Definitive Specification Sheet Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 (comparison)

| August 24, 2011 | 92 Replies

Taspas commented that there is a spec sheet at the Nokia developer page for the new Nokia 600, 700 and 701. This goes into much more detail than the official specs listed.

You can check it out here.ย,700,701

We’ve also included it as an image (above). Note it’s big, about 12.6MP (2.2MB).






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  • gajomau

    wtf? 1Ghz arm 11?
    the hardware is the same as we ( n8, c7, etc) have..
    on the other and..

    yupi.. overclok the 1ghz ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Munemune

      well that least they have double sized ram

    • Coputnik

      So, then Belle is out, my N8 would have 1Ghz CPU? Or I’m wrong?

      • Igoresseo

        Hope you`re right)

        • Coputnik

          Me too =)

      • Harangue

        Depends on if the CPU in the N8 is exactly the same as it is in these new devices. Could be that the new Belle devices use a different processor with more optimization which allows it to run reliabaly at 1Ghz.

        Still though, a newer type core design (Cortex-A8) would have the same performance as this ARM1176 core at a lower clockspeed and thus be more energy efficient.

        Porting Symbian to new hardware might be harder than to just push an old ARM11 to 1Ghz.

        • Coputnik

          So the answer is “probably yes’?

          • Harangue

            Could be, there are some variations to the ARM11 core as well. Also it depends whether the chassis of the N8, E7 etc. can cope with the extra heat that 1Ghz will generate, but I doubt that is an issue.

            It will be down to what exact processor is used and with which ARM11 core.

        • Tiv

          “Still though, a newer type core design (Cortex-A8) would have the same performance as this ARM1176 core at a lower clockspeed and thus be more energy efficient.”

          Are you sure?
          The info I found was the following

          The newer Cortex A8 does about 6-7 DMIPS per mW

          A power optimised dual core Cortex A9 does 8 DMIPS per mW

          The newer ARM11(1GHz) does 12 DMIPS per mW

        • Dave

          porting symbian should be easy. Samsung and se did it, both running on the cortex. The decision to stick with the older, slower, less efficient designs, along with the relatively lousy camera modules shows just how serious Nokia are treating their last few years with symbian.

          It’s really rather sad.

          • Harangue

            Good point, they did. I forgot about the magnificent i8910, HW wise atleast.

            What’s the reason to stick with ARM11 then? Old stockpile? Low unit price, lazyness?

            @Tiv: My info is from own experience only, but I had to check those numbers. ARM site qoutes 1.25 for ARM11 (both 1136 and 1176 cores) and 2 DMIPS/Mhz for Cortex A8.

            • Dave

              The i8910 continues to tempt me, and I’m pretty sure that if someone were able,and had the relevant code and support, S^3 would run faster on that than it does on the N8 …

              Its got to be laziness, corporate stupidity and trying to get the best possible price. Penny pinching at its finest, which Nokia have been doing for years – the entry level Symbian touchscreen devices (5230, 5233, etc.) having exactly the same CPU as the “high end” N97 and N97 mini.

              Nokia do have some excellent designers, but they’ve been continually hampered by absolute imbeciles in more senior management, as well as having what appears to be the most legendarily bad project management on the planet.

              How the N8 ever turned out so good, I’ll never know ….

              • nokia traditionally did 3 units under the same project.

                e7, n8, c7, c6-01

                or earlier,

                e75(forgotten the music one they did), e52 and e55.

                The problem is, if they mess up one the others in the group suffer too.

            • Tiv

              Yes that is Correct per MHz a Cortex A8 does more but it does so at a greater energy consuption. My figures was also from ARM’s site too.

              My figures was DMIPS/mW(milli Watt)

              So if an ARM11 and a Cortex A8 would have the same calculating power(for example lowering the clock speed for the A8) the ARM11 would use less power to do the same calculation.
              Thus be more energy efficient.

              • Harangue

                Food for thought. I’ll have to check that out a little further. It seems so odd, and also contradicts what most chipmanufacturers say, new design, more power, less power used.

                • Harangue

                  Just recalled this piece from Anandtech:

                  It goes a little more into detail about A8 vs. ARM11. Raw benchmark data may say the A8 uses more juice but the A8 also provides a whole lot more stuff that makes it so much more capable and powerful.

                  Very crudly put, the A8 is faster and thus can go into idle mode (or lower speed) faster and save energy that way. If that saving is measurable remains to be seen of course.

