Video: Nokia N9 vs Samsung Galaxy SII (and bunch of other N9 videos)

| October 2, 2011 | 31 Replies

 has been putting the N9 through its paces. There are several N9 videos in this post, the first comparing video recording against the Samsung Galaxy SII. I’m surprised by the result actually. SGS2 is looking pretty decent.

I didn’t like that overly cool tinge from the SGS2 photos. We’ll have to wait more for actual image samples (I think something went wrong with the video editing in some places as the comparisons didn’t come out completely)


In my opinion, the N9 has a camera that does capture more contrasted content than the SGS II. Although, the SGS II appears to make the video look quite vibrant. Personal preference really. Also, I think the black squares in the image comparison was a rendering issue the uploader had.

The second video compares the sound of the two devices. Based off those numbers, the SGS II seems louder. No surprise though as Nokia’s speakers haven’t been as loud as they used to be, (maybe so people will buy Play 360). (Nokia 600 is the exception, being boasted as “the loudest phone”.)


Speaker Test (Where’s the microphone on the N9 again?)


With a Play 360


General hands on

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