Matthew Miller: Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 – most stable mobile OS

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Matthew Miller from ZDNet (previously of Nokia Experts too) has written a piece on Windows Phone, asking folks to at least give the thing a try (presumably before people bash it due to the MS name)

In a provocative title, Matthew claims,

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is the most stable mobile phone OS

As well as a Nokia Blogger, Matthew has experience of nearly every mobile OS and he says, “I can say without a doubt that Windows Phone 7 has been the most stable and reliable mobile phone operating system I have ever used”

Matthew talks about his experience across S60, T-Mobile Sidekick, iPhone, Androids, webOS, BlackBerry and more recent Symbian phones. He discusses things he likes about the mobile platforms and what he doesn’t

TL:DR “Windows Phone 7 may not be flying off the shelves, but in my extensive experience the platform is the most stable and reliable out there. I recommend that you at least give the platform a try because it is NOTHING like Windows Mobile and the Microsoft name does not kill the experience.”

I have to agree with Matthew on the stability of Windows Phone 7. It’s frankly amazing to find it is still as speedy as the first day I bought it (6 months ago) as my Symbian (and even Maemo) devices slow down over time as they get bogged down with content. I don’t have lock ups or freezes, or random lags in the core OS. The only thing that has given problem is a few third party apps (looking at the reviews, others experience the same).

Now stability may not be the most crucial thing for everyone. Some might not care. But it does greatly improve the overall experience with that OS, and the point for Nokia fans, something to look forward to.

Matthew talks about a subject often experienced with Windows Phone – hate without trying:

I get comments from readers that Windows Phone 7 is junk and think these people likely have never used WP7 or just have a hatred for anything from Microsoft. I have been getting more comments from readers that have actually tried WP7 and the majority of them agree that it is a very good mobile operating system that continues to get better.

Most of these mobile platforms are getting more stable as we move forward, but then again we still have companies releasing devices as beta for the consumers to test and then get expected updates later to address problems that should have been taken care of during initial development. I am not saying that everyone should get a Windows Phone 7 device since I am a firm believer in choice and that we all have different needs, wants, and desires so there is no one device for everyone. I am just trying to share my experiences with you so that you can make informed choices and not choices based on fear of a name or preconceived notions based on feedback from just a few.

This is something we have discussed time and time and time again here. Some folks can dislike WP perhaps simply because it does not have certain features they require for daily use. That is completely understandable. If it doesn’t do what you need it to, then the best thing is to use something else that offers what you need. However, the majority of Joe/Joanne Averages will find the core features working in NWP extremely well, overall providing an excellent user experience for them, and here stability for those features helps greatly.

Nokia Experts / WMPowerUser

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