                  Nice stuff to read about anyway, the sheer power these mobile chips house compared to desktops of say 7 years ago is just mindblowing.

                  • 352×416

                    Intel figured that out too many years ago after Pentium 4 from memory. I think the Intel Core architecture implements this idea that the faster the chip can get to idle the faster the energy reduction can begin. I saw a slide that Intel used to explain it. Basically the extra energy used in high clock rate at 100% usage is more than offset by the longer and deeper idle energy reduction.

                    • 352×416

                      The other thing with Cortex is they are generally fabricated using smaller Nano Metre equipment, chips manufactured on smaller Nano Metre equipment use less power as I understand. From memory, the ARM website says ARM11 can be manufactured using 65NM low power and Cortex uses 40NM.

                    • Tiv

                      Newer ARM11 also uses 45 nm design.
                      From ARM’s website:
                      “It delivers extreme low power and a range of performance from 350 MHz in small area designs up to 1 GHz in speed optimized designs in 45 and 65 nm.”

                  • Tiv

                    I think one of the main reasons for going to the Cortex A series was that it’s more powerful does more per clock cycle and the architecture allows for higher clockspeeds while not sacrificing too much power efficiency.

                    Also take note that the MIPS/mW I gave was from the newer ARM11 chips(1GHz 45 nm) the older ones was much less efficient.
                    The older ARM11 chips used up to 4 times as much energy as the newer 45 nm ones.

        • 352×416

          I think it may still be 1136. I think it would be better to go for a slower Cortex A9 than a 1GHz ARM 11, but it is the consumers who are looking for the 1GHz on the box. Also Nokia are aiming to under cut android prices, licences and manufacture is probably very cheap considering 1136 is now 4 generations old

      • ICEman

        nope, there won’t be an overclock. I’ll be very happy if I’m wrong, but that’s what the situation is at the moment

        • Coputnik

          That’s sad =(

      • fyzandme

        i think nokia will surprise n8 users with overclocked 1ghz cpu on belle update.; like the nfc activation on c7!!!

    • N00-00

      I dont thinnk so. Even though both are from ARM11 family, they are different processors and the maximum N8’s processor clock speed is 770MHz.

  • Irving

    that 701 makes my c7 so irrelevent right now

    • gajomau

      it’s almost the same hardware.. same cpu, same gpu, the c7 has nfc chip.. only the camera it’s different

      • Goc

        Not really, the GPU is a BCM2763 which is much better than the MBC2727 in the C7.

        • gajomau

          where is the source? i want to see ๐Ÿ˜€

        • kashyap

          all existing symbian^3 devices uses BCM2727. Which is much better than n9’s SGX gpu.
          Where did you find that 701 uses BCM 2763.
          I don’t think its possible, its 4 times faster and capable of 1080p video recording n playback and supports 20mp camera module.

          • OSagnostic

            AAS says the 701 has new graphics processor up to 4 times faster. If this is correct it could point to the BCM 2763.

        • Harangue

          That is a hunch, what Nokia probably did is increase the speed of the GPU and assign more of the RAM to it since there is more to go around.

          I’d like to see grpahics in the SoC rather than this patchwork Nokia is doing. Only allows for higher errorrates in the hardware, latency and higher power consumption.

          • OSagnostic

            From what I have read the BCM 2727 can only address 32MB of dedicated graphics memory. The BCM 2763 can address 128MB of graphics memory.

            Sebastian Branstromm, in an interview on The Phones Show audio chat, suggested that the lack of graphics memory was a key bottle neck with current symbian

            The benefits of under clocking the N8 processor (680MHz compaired to max 772MHz) are gained by lowering the core voltage. They could go back up to this max frequency if the hardware allows for an increase in the core voltage. This would reduce battery figures and possibly have thermal isssues.

            I for one would rather have good battery performance.

            • Dave

              I honestly doubt the difference in battery life is that great, probably in the order of a few minutes difference.

              And if Symbian is handling the cpu scaling itself, clocking it back when idle, it really would be minimising the potential impact.

      • Guest

        Better 3G data performance. More RAM.

      • Viipottaja

        The GPU is BCM2763.

        • 352×416

          Is video recording still 720p? I thought BMC2763 had 1080p video record.

  • gajomau

    wtf? 1Ghz arm 11?
    the hardware is the same as we have( n8, c7, etc) have..
    on the other and..

    yupi.. overclok the 1ghz ๐Ÿ˜€

    • gajomau

      sry.. double post..

