Themes: NK’D Transparent black and white theme for S^3

| September 6, 2011 | 12 Replies

Another day another theme. After seeing our post on the transparent S^3 theme, RagzReddy emailed us asking to try his transparent theme too.

He’s given us his dailymobile page but as made by comments in last email, if you’re not a member there and don’t want to sign up just to download a theme, RagzReddy also gives us a direct download link via mediafire.


This is pretty much completely see through. See the keyboard and dialpad has no key separation either. Apparently there’s a way to make the wallpaper show through (as we learn, like Maemo 5 is coming to Belle) but I don’t know how to do that.

This installs as NK’D (nekked?).

Is a very nice black and white minimalistic theme.


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  • Raghav

    Thank You Jay Montano for sharing my theme….really appreciate it…:)

    • Dave

      Looks good ….

      Do you know anyone who’s developing/developed a theme with monochrome/greyscale icons?

      I do like the Anna icons, and these transparent/pared down themes are gorgeous, but it looks somewhat awkward having relatively “loud” colours on screen.

      • Raghav

        yes there is one theme sporting greyscale anna/surround icons by daeva112 named “Old Style” google for it, its a really good theme….was planning to make the icons greysclae/desaturate…..or black and white but can only do for default icons and not for 3rd party ones….what do you say???? 🙂

        • Tej Parker

          awesome theme. i always wanted the metro-lite theme with default anna icons. and here it is !!
          and btw, are you from hyderabad? going by your name **reddy?

          • Raghav

            Thank you Tej Praker yes I from Hyderabad :p

        • Dave

          I can’t thank you enough for pointing out that theme!

          But I do feel as though I’m in the minority in wanting that sort of icon set, but I do think it looks incredibly elegant.

          If you get the time, then I’m sure that a good few people here and around would appreciate your efforts.

          • Raghav

            Ok will post it in a day or two….

    • it’s good bt i don think it’s the represent a theme.


    Maybe I should finish my theme then, that I made back in March 😛 Seems like a trend for minimalistic is starting, good!

  • Weirdfisher

    Wow, im listening to wonderwal tool :p

  • Babis

    thanks for sharing