Stephen Elop Interviews: Nokia Windows Phone Q4 2011, released one country after another.

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Here are a couple of interviews of Stephen Elop, one is in text and the other is in video form.


From the video:
  1. Windows Phone definitely coming this year, Q4. (Any time between October to December). They will be released with one country after another (not like say, N9 which has several simultaneous countries). Elop’s in China right now to work out when the best time would be for China.
  2. We see our future very firmly as a standalone company and don’t anticipate any changes as it relates to Microsoft (reference to those rumours of MS buying Nokia)
  3. Looking forward to MeeGo and N9
  4. A few stuff covered before – advantages of WP, getting users to WP, and why WP over Android.
  5. Nokia is doing software development around Windows Phone (not just hardware) and services. Wait and see Apollo to experience Nokia’s influence on the Windows Phone platform.
  6. Although Nokia is sharing a lot with WP, they will also have certain services and innovations separate for Nokia to differentiate them from the other WP manufacturers.
  7. ding ding ding. BINGO. “going from battle of devices to War of Ecosystems”.  There’s our favourite signature phrase – which is looking more real by the minute.
  8. How does Elop rate his first year performance at Nokia? Says at the end of the day, Elop and his team will be measured against the progress they make on their strategy. So I arrived, the whole team worked together to put a new strategy into place. Are they going to shift their Windows Phone? Are they going to do new things with mobile phones? Are they going to disrupt in the future? So I think my success and the success of the whole team will be evaluated as the strategy is implemented and I look forward to that report card.

From the interview:–Indian-market-i.html?h=B

  1. Symbian investments to 2015 (I thought 2016?)
  2. internally, the mood at Nokia has shifted quite dramatically. Engineers more open wanting to share new findings.
  3. Higher sense of urgency, more aggressive decision making,
  4. Elop understands the risks of dilution at Nokia – too many handsets. But also accepts that it’s good to offer phones at different price points for all types of customers.  Needs to get the right combination.
  5. Balance now shifted to more distinct designs and form factors – innovate rapidly without flooding the market with (mediocre, forgettable) phones.
  6. Management of perception is hard.  Short term, people may be put off with Nokia. But good, appropriate devices (like those dual sims) show Nokia can still be desirable and can even produce a halo effect towards its other devices.
  7. No tablet plans announced but they are aware of the need and opportunity to meet consumer demands in this area.

Thanks to Viipottaja, mrprince and @chilko for the tip!

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  1. soo says:

    hey, I thought Symbian will be supported until 2016 as well. Where is your promise to the consumers, Elop?

    I am planning to buy the N8-01 but seems that my plan has to be put away. Just hope that you don’t shorten the time period for supporting Symbian anymore.

    • Tej Parker says:

      earlier, they said they’l support symbian till 1-jan-2016, but now they pre-poned it to 31-dec-2015. so does one day make any difference ?:| :| :|
      you and the author seem so funny – griping over a year, when god only knows what is going to happen next year !!!

      • tom says:

        With the current N8 prices and Belle coming ~Q1 I wouldn’t feel bad not getting new support past 2014 even.

        • Anjanu Sonkar says:

          lol mate…well done…It wont be the S/W but the H/W which will get outdated…Nokia wont be producing Symbian phones post 2012

          • Nonikhanna says:

            if the last Symbian Version can run on the N8, then im fine with that. by then we could probably mod the HW on our phones and give it a bit more juice(battery, ram, processor) 3 years in technological terms is a long time.

    • abcs says:

      Ok, Nokia 801 if according to the rumours, will be released Q1 2012, latest say March 2012. Between Mar 2012 & Dec 2015 is a good 3.5 years. If you fully utilise your phone, it’ll be well worn then.

      Who knows, by then, suddenly Nokia decides to fire Mr Elop and retain Symbian, lol. Or he gets a heart attack,etc. A lot things can happen in 4 to 5 years

  2. Viipottaja says:

    Investment and support can mean two different things. So, not necessarily any contradiction between the two and possibly great news for Symbian fans, if investment means putting resources to developing the OS further and/or new devices still.