  • Cod3rror

    1GHz… ARM11… LOL!

    • anonymous

      Troll3rror trolls again. 1 GHz is more than enough, as you can see in the videos that the interface is smooth. Therefore a newer CPU architecture (ARMv7) for Symbian OS is not needed and probably would have cost more to implement than the what the benefits would have broght in.

      • Cod3rror

        I thought 680MHz was more than enough?

        Is that a new song by Nokia fans? 1GHz is more than enough?

        • Ninja

          My N8 goes at 1.21 “Jiga”watts and can travel at up to 88 mph ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • anonymous

          I never said that 680 MHz is more than enough, but the fact is that who buys a Nokia doesn’t buy it for its processing power. Personally I will get an N9, and it’s not because of the hardware, but because of the software, which, at this point in time, is unique. And you’re still a troll, because this is a Nokia forum and not a public defrustration site in which people continuously bash and shout about their own problems as reflected in reality. Posted from my excellent picture-and-film-taking N8.

      • Harangue

        Coderror is in fact partially right. 1Ghz isn’t so much lol, but doing that with an ARM11 core is.

        The ARM11 core is an older design and is made on a larger die. Larger dies generally mean higher energy consumption just like higher clockspeeds mean more energy consumption.

        Besides that, the ARM11 core is just less efficient. It does less calculations with on the same clockspeed as newer generations.

        Point is, Cortex-A8 could be clocked at 800Mhz and be just as powerful as the ARM11 @1Ghz but it would also be using less energy in the process (A8 that is)

        I suspect that is is very hard to port Symbian to newer silicon. Symbian has been running on ARM11 designs for about 5 to 6 years already.

        Saying that a newer architecture is not needed is nonsense. Newer isn’t always better, but in this case it could very well be.

        • Gaz

          “The ARM11 core is an older design and is made on a larger die. Larger dies generally mean higher energy consumption just like higher clockspeeds mean more energy consumption.”

          Thats incorrect, the architecture doesn’t have anything to do with what node space is used when manufacturing the chips.

        • 352×416

          I agree I would rather a 800MHz Cortex than a 1GHz 1136. Symbian Foundation picked U8500 as its reference design so I would have thought there would be a Cortex version somewhere or some people that could make it happen. I think it is processor purchase cost that is keeping Cortex out.

        • Average Joe

          “I suspect that is is very hard to port Symbian to newer silicon. Symbian has been running on ARM11 designs for about 5 to 6 years already.”

          The open source Symbian had been ported to the BeagleBoard, which has a Cortex A8 CPU. Also, it was showcased running on a ST-E U8500 with a dual Cortex A9 at 1.2 GHz.

          • Harangue

            True, also the Samsung i8910 and SE Symbian phones proved me wrong. It’s hard to think sometimes that there were other phones out there running Symbian on different HW than ARM11

            • 352×416

              Apparently there was even a x86 port of Symbian a few years ago according to Wikipedia. Maybe the x86 Symbian port is used in the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C?

  • delibert

    512 RAM, cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Titanium

      That’s the most significant improvement over previous models

  • HD

    Notice , how in the sheet many Ovi services are renamed as Nokia’s, e.g. Ovi Maps to Nokia Maps.
    Only Ovi store is one remaining.
    Guess Ovi to Nokia branding is in full force.

  • Duncan

    The specs aren’t that great but I see the reasoning, these phones were being developed before the Feb. 11 announcement. If everyone remembers Symbian was to be pushed down to the midrange and meego was to take the highend, so it makes complete sense for the midrange specs. I really don’t expect to see any cutting edge technology on symbian handsets anymore because Windows phone is the highend for Nokia.

    • Ninja

      > The specs arenโ€™t that great but I see the reasoning

      Here, let me rewrite that for you ๐Ÿ™‚

      “The specs arenโ€™t that great if it was running any other OS but I see the reasoning – it’s running Symbian which is incredibly efficient, far more so than the comparatively amateur attempts by Google, Apple and Microsoft. With Symbian you get far better usage of the CPU and hardware, and this is proven by the unbelievably long battery life on the 701, with ‘just’ a 1300 mAh battery! Symbian is the greatest.”

      > I really donโ€™t expect to see any cutting edge technology on symbian handsets anymore because Windows phone is the highend for Nokia.

