Videos: Another new Concept Symbian Belle phone from Nokia (for NFC illustration – looks v. nice)

| September 27, 2011 | 14 Replies

Remember those Symbian Belle concept devices produced for illustrative purposes in an NFC Demo? It was very annoying seeing such beautiful devices knowing they’re not real, and also knowing that Nokia knows how to make handsets pretty but then we see something like the 700 with that weird lip appear.


In the screenshot above, you can see what some might call an iPhone 4 design. Simply a rectangle with curved corners. I think Nokia has shown many devices like this prior to iPhone (with even a very old video showing precisely a block that looks jut like an iPhone 4).

Anyway, there are three videos below showing the previous two concept devices that at first sight, we really wished were leaked upcoming devices.


Source: MobileMania

Thanks Kristian for the tip!



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  • Weirdfisher

    The phone in the first pic looks like an iphone 4

  • deep space bar

    why can’t they just make a bigger and faster n8,c7,c6-01,e7 and e6

    • Heh..

      Bigger? Maybe.. But faster, hell yeah. While no doubt symbian is very capable running on low resources, apps, especially games these days, sure as heck are not. So high specs would be welcome =)

      Also, not sure if you guys have noticed lag while taking photos with the no compression camera hack and camera pro. But i’m guess it has to do with processor, gpu, and maybe RAM limitions too =(

  • i want swipe on symbian more than elop’s ecosytem

  • why not n950 design without keyboard?

    • squircle

      The closest we’ve got to that is the X7. 🙂

  • Goc

    I’ve seen the 700 in person and it looks quite nice, the “lip” is very small and hardly noticeable. GSMArena seemed to love the design too.

  • ajmal

    What you meant by N950 without keyboard.?

    Without Keyboard it’s almost N9!
    Not that much differences.

  • Shrieks

    They make a phone like that and i wouldnt mind buying one more symbian device

  • et3rnal

    plz Nokia make the first one! with curve screen WOW!

  • Jaydee

    What’s the purpose of Nokia showing these beautiful designs to the world and not making real devices out of them..? So that Asus, Acer, Htc etc. can simply copy and make it their own..? This is beyond logic..

  • Ole

    More memory, faster processor and a bigger screen. Keep the N8 design and all is good with the hardware!

  • Rock

    Phone in first pic looks nice, they should consider making it

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