    • 352x416 says:

      Meaning Symbian updates may be developed until 2015 and bug fixes until 2016? That is ok. There is lots of time for Windows Phone to fail between now and then.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Something like that I guess.

        WP won’t fail, in particular given MS’s 3 screen strategy and with the backing from and integration to/with Windows 8 coming with that strategy. How big a market share WP will gain is a somewhat different a question.

  3. Paul Grenfell says:

    Anna will “Definitely” be available by end of August and so on..
    Nothing is ever definite with nokia, except delays..

  4. ffkf says:

    elop resign after windows phone without harmattan swipe!

    • gordonH says:

      I bet he’s getting pressured for bringing that Nok stock to a new low.
      Obviously trying to buy time when he says to measure his performance by “waiting for the new strategy to take place”.
      His last speech reflected an intention to kill the N9, but this time he’s almost promoting the N9.
      Today, I am happier(wee) to see positive notes on the N9.
      I still hope he gets fired soon and we see a better CEO.

      • Viipottaja says:

        In which speech did he reflect an intention to kill N9?

        • gordonH says:

          Remember when the N9 was announced, press and developers were impressed. Elop remained shut.
          He doesn’t sit idle but then intentionally leaks the “sea ray”. After a few days the N9 momentum rises so Mr. Elop says “even if the N9 sales are successful we will not …..”.
          Is that enough info? If not then it’s not my problem.

  5. Mario says:

    Hmmm… I think there is a good chance Nokia will ride the Windows 8 wave and release a tablet when it is released.

  6. StylinRed says:

    as we know Elop always needs someone to come ‘correct’ him after he speaks so who knows if 2015 is accurate or not ;)

    • jr says:

      Depends on what you mean by accurate.. He said support for Symbian devices will be carried on until. 2016 but investment and development of Symbian devices stops at 2015.. Which part needs clarification again?

  7. TJSilva says:

    What? The dual-SIM phone is the “halo device”? If the N9 was an elephant, it would be breaking all the china in the shop…

    • Bloob says:

      In the countries those dual-SIMs are targeted at, yeah, they are. As those countries develop, and their people start looking to buy middle- to high-end smartphones, it’s important that they have a positive “Nokia experience”, from their previous phones.

      Much more expensive to gain new customers than to keep old ones, and you’ll be wanting every one of those smartphone customers. As Apple has demonstrated, it’s not the overall volume that matters, it’s the bottomline.

  8. dingle says:

    The best thing would be is to stop things like “soon” or “in the coming weeks”, but instead say things like “by end of October for country x, end of November for country y”…and if country y gets it 2 weeks earlier they’re pleasantly survived.

    Look at Nintendo, they give release dates for various countries, and then stick to them

  9. meego says:

    If WinPho doesn’t have immediate effect after release, Elop will have to go.

    So my prediction: Elop will leave Nokia on Feb. 11 at the 4Q ’11 result announcement.

    • 352x416 says:


    • Bloob says:

      You do know that Nokia is planning on releasing new phones every 2 months or so? Personally I believe it’ll be 700-series -> 800-series -> 900-series -> randomly… So don’t expect to be “impressed” before Feb-April

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

      It can’t possibly have an immediate effect. There are releasing a maximum of 2 wp devices this year and they are not even high-end models. Nokia’s winpho strategy focuses on 2012

  10. Techinsane says:

    Trying to keep an open mind but it is a real struggle when I look at my N97.

  11. chfyfx says:

    He did a good job….

    Oh, did he mention future interruptions… cannot wait.

  12. elliott rose says:

    Expect noiko ‘s win7 phone in future

  13. yasu says:

    “ding ding ding. BINGO. “going from battle of devices to War of Ecosystems”. There’s our favourite signature phrase”

    Mine too. Captures Elop’s Trojan Horse nature in a nutshell.

