of things since I did my update a little different. I used the tutorial posted on daily mobile.

    I didn’t edit the files but just deleted the 6 files of anna and then just added the 4 belle files.

    Instead of refurbish I did the update software button and everything worked for me.

    I did not do the QT fix as mentioned by another user but is it something I can still do know after the update?

    The hard reset is very important after updating as you need to make sure you mass memory is completely formatted.

    I did back up my contacts, messages and notes before starting and restored that afterwards and had no problem.

    For my photos and videos, i just copied the folders manually via windows and then just copied them back afterwards.

    I did install swype in belle via ovi store but I have since removed it since swype does not work split screen for me. I am using the standard qwerty keyboard of belle and it works perfectly split screen in the majority of apps.

    Honestly Belle is awesome and the browser is pure money. The camera interface has been revamped and very easy to use.

    I am not sure about the battery usage yet, I got a feeling it is not as efficient as previous but all in all I love it.

  9. Sagar says:

    It would be helpful if we recieve the leak for E7 also!!!

  10. Vikram says:

    Using belle it’s amazing and smooth nd awesome only prob is mail doesn work and the browser doesn open!!

    • Tkieken says:

      I use gmail, yahoo and active sync(with sync to my agenda) as widgets in the belle leak.

      It works so much better than before.

      You sure have did something wrong.

      Can I add some pictures of my homescreens here?


    • amoshydra says:

      Mail work perfectly on mine.

      The browser in my belle failed to start once.. I rebooted the phone and fixed that.

  11. stylinred says:

    reading some forums it sounds like that Belle is still a little buggy

    Java isn’t working right etc etc it can be fixed but it requires you to do some more modding

    • Hawke says:

      But its smoother than anna and symbian^3. I jump from symbian^3 to Belle, really felt my phone transform to a new phone.

  12. masood.alkhter says:

    hi, i boght my N8 the very 1st day it was released for £430 sim free,i only bought it coz of the camera and hardware it has and am a loyal nokia user.i waited for anna a long time. now i have it i must say its amazing to use feels like a new phone,but with same excerlent use guys are saying bella is how good is it?? and when do use think nokia will be releasing BELLE?

  13. yabai.youth says:

    I flashed the hacked Anna firmware on my phone and it really messed up my device. Fortunatly, a few days later the official version was released by Nokia. I think I’ll just be patient this time.

  14. dm says:

    Can someone tell me how the multitasking works in Belle, as i was told it would be grid like as in N9 and N900. If not then we can expect another update in 2012 with Swipe and grid multitasking (Hopefully)with “C” version more excited now.

    • Deaconclgi says:

      It works and looks the same as with Anna, only smoother and faster. The grid is in the browser under Most visited. It shows a maemo like picture view of the sites you visited the most.

  15. Hawke says:

    Thanks Jay for promoting my video :)

  16. Magister says:

    Is there a way to downgrade to Anna after installing Belle? Just in case it is buggy on my N8.

    • bulky says:

      There is indeed. Just go here for instructions. Have done it myself (because Belle hasn’t rocked my world as yet) and confirm that it works.

    • Paul Grenfell says:

      Its a little buggy, but i think the
      hype over Belle is unwarranted.. Its really nothing major over Anna..In fact there are some differences i dislike.. I honestly see no urgency in upgrading from Anna to Belle..

      • Deaconclgi says:

        What are your dislikes?

        • bulky says:

          I appreciate that the leaked Belle is a pre-release or Beta version so it’s not expected to be perfect frankly I just like the homescreen/menu layout of Anna better than Belle. With Belle they freed up space with the status bar at the top and then immediately wasted that space by putting a massive clock there instead. Some of the widgets are massive. I prefer the uniform size of widgets in Anna. In Belle everything is shoved into one folder (menu items, apps, etc.) instead of folders and sub-folders. You can make your own folders but not sub-folders. As far as performance goes I’m not enough of a tech-head to notice any stark difference or improvement with Belle. So really, from my point of view, it’s just a presentation thing.

  17. N8 rocks says:

    Is Belle Arabic enabled ? I mean the uploaded version in this page ?

  18. aravinth says:

    after flashing to belle,can we upgrade it to the official version of belle, when released by nokia?

  19. vatsal says:

    wild i was flashing my n8 to belle my phone was not going in flash mode i try twice to install belle so plz help me…

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