Spotify coming to Nokia N9

| September 28, 2011 | 27 Replies

According to Klas Ström, Head of Portfolio Management at Nokia, Nokia N9 will be getting Spotify.

In reply to @FaintAcrobat asking about Spotify for N9, Klas replies

@FaintAcrobat sent svar men först nu vi kan gå ut med det så ja, kommer komma en officiell spotify klient.”

Translator roughly says yes, it’s getting it. PJ who asked the question and I guess speeks Swedish says this says,

“Late answer but we’re only now able to announce it so yes, there will be an official Spotify client”

Cheers PJ for the tip!

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  1. fjfjfj says:

    developers from angry birds, spotify are the heroes!

    unlike the suckcock developers at whatsapps, dropbox, etc

  2. Tiago Silva says:

    Right when because of mandatory Facebook integration, it’s lost all interest to me…

    • Punching Bag says:

      Yeah I don’t understand why they dumbed it up with facebook.

      Whatever happened with that Grooveshark symbian client?

  3. jklubi says:

    Good news Jay,

    Can you verify this news about O2 dropping Nokia WP7 launch in UK.

    • JD! says:

      ha ha… Best news of the day man (If it is true)… It is a tight slap in face of Elop and Board of Nokia!

    • Banderpop says:

      Oh? I wonder what that’s about. Have O2 been fighting to get the N9 in the UK or something?

      I doubt they have a personal issue with Nokia, given that their own B@TV project only works on Symbian^3 phones.

  4. Guest says:

    Nokia N9 will get Voddler, Bambuser and WiMP to.

  5. outdated os says:

    Impossible. Because technologizer blog said that Nokia N9 will get “ZERO APPS”. Zombie phone. *wink*

  6. Nander says:

    Voddler: Stream movies and TV series, but for ridiculous prices. Tried to be “the Spotify of movies”, but failed miserably.
    Bambuser: A way to stream what you’re filming with your phone camera, live. Pretty cool actually.
    WiMP: A not-as-good alternative to Spotify.

    They are all apps developed in Sweden, which is why the were announced by Nokia Sweden at the same time as the Spotify app.

  7. fjfjfj says:

    musikloud by marxiam is better than this spotify

    my favourites are mymoves, cutetube, picasa browser, vlc remote, peregrine, landscape enabler

  8. Guest says:

    “Nokia Leads $8 Million Funding Round for Voddler”

    Thats why Voddler is on Symbian.

  9. fjfjfj says:

    meego is replace by tezen, samsung and intel rule the world

    • XFCE-Desktop says:

      Intel and samsung are full of own OS fail. Nokia actually delivered the Linux-based 770, N800, N810, N900 and N9!

      • Zinus says:

        I actually hope Nokia gets on board with this new initiative eventually.*
        It might be more attractive for them, now that they’re not sharing the load with Intel only.
        Given Nokia’s long experience/history in this area…
        It makes sense (at least longer-term) to continue with a 2nd meego-like OS for their smartphones.
        Particularly since the main aim was always to get rid of Symbian, & replace it with maemo/meego.
        Symbian’s used-by-date has finally been set LT now, so there’s room for that 2nd headline OS LT.
        Heck Samsung’s juggling 4 nowadays….

        *Qt’s no longer the focus LT, but it’ll still be a very important component in this project

  10. Chris P says:

    Google maps on the N9 would make this a force to reckon with.. (Nokia maps search/directory is poor)

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