Themes: Transparent Theme GetUp by Manish (For Symbian^3)

| September 5, 2011 | 15 Replies
In response to our last Theme demo, Team Cod3rror (a fan of one of our resident Nokia trolls/’critic’) suggested a really good theme for us to try.
If you’re transparent theme lover then try this best themes
– Team Cod3rror 

It’s a great looking transparent theme you’ll find installed as “GetUp_by_Manish” by manishgedam. It comes in three variations, one for Belle, one with a leaf background and one plain background. Install the .sis file directly to your phone (preferably Mass Memory, so as not to touch “C” but to prevent the theme disappearing when you pop out your memory card.

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Click the images to enlarge.

It’s a nice fresh looking theme.


You’ll notice that the options tab list is nice and transparent. The wallpaper isn’t though and you’ll be stuck with that leaf. But that’s what the black version is for. It looks very nice everywhere except perhaps in Email view where it’s quite unreadable. The black version looks very nice there.

Here’s the black background. Everything shows up well except the signal/battery bars and titles.

Makes me wish Symbian allowed Maemo style backgrounds – you know, where the homescreen wallpaper is still visible in app menu view.

As you can see the signal/battery bar and title isn’t that visible


Feel free to suggest other themes for us to showcase. Maybe your own work if you’re a themer or someone else’s theme that you really like.



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  • MoritzJT

    It’s like that in Belle.

    The Wallpaper you set manually will also apply as menu background throughout the native UI elements.

    A little coloured down and such.

    • Jay Montano

      Ah so it is. I thought it may have been a theme in Belle doing that.

      Well one more reason to look forward to Belle. Now if they just bring the grid multitasking and MicroB from N900…:P

      • MoritzJT

        Naaa please no MicroB…

        QTWebKit2 or WebKit2 is okay, anything below an insult 😀

  • Team Cod3rror
    “a person who expresses disapproval of somebody/something and talks about their bad qualities, especially publicly”
    please dont use word troll for Mr.Cod3rror and his fans
    If you’re one of those desperate Nokia symbian users who are physically ready for monolithical change to try an iphone but pulled by brainwashed mind cause of Nokia lies
    now you can experience a demo of small but yet powerful visualization of iphone
    heavily recommended theme for iphone wanna be nokias

    • Jay Montano

      Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses there.

      Before you try to be all high and mighty – how long have you been here?

      Because if you have been here quite long you would know that there are plenty of occasions that we have spoken to cod3rror about random, off topic bashing of Nokia which was purely just to vent and troll.

      As you’re happily going on this definition route:

      “a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion”

      However, as I have refused to ban such in the hopes of free speech and whatnot (the main thing we disagree with is personal attacks), Cod3rror also has put some critiques on Nokia, many of which I have agreed with him. I have said that when the opportunity and topic arises, go vent there.

      As you’ll note particularly by my wording, it is Cod3rror that I specifically brand as troll/critic, because he has been both. Then his ‘fans’ are just fans of cod3rror, of which I have called neither troll, nor critic. You have merely presumed this.

      Cod3rror as I remember him from the old days was one of the biggest and best Nokia/Symbian fans. He thought highly of it, defended it and suggested things that they could do in an extremely constructive manner.

      As someone who dishes out his certain style of critiques, it is welcome to see at least in some way, Cod3rror has been quite receptive to ours. As fans of his, I hope you see the same.

      Finally, if you are the same “Team Cod3rror” as the one who suggested the transparent theme above. Good tip thanks, it was a nice theme.

      • Ninja


      • hgjghdfdfgdtsgd


    • hgjghdfdfgdtsgd

      It’s nice to see you are wasting your time instead doing something productive or interesting. I hope you will post hundreds of comments here. But remember: Jobs quits and there will be nobody else who can put so much bullshit in your brain so Apple will collapse soon.

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  • Sebastian

    Nice themes, but actually I don’t want to register at Daily Mobile Forum only for downloading them. Any other sources available?

    • Jay Montano

      Sorry, I forgot you had to do that to see forum attachments. I will check next time and make sure it’s more easily available.

  • Ninja

    Anyone know what theme I can get so that the homescreen buttons (etc) with Anna are restored to their pre-Anna state – I think they were transparent weren’t they? But they weren’t solid black like they are now. Not sure why Nokia mucked with the themes, it was not good.

    Not sure if the original was the ‘blue’ theme or what, but I want my homescreen (etc) colours back the way the were before Anna. I’m happy with the new icons and apps though 🙂

  • eleas

    Yes , in two words, TRANSPARENT and MINIMAL.
    a greeting.

  • Rodrigo

    Hi, Jay. Is there any problem I write some links of another sites? I just wanna suggest some themes and wallpapers. They are brazilian websites and another is a (IDK the country) theme maker blog.