Gizmodo: Windows Phone Mango, second best to iOS – better than Android.

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Windows Phone Mango Review Gizmodo. Gizmodo are one of the toughest Nokia critics, hating the N8 so much as refusing to review it. Nokia did manage to turn them slightly by making them love the N9 hardware, but not so much a fan of MeeGo. As for Symbian, well it would receive a more scathing response than Engadget.

Like many other tech blogs though, they’ve been quite favourable of the Windows Phone experience, with all of the Mango previews being highly positive. Now that it’s available to download as an update, they’ve updated with a review on Mango.

Thoughts on WP7

  •  It was a testament to how much of the big stuff Microsoft got so right—they made something different and good
  • Windows Phone still felt, well, pretty great

Now thoughts on Mango/WP7.5

  • What WP7 should have been. More or less complete now.
  • it’s about time for another major phone platform, one that actually feels like it’s in the same class as iOS.
  • More well rounded.
  • ‘Sort of Ani-app’ what with apps not being locked into silos, but integrated and communicating with other apps (as well as a lot of built in functionality)
  • On interface: still feels fresh and new and different and fast. After one year they say they’re not tired of it.
  • Live tiles starting to live up to the premise
  • Integrated messaging feels more natural and integrated than iOS 5 (where it just feels like glorified SMS)
  •  voice-to-text feature is awesome and reasonably accurate
The thing I like most about Windows Phone, really, is that it’s the only phone besides the iPhone that feels like it’s got its shit together, from the interface to the core apps to the overall experience.
Things to work on:
  • Dislike on the press and hold back for multitask (I dislike hold for multitask too. And the linear carousel mode)
  • Problems with native twitter
  • Lot of apps Microsoft mentioned is not there yet.
  • feels like a cluttered mess
  • Wants more services – Foursquare, googletalk
  • Why isn’t it easy to take a screenshot?
  • Battery life worsened, from full day to 2/3 day.
If you don’t want an iPhone, this is basically the only real option, unless you already know you want Android
  • Not YET better than iOS
  • Legitimately different and excellent
  • Wait for the new Windows Phones – like the ones from Nokia. None of the current ones mind blowing (Seriously, just like with Symbian, whilst WP is maturing, Nokia really needs to prop it up with some excellent, class leading hardware. It’s no good trying to balance books. Look what doing that got you, that piece of crap N97.)
  • Second best is good enough for now.
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