      Here, let me rewrite that for you ๐Ÿ™‚

      “I really expect to see more cutting edge technology on symbian handsets because not only has Nokia promised 10 Symbian handsets this year alone and we’ve only had 4 so far, but also as Ninja wrote and Jay posted recently, there’s the N8 Symbian based successor coming next year with an incredible camera. And we know Symbian has a history of being FAR in advance of other OSes in all aspects, apart from UI slickness and even that’s now solved with Belle. And we know Windows phone is nowhere near ready yet to be the highend for Nokia, in fact that’s the stated reason the high end cameraphone is going to be running Symbian and not WinPho”.

      There, that sounds much better doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ninja

        > Nokia promised 10 Symbian handsets this year alone

        Nokia promised 10 Symbian handsets this [coming] year alone [starting from a few months ago]

      • Harangue

        Specs are specs, regardless of what OS is on the phone. Aside from that, it’s not only what the OS does but also about capabilities you give developers.

        Your OS may make great use of older HW, but developers need to code the crap out of themselves make things go smooth. OK, it’s their job to do so, but innovative things that take humongous loads of CPU power can’t run on this ARM11 stuff, it does on newer stuff.

        Newer HW just gives longer life to a phone and opens the door for very high quality apps and also the next generation apps.

        • Mark

          “Specs are specs, regardless of what OS is on the phone.”

          I’m sorry but that has to be the most stupid thing I’ve read today.

          Do you suppose Vista runs as well as Windows 7 on a low spec netbook? The OS matters. Period.

          • Harangue

            Comparing Vista to Win7 from a performance standpoint is also a bit stupid to be honest.

            Maybe I’m not right in saying that. But as long as I can see lag on Symbian phones even just out of the box I can’t fathom the reasoning behind Symbian doesn’t need X. Well you still pay the same kind of price for older HW with Nokia as you do for top notch HW in say a Galaxy S2 (leaving the plasticky build aside.)

            I guess what I tried to say is that Nokia rips people off by supplying age old HW for next to today’s prices.

            • Bosh

              Agree. My N8 sometimes lags when writing SMS even with no apps INSTALLED and the inbox empty.

        • ssdh

          For mobile technologies, efficient coding is a must since you only run on limited power, but there has been no huge leap in battery technology in the past few years, so until a super high tech 10 000 mAh battery is invented for mobile, it’s not really that advisable to superspec your phone. However, ultra-efficient multicore CPUs are being developed, and that’s definitely a move to the right direction, but Nokia still insists on using ARM 11… Sigh…

        • 352×416

          Also going with a Cortex + different GPU may enable full 10.1 Flash

        • Ninja

          > Specs are specs, regardless of what OS is on the phone

          This is so completely wrong I don’t know where to start in replying to it.

      • Duncan

        That is non sense, symbian does need a better processor. I have used a N8 since last october and the web experience is horrible and this includes the leaked belle I flashed. It needs a better processor because these arm11’s are not compatible with flash 10. Flashlite does not cut it on 2011.

        • Ninja

          This is also so completely wrong I don’t know where to start in replying to it.

          • Duncan

            Really you say. The Nokia N8 uses the ARM1176JZ(F)-S Geometry TSMC 65GP. This is from the ARM website “Basic support for Adobe Flash (Flash Lite) with ARM11 + L2, Flash Player 10.1 support requires ARMv7A (Cortex-A class).” Please tell what you know about arm11’s that arm doesn’t know that makes them compatible with flash 10.1?

            The new 1GHz Nokia are most likely running on the ARM1176JZ(F)-S TSMC 40G which is a 990MHz processor and also not compatible with flash 10.1.

      • goosepig


        This is the first I have heard of a Symbian based N8 successor…

        Is it really true and when is it due out? I might hold back on the N9 if this is true.

        • Ninja

          Yes, AMAZING camera, someone working high up for a UK network who I trust with the truth told me. Symbian powered. Not sure if directly an N8 successor or just high powered camera with average phone? Not sure when but “next year”. I hope first half.

          If camera counts for you, then might be worth holding on?

          • Deaconclgi

            Camera counts for me.

        • Saul

          Elop & “WP-only” zealots love the fact that Symbian/MeeGO are competing directly against each other for fans $.

          It’s all by design, by-the-looks….

      • Saul

        [And we know Symbian has a history of being FAR in advance of other OSes in all aspects, apart from UI slickness and even thatโ€™s now solved with Belle.]

