Qt Creator 2.3.0 and Qt 4.7.4 released.

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At Qt improves, the quality of Symbian Apps improve too. And, Developers, there is a huge hungry audience willing to download and pay for those apps. So, some good news from Jim with a couple of Qt Tips. First, Qt 4.7.4 has been released.

4.7.4 introduces new features like Qt Quick 1.1 (see more from documentation)

  • Right-To-Left support
  • Improved image caching
  • Text input improvements – Support for split-screen virtual keyboard
  • Pinch Area to provide a declarative API for handling touch input

and also QML Shaders plugin (embed OpenGL shader effects in QML apps, see more). Documentation can be found from here and here.

For Symbian there are additional improvements:

  • Opt-in split view editor support (e.g. enabler for Qt Quick Components 1.1),
  • Graphics improvements: Productized OpenGL ES support with optimized GPU memory management, Several OpenVG paint engine optimizations
  • Faster orientation switching support
  • Support for copy/paste keyboard accelerators in editors


Next, Qt Creator 2.3.0 has been released. The release adds lots of smaller and bigger improvements targeting the general developer experience. Check out the  changlog here for more details.

  • You can find examples and tutorials in the welcome page by searching for keywords now.
  • Coding style options for C++ have been vastly improved and can be defined globally and on a per project basis.
  • Profiling has moved to its own “Analyze” mode, and additionally supports profiling QML applications and profiling with Valgrind’s Callgrind.
  • Support for “generic remote Linux devices” has been added. You define your connection for a “Linux Device” in the preferences, and add corresponding deploy and run configurations to your project’s run settings, and there you go. You’ll have to make sure that you use a suitable toolchain for building your project yourself though.
  • Debugging and profiling Qt Quick applications now works for  Symbian and Meego 1.2 Harmattan devices with Qt 4.7.4 installed.


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  • Adalbdl

    I thought symbian users did not care about apps.

    • Nrde

      They don’t care about having 10000 similar apps.

      • jill


        • Tej Parker


      • Calvin H

        Nor do we care about 10,000 “quote apps”, ehmmm *WP7

      • symbian ~Camisole

        +1000, it’s not just similar, it really same apps same version lol.

      • Man


    • Jeettak

      One of the jobs of any organisation is to provide functionality which their current customers like and are familiar with, and to look at the market and determine what consumers who are currently not using their products like and enjoy. It makes simple business sense to also provide these facilities on the products you bring to market.

      I’m sure you already understand this simple piece of business acumen, or maybe I should go by the quality of you comment and assume you actually are quite stupid.

      • jill

        Can you be a little specific ?

        • Tej Parker

          Exactly, it doesnt make sense to a normal audience like us*

      • Tej Parker

        You act as though you know what every organisation does LOL dont be so assuming. there’s a lot that happens behind than what is actually visible through blogs like this. grow up !

        • Jeettak

          I’m pretty certain my comment starts “One of the jobs…”. Explain how this assumes I know what every organisation does?

          Can you explain the ‘Grow Up’ bit too, what bit of my comment did you find childish?

    • Nilux

      what do you need apps for 😀

  • Jeettak

    My first comment was directed @Adalbdl, sorry for the confusion.

    However as Jill and Tej Parker would like more specifics here goes.

    Its has always been possible for third parties to write applications for Symbian devices, it was just never easy to do so.

    Nokia have spent much time and effort to make it much easier to write applications for Symbian and to ensure the effort you put into creating applications can be easily used for other platforms namely MeeGo.

    They’ve done this because for many consumers, I include my self as part of this group, installing application to your device is important, especially when it adds functionality which is not available out of the box.

    So Nokia saw they needed to make the development of third party applications much easier, that’s a business decision, which they’ve done, and we are slowly seeing more and more useful applications become available for our devices.

  • deep space bar

    where can i download 4.7.4 for symbian alone

    • 352×416

      Me too. Anyone know where I can download QT4.7.4 for Symbian?

  • adit38

    so, if i want to create app, i can use qt creator alone right?

  • adalbdl

    i’m actually a symbian user but my comment was in some way sarcastic, because most people that comment here always saying that meego,symbian don’t need apps or ecosystem. …which i don’t think so.

    in this days mobile tech war an OS without high amount of quality apps and a very strong services ecosystem won’t survive.

  • Gerii

    It’s not only 4.7.4, there’s also (a beta) of 4.8.0 in the SDK package.
    I’ve uploaded 4.8.0 here:

  • gabriel9

    Can’t wait to buy new PC to install new Qt. Congratulations to trolls for this update.