Windows 8: “Post PC to the limit”

| September 13, 2011 | 63 Replies

I’ve been out most of the day and any time I have been home there’s no internet (delay with Virgin Media connection :S)

Anywhoo – the big news today is Windows 8. I haven’t kept up with what went down but Engadget has a good introductory article about it (some you may be familiar with already).

They seem very pleased – calling OSX lion a tease on post PC, with Windows 8 pushing that to the limit, full frontal post PC. They seem to like it a lot.


Why is  this relevant? Well Windows 8 will redefine Microsoft. It is one of the core pillars that would inevitably support the Windows Phone ecosystem – which inevitably is to Nokia’s benefit if they can capitalise on the phone platform and the tablet platform. We know Nokia can make Apple-Grade PCs, check out that Booklet 3G. They could do the same with a tablet and hopefully a transforming tablet-laptop combo (approx 11″)

If Microsoft is PC and the dominant player, it’s good to see they know where the future is going to they won’t become irrelevant in the new, mainly touched based computer interactions.


Here’s a hands on video:


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  • yasu

    “Click here to find out more!
    Windows 8: “Post PC to the limit””

    So much “Post PC” – whatever the frell that may mean – that it tries to leverage more than 20 years of legacy.

    That Win32 legacy, for the forseeable future at least, means nothing on an ARM platform, and so far the x86 one has its work cut out for it to compete with ARM in terms of thermal envelope and battery life.

    Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Is there a portrait mode for the tablet part?

  • xyz

    I just installed Windows 8 and I’m feeling pretty excited. But I ask myself: Is there any possibility to deactivate that Metro style interface? Or to get the old fashioned start menu back? Dont get me wrong; it looks cool, but working with it on a desktop is somehow weird.

    • amoshydra

      You installed the preview? Is it possible for it to run on a USB drive just like booting Ubuntu?

      I would like to try it out without messing with my main os now. 🙂

      • xyz

        Yepp, the official preview. But didn’t try to install it on a usb drive; it runs on a second drive I’ve got for testing purpose.

    • John

      Isn’t the whole point of windows 8 the Metro UI otherwise I find it pretty useless without it.