        Um… Harmattan MeeGo?
        C’mon, don’t keep pushing us back to Symbian.
        If you’re a Nokia supporter…
        It’s time to *finally* be embracing Maemo “fully”!
        Bit hard w/o a phone, but we’ll have it in 4wks.

        We need it to be growing strongly/rapidly, if it’s to have any chance at being moved from experimental crap, to an alternative to WP in the high-end.

        1) MeeGo: top-end (approx. 1/yr ph/tablet)
        2) WP: top-end to mid-range
        3) S40: feature-phones
        4) Symbian: maintain current plans or similar

  • keithlum

    The NEW NOKIA 600/700/701 GPU is up to 4 times faster than the GPU found in the current generation of Nokiaโ€™s Symbian handsets.Believe me,these babe use a BCM 2763 GPU and capable to process 1 gigapixel 2D/3D graphics rendering !

    • kashyap

      Thats a real waste of resource. for symbian OS its needless.

      • ssdh

        But it’s needed for better quality apps, multimedia, browsing etc…

  • Bosh

    And Nokia still trying so hard with no auto focus camera.

    EdOF sucks!

    • Magister

      I still don’t understand why they stick with Edof, since a real auto-focus camera is a big seller.

    • 352×416

      I actually like EDOF. Smaller camera module means more room for battery, no delay waiting for focus, pictures always in focus.

      • Heh..

        Try switching your camera mode to “landscape” mode. Its preety much the same thing. And you still have a choice for macro shot if needed. 2 Birds with 1 stone.

  • Cameron

    Uninterested. A full year already why can’t Nokia launch something exciting like a N8 successor with equally brilliant camera, an improved chip and larger display?

  • suyashxp

    why the Hell I Brought My Nokia N8…. ๐Ÿ™
    I m stuck on it

    I want Nokia 701 Immediatelyy.
    all my Req is satisfied!
    1. audio eq
    2. More that 3 home sceen
    3. NFC

    Man should i wait for Update???? or Buy 701???

    • N00-00

      Well it depends if you are ready to afford a new phone and aren’t very serious about the camera.. My suggestion would be to wait for the Belle update for N8 before deciding to buying a new phone…

    • fantom

      And in the next few months there is a new better phone, that is better, and so on…

    • Jaydee

      I have 6 homescreens running on my N8 Anna right now.. (even before Anna I was running 6 homescreens) What the hell are u talking about..?? Remember, Google(the search engine, not the mother of Android) is ur best friend.. Go figure.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • he

    Nokia 600,700 and 701 have 512 MB RAM.

  • he

    How the RAM of old symbian handsets would cope up with heavy belle OS as it requires 512 MB RAM for its smooth performance. I think Nokia will overclock the speed of CPU in these handsets because they cannot increase the memory of RAM although they can increase it upto certain point.

    1 Question:
    Can we make video call without front camera? If yes, then how?
    I saw the specification of Nokia 500 and Nokia 700 (having front camera) where it is clearly written that Nokia 500 can make video call but there is no such option on Nokia 700’s page when infact a phone with a front camera easily make video call. I wonder it’s the mistake by Nokia.They should rectify it on their developer page.

    See the specifications and a few follies by Nokia.,700,701,500,C6-01

    • Slayer

      512 is not for belle, its for whatever that comes after it. either this or the N8 will get a lite version of belle.

    • kashyap

      symbian^3 supports demand paging. Remember N900 multitasking with heavy apps. The same with all symbain^3 devices. it Uses Virtual RAM To Keep Things Running Smooth just like N900

      • MoritzJT

        And besides that, AVKON was the RAM hog, I have like 6 or 7 apps open, fMobi, Nimbuzz, Whatsapp, gNewsReader, Music Player, Web with 2 normal and 1 heavyload flash tab, X-Plore, and Maps and I’m on 117 MB RAM ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • 352×416

          But doesn’t a little bit of AVKON still exist in PR3.0?

          I read somewhere that AVKON was supposed to be completely replaced by QT but then I read AVKON couldn’t be totally removed in PR3.0
          Maybe PR5.0 will be full QT5.0?

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  • cipox

    super yummy , will there any new
    n8 with same 1ghz in nokia world 2011 along with wp,

  • Bilal

    I want to ask something. Does nokia 600 has gpu ? Which one is better n900 or 600 ?