Nokia Ovi store apps downloaded 160% more than iOS apps

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Even though Apple might have the most propular App store on the planet it doesn’t necessarily guarantee amazing download numbers for developers according to market research firm  research2guidance based in Germany. According to them an average app in the Ovi store generates more downloads than an average app on Apple’s app store. Now we have been reporting daily download figures for the Ovi store for some time and the research firm seem to back up the steady increase of daily downloads in the Ovi store.



Apple might hold a significant lead in terms of overall downloads and the number of apps it offers but when it comes to succeeding apps tend to have a greater chance of success when offered on Nokia’s Ovi store, Microsoft’s Marketplace as well as RIM’s app world thingy. According to the research firm

”The ‘average app’ has a better chance to generate downloads on ‘non-hyped’ platforms,”


For example in the second quarter of 2011 the average app on the Ovi store in the second quarter of 2011 generated 160% more daily downloads than the average iOS app in Apple’s App Store. Individual apps were downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace 80% more often each day than from the App Store on average.


Here is research2guidance’s official full press release:


Apps On Nokia’s OVI Store Had 2.5 Times Higher Download Numbers In Q2 2011 Compared To Apps on Apple App Store

The “average app” has a better chance to generate downloads on “non-hyped” platforms.

Despite all the hype around the major platforms Android and iOS, publishers are still overlooking the hidden potentials of the niche players. The Q2 2011 results of our smartphone application monitoring report indicate that those applications published on the less popular platforms, such as WP7 marketplace or Blackberry’s AppWorld, generate significantly more downloads compared to the Apple App Store.

Significantly lower competition, yet a sufficiently large user base that desires apps, are the major reasons for this.  Symbian still retains, by far, the highest potential user base. Even though its users are incomparably less active than iOS’s heavy downloaders, it still generates significant download volumes to Symbian publishers.  This is largely because whilst Apple boasts of its 400,000 apps, the OVI store contains less than a tenth of that number.

Looking into average numbers, the Android Market stands not far behind the Apple App Store.  This quarter, the average Android App attracted just 5% less users than iOS.  Competition is harsh.

However, going in for very small niche platforms may not be the best idea either. LG World! and Samsung’s App Store are struggling to generate user attention.  Although LG has less than 3,000 apps and as a result it is much easier to be discovered there, its user base is just too low.

Although the Symbian platform is seen by some developers to be clumsy and outdated, as well as Nokia’s transition to WP7 which has fuelled discussions as to when Nokia will give up its platform completely, the current status seems to be promising.  Recently, Nokia reported the launch of three new Symbian Smartphones and confirmed that these will not be the last of the products, nor updates, to be delivered on Symbian.

Find other important Q2 2011 market developments in the new volume of the research2guidance Smartphone App Market Monitor. The third volume of the report includes a special interest chapter on mobile retail market.


Now, at first I thought WOW pretty impressive isn’t it, but when I thought about it a bit more it makes sense the App store offers way more apps than the Ovi store, so the individual apps downloads might be a bit more “spread” out across all the apps whereas in the Ovi store with the smaller number of apps will have more apps downloaded because there isn’t the variety.

In terms of success of average apps the quality in the Ovi store is no where near Apple’s app store so yeah whenever a good app appears on the Ovi store we will shout about it  here on mynokiablog 😀

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Merged from Jay:

One thing could be said about the relative numbers of apps compared to the users. Last we heard from Ovi Store is that it has over 9 million daily downloads!  According to All About Symbian’s numbers, this is  50% Android downloads and over 33% of Apple, yet the total store apps is around 50k. This is around 25% of Android and 12.5% of iOS’s catalogue, meaning Ovi Store users are more likely to encounter a particular Ovi Store app than one from Apple’s App Store or Android Market. And although they have in total more downloads, 9 Million is not to be scoffed at.

  • 50,000 apps to 9 million, approx 180 downloads per app (if all apps received even downloads)
  • 200,000 apps  to 18 million, approx 90 downloads per app (if all apps received even downloads)
  • 400,000 apps to 26 million, approx 60 downloads per app (if all apps received even downloads)

I think there may actually be more apps in Android and iOS app stores so that average number of downloads per app would be even smaller. Also, either Ovi Store has 200% more downloads per app, or initial AAS numbers may have increased.

Windows Phone also apparently have 80% more downloads per app than IOS.

Extrapolating from my numbers and their figures (from my rather off 200% for Ovi Store, thereby WP would be approx 100% more than iOS per app, that’s 120 downloads per app of 30,000 apps making 3.6M downloads per month for Windows phone? Hmm. Maybe a gross miscalculation there.The number may be different if we can get a base number of actual download per app for iOS)

This isn’t entirely skewed by having less apps entirely. Look at Samsung Apps and webOS apps. You still need either plenty of users or plenty of active users downloading more apps which they seem to have neither.

Source: BGR via N8Facebook




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