Nokia N9 available at All Major Networks in Australia (and all major retailers)

| September 2, 2011 | 54 Replies

Nokia Australia put out a Press Release yesterday announcing that the Nokia N9 (Damn, look how stunning it is) will be available to all major Australian Networks. This means  Optus, Telstra, Vodafone AND all major retailers.  Note, Australia is one of the original 23 countries on the availability list. (There’s now about 45)


RRP at 799 AUD.

Sign up for Availability notice for Australia at


Source:  TheNokiaBlog via Engadget

Cheers to Rami for the tip!


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  • Anna

    AT LAAAST !!

    THANKS ALOT JAY ! hug me !

  • Slayer

    lucky aussies

  • Dynamo

    How long till it teaches the UK man!? I wanna compare it.. Scratch that, TRADE my SGS2 for it 😀

    Happy days down under tho. Christmas has come early for them 🙂

    • Dynamo

      *reaches not teaches, see what I mean.. In need of the N9 before my grammar kills somebody!

  • scapegoat81

    aWeSoMe. 1 step forward, 2 steps back…. Smh

  • Cod3rror

    Australia, Nokia does not think much of you if they’re dumping this phone on you.

    This phone has no applications, services, updates or future at all. I know this is a great phone that had a fantastic potential but Nokia, as usual messed up. How can you even consider buying this? You guys must be a very rich to just throw away $800 like nothing.

    • KPS

      Not only that, it has lost its lone remaining supporter:

      “Talk is spreading among PC vendors that Intel plans to dump “cash burning” MeeGo tablet OS, Digitimes (Chinese) reports.”

    • You are right on the $800 thing. AUD is at all time high and the phone is $800??? That’s tooooo costly IMO.

      • A-S-D

        Have seen the preorders or are you a dumbshit like everyone on the forums.

        The preorders are always higher than release price and their at $649-$699 and this is in Australia where everything is always priced higher.

        The N8 RRP was $749 so its only $50 more expensive RRP-wise.
        The 64 GB is on preorder for $749-$799.
        All in all, definitely worth it.

        • Don’t use inappropriate language. See the point that the AUD is at all time high. I was talking from the point of someone outside Australia, trying to buy from Australia especially, if the N9 is going to be delayed elsewhere.

      • James
        Usually a pretty good price search engine.
        There are other sources, if you know where to look.

        It’s just a RRP, there will be far better prices via retailers (online & offline).
        Or we can get it paid-for via plan/contract w/a carrier.

    • a3x

      “Australia, Nokia does not think much of you if they’re dumping this phone on you. ”

      Hahaha…as never fail to make me laugh.

      Putting the joke aside…

      You’re probably right, but remember there’s the Maemo community and a new breed of supporters. I’m pretty sure that if Nokia abandons this, the development will still be very active.

      Take for instance, Intel, and some other companies interested in MeeGo. I know that Nokia’s Harmattan is a bit different than traditional MeeGO, but most of the things will be compatible.

      QT is also very active, which directly translare in active delopment for MeeGo platform. In addition, companies are looking to integrate MeeGo in Infotainment devices that will be added to vehicles.

      Again, Nokia might continue doing some scheduled updates as rule of thumb, and might left this precious device out in the cold, but MeeGo-related development will not cease outside of Nokia realm.

      Look at the Nokia N900, yes nokia seems to be abandoning it, but look at all the developers working on it.

      The difference between N900 and N9 in terms of software? Hell…there are going to be more devices with the MeeGo OS, which open new opportunities to let the N9 shine as it should.

    • Corraine

      If Nokia does not think much of customers, they won’t put so much effort into the engineering of this phone, and marketing it to so many countries. It’s not Nokia’s fault if some countries don’t carry it… simply the operators there may have refused to carry it (in which case you could buy an unlocked phone costing much more).

      Apps – as mentioned, Maemo community is still alive. The idea of this phone is that it is developer friendly. Did you miss that?

      Services – what do you need? It comes already with mainstream social media and networking services like Mail for Exchange, Flickr, Picasa, Google, Skype, Facebook and more. I believe it has even some localized services that are more popular in China (usually no Facebook there).

      Cod3rror, as usual your post is full of errors.

    • j

      well,i will take it. It’s just fine as it is. And with a large number of sold devices there will be a lot of software for it.

    • N00-00

      I’m actually looking forward to this phone. The integration of all IM and VoIP clients on Maemo5 was awesome and I hope it continues with N9.

    • GrainySnapshot

      As to “no applications” if Myriad Alien Dalvik works as advertised, 1,000s of Android apps will run on the Nokia N9.

      As to “no … updates or future at all” if you look at Nokia’s other “dead” operating system, Symbian, you will see that it is indeed a very pretty corpse, with a new slick (and fast) version (Belle) just released (even the hacked beta is fast and slick on the N8) and official Microsoft apps to be delivered shortly. Perhaps you might not buy the N9 on the basis of such speculation but you should not be too quick to dismiss it.

  • Michael Prince

    Cod3rror – It’s quite unlikely to actually cost $800, the carriers will subsidize heavily. This phone would suit me just fine, I have an iphone (provided by my work) and don’t use a lot of apps .. most are a waste of time … and money

    • Fanel

      Yes but what about the rest of the world who’s not getting it. My heart was set on the N9 but it’s not coming to Canada and I’m not willing to pay more than $600 CDN for it because that’s Galaxy S2 territory.

