Nokia “plans” to learn from HP’s WebOS failure

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Nokia plans to “learn” lessons from HP’s spectacular mishaps with WebOS when it comes to trying to make their Windows Phone strategy a success.

Gary Chan, head of ecosystem and developer experience at Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, said that the decision by HP to discontinue its WebOS based hardware business is proof of how quick the mobile industry is moving and that the its a war of ecosystem’s now.

Gary Chen also added that WebOS didn’t have enough a big enough of a market as well as provide the means for developers to make money on their apps, he then reiterated that Nokia are actively learning from HP’s mistakes when it comes to Nokia’s Windows Phone efforts. Nokia are particularly focussing on having well executed phones ready. (Yep how many times have we said don’t launch if they are not ready)

Vlasta Berka, general manager for Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei also added that WebOS’ immediate exit from the mobile world will not, as many suggest strengthen the case for the Microsoft-Nokia alliance because at the end of the day its not whether there is one, two or 20 platforms in the market.

From a consumer point of view, a greater number of ecosystems would mean more choice, which is always a good thing, he pointed out to ZDNet Asia.


To be fair you have got to be really stupid or just plain ignorant to fail with WebOS. Its a beautiful OS and could have easily battled with iOS and Android if HP actually bothered, so in my mind there isn’t much “learning” that Nokia have to to do here. In fact they should be learning and in fact should have already learned from 2007 from when the iPhone launched.


BTW special virtual high five goes to WpCentral on the awesome display picture.

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