Videos: Nokia N9 with Stereo Play 360 demo and Nokia N9 unboxing and hands on.

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Sort of echoing the posts from this morning, this time each a little more in depth.

The first video is a demo of the Nokia Play 360, but here you can see the stereo in action, something I have not yet seen before. The bass is coming through quite well on my own speakers, so taking recording quality aside, these Play 360s might actually be quite awesome.


Video by 

Next as we expected,  has provided an English version of his Nokia N9 unboxing  – this one a little longer so much more Nokia N9 to enjoy.

Cheers @manhdung91 and Nabkawe


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  • 2 Nokia play 360 auto conect together ( R+L) love this <3

  • eze

    where can i find a list of countries the N9 will be sold in?

  • Mendax

    I really think part of Nokia’s strategy in rolling out the N9 is to snag up prospective iPhone buyers in countries where iOS doesn’t dominate. This may, in part, explain the choice of “official” launch countries, use of the MicroSIM, minimal box and contents thereof (such as that cool wall adapter), and, of course, the sheer simplicity of the N9 in both software and hardware design.

  • Ninja


    And of course iPhone 5 (sorry, 6 or 7, they really don’t keep up with technology) will come out with NFC but it’ll be called Airstyle or some crap and Apple will claim iPhone is 1st device to do this, simplest (just tap!) and best. And once again, like with everything else Apple does Nokia will have done it best and first.

    • adalbdl

      the iPhone does that long time ago with airplay.

      • ssdh

        iPhone has NFC??

        • adalbdl

          no nfc, but does the same thing streaming audio-video to a bunch of airplay devices already on the market.

          • Well Nokia devices have had DLNA for many years now. Since 2006 or so.

  • jill

    The ‘Black N9’ looks so sexy !!

  • zaxxx

    i hate Nokia,why my country is not on the list of N9 availability. i dont like wp I’ve been using my gf wp phone(hd7) for 3days and i dont like it. 🙁

  • jeebee

    “on the day this phone was born MS and elop got together and decided to give windows phone to you! then he sprinkled stardust in nokia’s eyes and told them to lose symbian os too de de de de de de”

  • KjM

    The minimalist packaging isn’t new with the N9. I own a C3 Touch and Type and owned an E7. Neither came with excessive packaging. The N900 I own came with more. And the 7710 from way back, it had a lot of excessive packaging.

    Nokia’s been on a package reduction diet for a while now – and I don’t believe it’s just a response to Apple.

    Whatever I may feel about their current leadership and direction, Nokia is an ecology-conscious company.

  • goosepig

    Does the N9 do landscape mode for the application menu, or keyboard?

    • James

      *VKB, yes.
      *app menu, not officially

      But there’s a hack found ages ago (search meego forum or ask there)
      It’s still a bit buggy, & not sure if it’s closer to being fixed.