Stephen Elop Interviews: Nokia Windows Phone Q4 2011, released one country after another.

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Here are a couple of interviews of Stephen Elop, one is in text and the other is in video form.


From the video:
  1. Windows Phone definitely coming this year, Q4. (Any time between October to December). They will be released with one country after another (not like say, N9 which has several simultaneous countries). Elop’s in China right now to work out when the best time would be for China.
  2. We see our future very firmly as a standalone company and don’t anticipate any changes as it relates to Microsoft (reference to those rumours of MS buying Nokia)
  3. Looking forward to MeeGo and N9
  4. A few stuff covered before – advantages of WP, getting users to WP, and why WP over Android.
  5. Nokia is doing software development around Windows Phone (not just hardware) and services. Wait and see Apollo to experience Nokia’s influence on the Windows Phone platform.
  6. Although Nokia is sharing a lot with WP, they will also have certain services and innovations separate for Nokia to differentiate them from the other WP manufacturers.
  7. ding ding ding. BINGO. “going from battle of devices to War of Ecosystems”.  There’s our favourite signature phrase – which is looking more real by the minute.
  8. How does Elop rate his first year performance at Nokia? Says at the end of the day, Elop and his team will be measured against the progress they make on their strategy. So I arrived, the whole team worked together to put a new strategy into place. Are they going to shift their Windows Phone? Are they going to do new things with mobile phones? Are they going to disrupt in the future? So I think my success and the success of the whole team will be evaluated as the strategy is implemented and I look forward to that report card.

From the interview:–Indian-market-i.html?h=B

  1. Symbian investments to 2015 (I thought 2016?)
  2. internally, the mood at Nokia has shifted quite dramatically. Engineers more open wanting to share new findings.
  3. Higher sense of urgency, more aggressive decision making,
  4. Elop understands the risks of dilution at Nokia – too many handsets. But also accepts that it’s good to offer phones at different price points for all types of customers.  Needs to get the right combination.
  5. Balance now shifted to more distinct designs and form factors – innovate rapidly without flooding the market with (mediocre, forgettable) phones.
  6. Management of perception is hard.  Short term, people may be put off with Nokia. But good, appropriate devices (like those dual sims) show Nokia can still be desirable and can even produce a halo effect towards its other devices.
  7. No tablet plans announced but they are aware of the need and opportunity to meet consumer demands in this area.

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