Symbian Anna live in 4 more countries now; USA, Australia, Canada in next couple of weeks

| September 15, 2011 | 73 Replies

Yvonne from Nokia emailed us this morning to tell us that the Symbian Anna update is live in four more countries, as well as additional variants for existing countries.

There is a note to say USA (As well as Canada and Australia) WILL get Anna in the next couple of weeks.

I have received emails from readers saying their US S^3 handsets are getting Anna update already. This may not yet be widespread across NAM.

Yvonne emailed the Excel file to check product codes which I’ve put on Megaupload:

GoLive week37:

1) Italy – except 3Italy (and updates only possible via OviSuite)

2) Switzerland – except Swisscom

3) Turkey

4) Taiwan

Additional variants added for the following countries:

  • Peru – operator variants.
  • Chile – operator variants (C6-01 Claro, C7 Movistar, N8 Entel). Argentina – Claro & Movistar.
  • Slovakia – T-Mobile.
  • Germany – T-Mobile.

The following key countries are still outstanding and planned for a launch in the next couple of weeks:

  • Australia,
  • USA,
  • Canada

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  1. Stewie325 says:


    This is getting really annoying, even for someone who’s always stood by Nokia. A disgrace. Can’t wait to get Belle in Mid 2012. x_x

    • napier says:

      Do you have a sim free or operator N8? I’m planning on getting a sim free N8 from the UK because I thought they’d be amongst the first to get updated. Am I wrong?
      What would be the best version to get to assure speedy updates?
      Any idea Jay?

    • observer says:

      There is no OTA in the UK. Operators said no – Nokia said as much in their press materials at the time.

      It’s NSU or Ovi Suite only in the UK.

      • Mapantz says:

        I had PR 1.2 over the air the first day it came out. (on Tesco)
        But Symbian Anna isn’t available though, as far as i know, it’s the only UK provider not to have released Anna yet. I was on Belle, but i’ve since downgraded to Anna (Euro Blu variant)

    • MontyN95 says:

      Use Ovi Suite and stop whining and complaining you .*.*.*

    • Ninja says:

      Seriously, what is the big deal about simply plugging in a cable (that came free with your N8 remember?) and using Ovi Suite (that’s available free online, remember?) to download and install Anna (which Nokia provide to you for free, remember?).

      Who cares whether it’s OTA or not? As I understand it an install done by Ovi Suite is better anyway for various reasons.

  2. StylinRed says:

    No Anna in Australia? really?! i imagined that they had already had it consideing AUS seems to still be a big market for NOK

    • Ninja says:

      > No Anna in Australia? really?!

      No, not really. If you read the article above it says clearly Australia is getting it imminently. What are you complaining about?

  3. Peter L says:

    I got tired waiting for OTA update for my NAM E7, so I went and flashed it myself. Easy as hell to do and worked perfectly.

    I admit I had other reasons too, I got tired of missing scandic letters and decided that I need them after all.

    There’s now an awful itch to update to Belle though…

  4. FireDragon says:

    Can anyone confirm me please if it is available in Pakistan?

    • JD! says:

      It is already available in India since many weeks. Have you tried updating?

      • FireDragon says:

        Everyday twice a day. I do have update notification but I tried a million times, used every possible method but the process never finished. I couldn’t find my product code in excel files. I reset my device several times to be sure it is not due to device. Only thing left to do is using another pc to update N8.

        • Lucky Lion says:

          @FireDragon: Same valid for me. I get update notification via Ovi Suite as well as Nokia Updater, but when I try to update through Ovi Suite it says downloading 0/266MB and on 151MB/266MB it always terminates downloading. Nokia Updater says 245MB download size with Anna version 024.001, but it never downloads anything :(

          F**K you NOKIA!

  5. James says:

    Huhhhh still waiting for Anna here in Aus. Way too long. I feel like giving up………

  6. Sal says:

    Next couple of weeks, ie December :(

  7. Incompetent Planning says:

    You have to be kidding me!! Why are they incapable of giving a simple date.

    “In the coming weeks”, “Next couple of weeks”, “very, very soon”

    It is so blindingly clear Nokia dug their own grave, to the point where they are in capable of giving actual dates.

    In the coming weeks, over and over and over and over again.

    • vPuik says:

      Would you be less mad if they gave you a date and did not meet that date?

      • Incompetent Planning says:


        At least then it shows they have some semblance of a plan. They either meet the plan, or they miss it. If they miss it, they show a new plan. It’s great so long as it’s not a pattern of missed dates and deceit – but then we’ll see it as such.

