Nokia Tune Remakes sounding awesome – selection of some good ones so far. #download

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Remember Nokia’s ReCreate the next Nokia Tune competition? You could win 10,000USD or even 1000USD as a runner up.

Well I was looking at some of the submissions last night and they’re sounding awesome! BTW, If you know how, you can easily get the ringtones from here onto your Nokia :p There are over 500 entries already, with plenty of awesome tunes to choose from! Get the mp3 file, save to your Nokia :p

These are some nice tunes which sound sound great on some phone speakers. They’re very simple, the core is still very much the Grand Vals Nokia Tune, remixing it enough to sound different, but not too much to alienate the Nokian.

  • Epic Nokia Tune
  • Nokia Jazz Theme
  • Nokia Lullaby
  • Light Acoustic Moods
  • Nokia Future Level 2
  • Nokia Calmly
  • Nokia Barbershop Quartet
  • NokiaDome
  • Nokiakovsky (<< I like this one, I’ve already put it on my N8 :P)
These ringtone I’m not sure would work as a tune for alarming me of a call BUT it is immensely great for a morning wake up alarm. I hate alarms that are like “WAKE THE FFF UP! BZZ BZZ BZZ”. Much better to gradually be woken up by something soothing that being ripped out from REM sleep.
  • Nokia Dream
  • Nokia full
  • Ambient Nokia NEW Ringtune
  • I guess that Nokiakovsy could work here too.
This sounds like it would be good for an advert.
  • No Repair Nokia Tune
  • Inspirational Nokia
Some are very different and would make a great ringtone, some are actually pretty good tunes outright that could actually be put on an online music store. These are just some of the stuff I came across. I deleted the other half of this list as I was liking too many of them already. There are also some that are annoying/too busy, but that’s just my opinion.
There’s still 27 days left to enter.
Have you entered this competition?
What’s your favourite tune (that’s not your entry, if you entered :p).

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