Intel moving away from MeeGo? Android for Atom would suggest so

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With Nokia related news a little thin on the ground the past few days and the tech world buzzing right now with Microsoft and their Build conference I thought I’d bring another story a little unrelated to Nokia.

At the same time that Microsoft is holding its Build conference, Intel is holding its Intel Developer Forum in San Fransisco. At this Intel event there was an announcement that could potentially mean the death (or at least temporary stop) for MeeGo. Intel together with Andy Rubin (the big Android honcho) announced at IDF that Android would be getting deep OS adjustments to support Atom processors. More specific for the Medfield design, the successor to the less succesful Moorestown design.

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While this doesn’t mean that Intel is dropping MeeGo now that Android will support their hardware it does give Intel an easy way to get its foot in the door in the smartphone world. Something they have been trying for a while but just haven’t been able to do. Going Android rather than MeeGo would give Intel a running start, Android is already going strong. MeeGo on the other hand still has so much to prove eventhough it does have potential.

Intel is even saying that the first real hardware will appear in early 2012. Who will supply said hardware remains to be seen, but samples have gone out to several manufactures according to Paul Ottellini, Intel’s CEO.

With MeeGo not really going anywhere and now this announcement it’s easy to assume that Intel is backing away from MeeGo. So what do you think? Does this announcement mean that MeeGo will get a little less love or be a stillborn all together? Or is there still life in the ambition of Intel for MeeGo?



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