        The way it is now, we’re all sitting here with thumbs up our a55es

  8. Rafael from Brazil says:

    Still not available for product code 059B288 which is the product code of almost every N8 that went to repair at Nokia (replacement of mother board).

    Mine is a sim free, bought at Nokia website in Brazil. This product code is forgotten by them. I think I’ll have to use other methods to update.

  9. Netro says:

    T-Mobile Slovakia confirmed! Nice :)

  10. Paulysworld says:

    Running latest variant of Belle on my N8. The difference in performance is night and day, skipped over Anna, altogether. It’s like a new phone! Belle is only the beginning, (and this is a leaked beta version)

  11. 93tid says:

    Yvonne posted this information on the official Nokia Support Forums –

    Instead of going to all the trouble of copy/pasting the same text in your blog and uploading to a fileshare site the same Excel file which is freely available in the above thread you could have just linked to it.

  12. Mario says:

    Thanks for the info, Updating my Perú operator N8 NOW!

  13. olando says:

    Nokia is just the worst. Next few weeks for the USA? In the next few weeks i will be getting a new device. Whats also interesting is , in the next few weeks the first Nokia WP7 devices will be announced.

    I wonder if that announcement has anything to do with nokia dragging their feet in releasing this update for the USA?

    It has the be said, Nokia is treating the USA nokia N8 users with a dont care attitude.

    • Just Visiting says:

      @olando…Totally disagree!

      You’ve done without the update this long, and a couple of more weeks is going to kill you? A couple of more weeks means Nokia doesn’t care about the U.S.? Puhlease!

      Have you been reading about the issues some are reporting after installing Anna? And you want to rush this? And if you install Anna and have issues, you’ll be bitching about Nokia even more and accusing them of being against the U.S.! It is simply best that they get the bugs and kinks worked out before rolling this out to the U.S. or any other country that is still waiting to get the update.

      • olando says:

        @ just visiting. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

        This is not the first US nokia device i have owned. I have owned every single nokia device since the N90. Am just talking from my experience.

        The roll out of the updates from nokia as usual have been piss poor in my opinion.

        Am just talking from my experience of course.

    • vPuik says:

      I would like to say that it is totally understandable that Nokia doesn’t care about all five of us when there 50 million users in other parts of the world.

      It is all for the common good. I work in the software business and it would be nice to be able to give everyone what they want and when they want it, but it is just not possible.

      p.s. I still check my phone every morning though :)

  14. Chen Zhe says:

    Maybe it took them a lot of time to translate from British English to Australian English and American English?

    • 352x416 says:

      Good point. Although Australian English is basically British English. I understand American English replaces some S’ with Z’s and removes the last U out of Aluminium.

  15. yabai.youth says:

    Wow, I sure hope Rogers allows Anna to be released in Canada. I cannot imagine how shitty it must be to use PR 1.0 for a year- since they didnt allow PR 1.2. I just might stay with Rogers if they start allowing updates to go through.

    • Paulysworld says:

      I’m with Rogers, unlocked, de-branded my phone, installed the leaked version of Belle, it rocks!! N8 had never been better!

  16. jamesschaeffer says:

    Just more of the same for NAM Nokia owners. Gets me to start thinking about moving on…..

  17. Seba says:

    Got the update through *#0000#… finally its here… im waiting for it to finish downloading…

  18. n8_user says:

    symbian anna avaiable in croatia.. :)
    thank god it was about timeeeeeee.!!!!

  19. @jaredmorgs says:

    So when Belle is released officially, Australia, USA, and Canada will be the *first* to get it, right Nokia?


    It’s the least they could do considering Australia always gets updates well after every other country.

  20. Craig says:

    4 weeks ago they said the rollout would be complete in 3 weeks. Today they say give us 2 more weeks. In two weeks they will say that it is all the operators fault when Anna is still not available in Australia and other countries. What is going on Nokia? Why would you leave the USA, Canada and Australia last on the list?

  21. Hi J, a little off topic, I want to share a new Symbian hacking method with your readers that requires no certificate/key or complicated flashing – rather it is very simple and works in all S60 versions. As you may know that it is now very difficult to get a phone specific cert/key due to Symbian Signed policy change, making all the older hacking methods useless. Thus this latest method is a life saver for Symbian users.


  22. Troy Stanway says:

    3 weeks later and still no anna update for Australia :/ COME ON NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. STEVE says:

    Still cant update in Australia, when will it be available.

  24. Steve C says:

    Anna out in Aus now.
    Updated my N8 yesterday. All good.

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