    To wit, I’ll disparage – Burning Platform Memo – Nokia’s platform and attempt to kill it – The Elopcalypse, February 11th – for the sake of my former employer(and mentor) mightily struggling one.

    Bada OS easily handles WP7 so far, and I expect it to continue into Q3. Heck maybe the N8 alone outsold WP7 ecosystems handsets.

  14. stupid nokia says:

    nokia, you know what someone will be willing to be ceo of nokia without being given monthly pay, and you can use that money paid for elop for developing meego

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

      i bet Nokia’s spending far more on MeeGo than on Elop’s salary (i don’t even know why i bothered to comment :P )

  15. jiipee says:

    First time he is pushing N9! The reason must be that MS does not have support for Chinese in WP in the near future ;)

    His comments on the avaialbility of apps is again underlining the comments given by analysts and developers: the developer approach is a mess. First he talks about Qt, then he jumps to talk about WP and the application development there. No synergies in that deparment at all.

  16. Tak says:

    Unlike N9, which is killed in one country after another.

  17. Simo says:

    Also note that he said “devices,” suggesting there will be more than one WP7 model out by year’s end.

    I still don’t trust Nokia at all when it comes to release dates however. I’m still waiting for my N9…

  18. dfs says:

    Will he resigns if W7 is a fail???

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

      i’m sure he would but the chances of windows phone failing are smaller than of earth stop rotating

      • me says:

        Windows Phone has already failed, and there’s no coming back.

        Expect Microsoft to do a “complete rewrite” in Windows [generic-mobile-term-8] before 2014. And Nokia bought by someone, and sold in parts – no dumbphone manufacturer can stand to sit on such a patent stack.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

          -”Windows Phone has already failed, and there’s no coming back.”

          If they stop now yes. Good thing they are not stopping. Remember another fail story? A gaming console by the name of xbox? It was an underdog on a suicide mission. It stood up against the giants of the time. Now it is number one in sales console for tenth consecutive month.
          Never underestimate Microsoft. Mark my words.

  19. yohan says:

    what have you got from elop?Ms employee?

  20. John says:

    Aaarrrggghhh I don’t like all this waiting, I want a Windows Phone now :-D :-D

    BTW who cares if Symbian gets killed in 2015, not that different from 2016, even as a Nokia fan you have got to admit that seeing Symbian in 2015/2016 is a but weird even if Nokia didn’t kill it I mean Nokia where always going to replace it anyway.

    In terms of Elop’s performance its too early to say, what i will say though is that Symbian has progressed much quicker under Elop than in the last 5 years under OPK which says something.

    • Bosh says:

      Agreed with wanting the Nokia Windows Phone now.

      Also with Symbian progressing much quicker under Elop.

      The only (enormous) bad thing IMHO was the 11th announcement, he should have said that he was keeping Symbian for mid-range, or just announced their introduction to WP (there are some companies with several OSs, e.g. samsung, htc, lg, acer, etc).

  21. jr says:

    1.Symbian investments to 2015 (I thought 2016?)… Maybe as a Nokia blogger U should more informed.. He said support for Nokia devices will be carried on until 2016.. Not the investment.

  22. JJ says:

    Please. All of you. Especially you Symbian fans.

    Stop deluding yourselves. Just stop. Please.

    Symbian is DEAD.

    Yes, it will still be ‘supported’… in a way.
    Cosmetic changes, minor changes.
    No R&D spending, no breakthrough innovations.
    The software will be maintained to provide support for existing customers.

    Read the news:

    Symbian is now dumped on Accenture.
    Accenture = the graveyard where old software go to die.

    Yes. I do appreciate the good points of Symbian e.g. exceptional battery life, modular and extensible architecture. But Mr Elop has relegated Symbian to a second tier OS. That will not change. And Symbian will die. It is dying now.

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