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| September 2, 2011 | 26 Replies

As I mentioned before, Nokia, MeeGo, Symbian etc – we need all the support we can get. More Nokia related blogs, more voices for Nokia fans. Mikael contacted us to say that he’s launching a site all about N9 applications. It’s called, drum-roll please, N9-Apps.com.

Just wanted to let you know that we are building a new website for N9 apps. We love the N9 and wanted to create a place where the N9 apps are on the spotlight and one could easily find the new and best apps. We are launching as soon as we get the site running and get a few great apps to show. We hope that our site gives developers better way to promote their apps no matter where the apps are hosted. We’ve just launched our landing page at http://n9-apps.com to get the word out. 
Our main priority is to have lists for the hottest, all-time-best and new apps, so that it’s really easy to find the apps that other users like. We are also aiming for a more social experience, where developers and users can have a real discussion about the apps, not just one-line reviews.

We’ll be doing our bit to showcase interesting MeeGo-Harmattan (N9) apps that we and our readers come across, we’ll share some from n9-apps too. Don’t fear, we will be still also be showing Symbian and soon Windows Phone apps too.

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  1. aboodesta says:

    Thats great news. Now all Nokia has to do is release the darn thing already :P

  2. N9-Games says:


  3. N9-Games says:

    this site should include available, upcoming apps and games for N9!

    my-meego.com is good but interface is ugly

    • N9 Apps says:

      There will be everything that runs on N9 including games and other content. Also, we intend to list apps which are in progress so that developers can get early feedback from users. The apps will be sourced from various repositories including the official Store, so that everything could be found easily from the same place.

      Eventually, the site will be a feedback and promotion channel for developers, and for users it will be the place to find the best apps.

  4. Tak says:

    “My N9″!?!? Where are the friggin N9s god damnit!!!

  5. Cod3rror says:

    Are we still talking about this N9 artefact?

    What do Indiana Jones, Jay and Lara Croft have in common?

    All three are fascinated by ancient ruins.

  6. symbian ~Camisole says:

    didn’t they already killed n series, n9 the last air blender

  7. stylinred says:

    This is the type of active community support that i like to see hopefully this type of support keeps it up and grows :)

  8. sake_tsu says:

    gr8 idea i just cannot wait to get the phone into my hand…

  9. JD! says:

    If I have a request for an app… Where can I post it?

  10. Joshua says:

    Positive/brave step in a sea of negativity.

  11. gabriel9 says:

    So glad do see that community is growing, keep on with this kind of work. :)

  12. julia says:

    Vitamin World for N9 is a simple useful app and is free. Download link: http://store.ovi.com/content/223735

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