Video: Nokia N9 Blue unboxing and hands on with MeeGo-Harmattan

| September 26, 2011 | 35 Replies

This is only the second unboxing of the N9 I’ve seen. This one is the blue N9 – which looks great coming out of that snazzy blue box.

This video is by  , we’ve seen his videos before previewing many other Nokia phones quite early – the N8 and E7 come to mind.

Video is in Arabic – he often does two videos, one in English the other in Arabic – though he may not have done an english version this time, but unboxings rarely need spoken voice anyway.

  • Checking out the microSIM is pretty interesting.
  • Screen looks gorgeous when playing back video.
  • Check out the blue Nokia Store (though still labelled Ovi there)

Cheers to Nabkawe  for the tip.




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  1. Nokia N9 Blue Unboxing And Hands On With MeeGo-Harmattan | October 7, 2011
  1. blub says:

    Is there a cover in every box?

  2. N8ownerwantingtobuyN9 says:

    Will the N9 get the same kind of lockscreen stuff we can do on Symbian Anna/Belle?

    I can’t live without the Nokia Sleeping Screen notifications!!!!!

    • Mendax says:

      Not sure about the different Sleeping Screen ‘images’ (insects, leaf, skyline, etc), but I’ve seen videos where notifications (SMS, e-mail, missed calls) are displayed under the clock in sleep mode.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      N9 has it’s own Screen Saver Notification System. Sleeping Screen has been ported (minimal success showing the lines of code behind the clock, yet looking quite cool). Although the port is nowhere near official.

    • jdjd says:

      there is a app called “mymove” which let you open applications by using multitouch gestures everywhere including lockscreen! checkout

      and why no post in MNB about the great n9 app “Peregrine” which features video calling”

  3. razer says:

    wooooow great
    he said anuthor video coming up (9 video)
    every day one video from now
    wooow i cant wait for the other

  4. saeed says:

    he said that he will make nine videos , one every day so check them out

  5. eMad says:

    He says he’s going to make 9 videos, including ones on the browser, social networking, store, and apps/games

  6. karam says:

    alright alright we got it, 9 videos this is 1/9. geeeeez.

  7. Blackidea says:

    is it true that the N9 will produced only 92000 unit?
    That’s insane decision.
    Nokia have the true contender to iphone and droid but not to mass marketed it is really really insane

    • Mendax says:

      No, Eldar likes to spread rumours. The 92,000 quota was for the N950, which makes sense, because Nokia ended up giving it to developers.

      • rueaka says:

        Sorry but the N950 dev program was about 1k units (I miss the exact numbers but I think I’ve seen them on mnk). On those units, some were given to free software devs through and the others to commercial devs. It’s unlikely that more N950 were produced. 92k was maybe the number of N950 initially planned to be produced.

        On another side : on the Nokia Conversations blog, as an answer to a comment, a nokia member said that it takes 1 hour to Nokia to reconfigure a factory and change the model produced. So, such a number is just initial number : they will likely increase this number if there is a shortage of N9, especially if Nokia WP don’t sell (they will try to use factory at 100% of production caps, and would have better time to do it with -very- high profit margin phones)

  8. jonnyjl says:

    Sigh, too bad Nokia doesn’t like selling their products to people who want it.

    US is going to be left out in the cold, though I guess that is par for the course for Nokia.

    I still don’t even have the Anna update on a bought straight from Nokia N8.

    • Mendax says:

      While the N9 won’t be available through the Nokia website, you can purchase it from any number of online retailers, like Expansys.

      Just wanted to dispel the notion that it will be impossible to get your hands on one if your country isn’t on the “list”.

      I got my last two Nokias this way and still had full warranty.

  9. Khalid PhoeniX says:

    Jay check your twitter ? :( no tip for me ? lol

  10. Fanel says:

    I’m reaching a point where I’m willing to kill to get my hands on this phone. I kid but seriously, how are these people getting their hands on retail units?

  11. boyang says:

    Damn! Where is my N9???

  12. et3rnal says:

    he said there will be 9 videos, so expect 8 more :) u can use this twitter hash #N9KSA to follow or ask :)

  13. Simo says:

    Hmm, he apparently said the firmware in the phone he’s demoing is the same version that will be released to consumers next month. Makes you wonder then why the device isn’t being released earlier.

  14. SKUZZY says:

    So no USB on the go cable as with the N8 then? Any idea if the N8′s would work in the N9?

  15. DAEX27 says:

    It is a good phone.

  16. Grazy says:

    Looks like a UK power adpator! I have ordered mine from Expansys, I’m hoping theres will come with a UK plug!

  17. masood.akhter says:

    Am sick and tired of nokia naming ther phones by numbers! E.g n8,n9,c06,1800,8210,n95. You know wat i mean. Grow up! Make it simple like.iphone,samsung galaxy,ht desire. The new nokia windows phone sounds good SEARAY. Come on nokia move with the times! How would use like it if all nokia staff wer called by numbers lol. Not by ther real names. Jesus crist even dogs are given names.

    • blackidea says:

      If you want to know the name of Nokia device
      simply open Z:\sys\data and there are 3 txt
      Open the file and you will see the device name on
      the beginning of paragraph.
      N8 is VASCO.

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