      • cdd

        wait for the price drop after six months

        • miemie

          I bet there’ll be not much of a price drop, as this phone is going to be sold out in six months! They are not producing that many units you know…

          • Jalamere

            That rumour was bs, started by eldar.
            The most clueless of soothsayers in the tech reporting sphere.

      • Mendax

        Expansys will likely price the preorder price at $749, which will drop to $699 within a month.

      • stylinred

        galaxy s2 has its short comings i don’t see why the pricing being close to the s2 would be perceived as a detriment

      • Jason

        You have to analyse the n9 in much more detail.
        If you look at the whole package you’ll come to realise the potential value.

        Superficially it “seems” like it should cost much less than the SGSII.
        But beefy specs don’t tell the full picture.

        Even if it’s $70 more on avg, the value will still quite possibly be there.
        Remains to be seen….

        Wait till detailed comparisons are done, i think you’ll be very surprised.

        • Fanel

          Well, I don’t see the value of the N9 at more than $600. I like the N9 but I’m not a blinded fanboy who will pay whatever price. Today, I was looking at the Xperia arc and I was definitely intrigued by it… jumped up at the top of my buying list for now (and I can find it unlocked for $470).

          • Jason

            Neither am I…
            My point was try a bit harder to find out more about it.
            Nokia hasn’t pushed all the detail out there, no surprise there really, given their change in strategy.

            The full picture can only be had by trawling meego/maemo forums, various eclectic sites, IRC, & some of Nokia’s sub-sites.
            They haven’t put it all together in one place.
            And where they have, not all the info’s there, or a great deal of it’s wrong.

            If you don’t want to do that, at least wait till it’s out & there’s several in-depth & impartial comparos.
            Based on everything I know, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be better “overall”.

            Better value may be much harder to argue for, particularly if the best price around is over $50usd more.
            But better ph price/ecosystem (to some extent) aside, there’s a good chance.

            I’ll be uprgrading to a SGSII or Nexus Prime, “&” I’ll be buying the N9.
            But not everyone has that luxury…

            • Jason


              I’m talking in comparison to the SGSII. And it’s several subtle variations.

  • When can jay get it? haha

    • jill


      • ZiiimZooon

        + 1

  • symbian ~Camisole

    +1000, life must goes on meego for the past , windows 8 for future, android for present, here i come galaxy note, really sick of waiting supernova that never comes or been killed before even born.

  • sanprime

    It is a stunning beauty. . . . Im sure, if you keep an n9 and any other phone in front of someone they will definitely pick the n9 first. . . .

    • swipr

      that swipe thing itself is already attractive! and no hom
      ebutton is the best for gaming

      • ZiiimZooon


  • Calvin H

    Damn right!

  • Greg

    I live in Australia, and this is a difficult decision to make, now that Symbian Belle has been announced. I saw the C7 still on sale for 299 at Dick Smith the other day, and I’m thinking its just worth waiting for the 701 to be released. Based on specs alone, I don’t see the worth of just the bigger screen on the N9 when the 701 does most of the same.

    That being said, the 750-800 dollar asking price for the 64GB version is well worth it, I would have expected it to cost way way much more.

    • Genesis

      N9 is a far better option than the 701 if you can afford it.
      Read in much more detail about the software/hardware.
      The choice will then become obvious…

      No worries about apps, they’re ramping-up far more quickly than N900, if you know where to follow.
      Go to TMO or for tips on that.

      The built-in functionality is amazing, so it’ll be a while before you’ll want too many apps.
      Unless you’re a heavy phone gamer, that could be an issue

    • Genesis

      oh & helps if you know the best ways to shop around.
      There’ll be far better prices than the RRP.
      Online/offline in australa, or imports etc.
      Then of course there’s carrier plans if you want to go that way.

      another good sourse to get ideas:
      See the N9 thread….

  • dfs

    The question is: When will it be available????

  • Luca

    Between the 45 countries, you put Italy cause the N9 is on site. But sadly N9 will not be available in Italy, at least for now 🙁

  • redmateria

    for all those from the n9 will be available this coming november.. Confirmed to me by one of the merchandiser of nokia here at our store..

    • Trish

      I thought it was coming out in September, November is too long a wait. Is your store located at Greenhills?

    • November? God, 2 more months? ouch!

    • tri pham

      So order from Vietnam instead, N9 will get there by end of October, 😀

  • emorej

    i asked via twitter their availability and this is their answer:

    @Rome_jen yes we are hoping so looks like mid sept

    • emorej

      their pricing will be known in few days they told..

  • redmateria



    from SM Center Las Piñas…

    but that’s the way it is..

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    • tri pham


  • disappointing that Nokia are moving on from the N8 when they still haven’t even sorted out the phone’s basic software issues! N9 certainly looks stylish but verdict is out until we get a hands-on demonstration with the software.

    • Regus

      Well there’s the Anna update which you “will” get sometime this month.

      Then there’s Belle which is mainly a UI overhaul, & a nice one.
      Anna has some less obvious but important changes/fixes too.

      N8’s slated as one of the phones entitled to Belle IIRC.
      And most rumours point towards it being delivered to those entitled before the yrs over.

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