Nokia 600 5MP EDoF samples – they’re actually quite good

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I accidentally clicked on a link to my twitterfeed that brought me an article about the Nokia 600’s camera. It was 5MP EDoF. I nearly swiped the page away.

EDoF has got received a bad reputation amongst some Nokia users, not simply because it lacks AF for Macro, but because it just it seems to produce pretty lacklustre pictures . It needs optimum conditions and a good eye for photography to pull a nice looking photo.

But take into context, Nokia users have been spoilt by great Nseries cameras, such as the N8. Reading other non-nokia blogs, I find it laughable when they promote what’s apparently good camera smartphone photos that, well, frankly even gen1 EDoF, and even 2005  Nseries devices did better. E7 and E6 for example can take nicer tooking pictures (except Macro) than my Omnia7. That’s all with a very quick, AF thought free, one click. Here’s a couple of articles from Damian Dinning and another by Steve Litchfield explaining EDoF. I don’t know if I can still buy the reasoning of making slim designs though.

CJ was in Hong Kong during the launch and had a Nokia 600 5MP EDoF with him.  I was really surprised how good the Nokia 600 pictures look.

In what I’m assuming was indoor low light (by the various angle shadows and the yellowy incandescent cast) this photo keeps surprising amount of detail

Normally one of the problems I’ve seem time and time again in EDoF is that when viewed in full resolution, you see just how bad the image is.

But a lot of the detail is still there.

At the 600series they may just be more than pretty acceptable. Folks won’t get macro (less of those foody shots) but an option a least is to use digital zoom to artificially get closer. Some photos still show noise and lack of detail when close up but these photos probably won’t go much further an online social networking sites or 6×4 (or equivalent) prints.

Check out CJ’s post for other samples.

Here’s a video too:



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