Qt API mapping for iOS, Android and Windows phone developers – bring iPhone/iPad apps to Symbian/N9

| October 7, 2011 | 50 Replies

With Nokia’s Ovi Store (now Nokia Store) reported to supposedly deliver 160% more downloads per app than Apple’s App Store (and possibly well over 9 million daily downloads now) it would be quite understandable why other developers may want a piece of this action.

There’s certainly an audience there willing to buy great quality apps. With the Qt API Mapping tool  for iOS, iPad and iPhone apps can be ‘ported’ over for Symbian, N9 (and whatever secret Qt platform they have to unveil at Nokia World :p). But it’s not just iOS. There’s also one for Android and Windows Phone.

If you are familiar with iOS development, this tool assists with porting iPhone or iPad apps to the latest version of the Qt platform delivered in Symbian phones and the Nokia N9 smartphone. Using this tool, you can browse a list of iOS API calls and find the equivalent classes and methods offered by Qt. You can also search for a specific iOS API call and find the equivalent Qt API call, along with example code and links to the API documentation for both platforms.

Check them out:

Thanks Marcel for the tip!


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  1. deep space bar says:

    finally an actual FB app LOL….and WOOT MORE GAMES AND OTHER APPS :D

    • deep space bar says:

      oh and this is gonna put even more shelf life on symbian and Meego as in longer then expected that elop has giving

      • FireDragon says:

        And possibility of more MeeGo/QT/secret devices. Since Symbian devices are not off the list, want to see more of them. I am kind of thinking something to change with N8. Missing hardware (in-device) keyboard to death.

        • deep space bar says:

          i was really looking forward to the N950 you and me both and wow it didn’t happen so i got the N8 instead i would have got the E7 but i want a good fucking camera ;)

          • FireDragon says:

            Same here, I held up in wait for E7 first and was hoping to see the true shape of leaked MeeGo with Keyboard handset, but MeeGo didn’t show up and E7 came without auto focus. I had to pick N8, 2 of them. I thought I will be ok with onscreen keyboards but for article and review writings, specially for movie reviews I NEED to type without looking an handset at all, and I just cannot do it no matter how accurate and fast I am with it. (Currently typing on N8)

            • timo says:

              Get a Bluetooth Keyboard!!
              Nokia SU-8W is still on sale.
              Any other will work too…
              BT KB is superior to any built in KB IMHO

    • a3x says:

      That and an army of fart apps invading the Nokia Store.

  2. Daniel McGuire says:

    Well I think I speak for all of us when I say; we need a kindle app!
    This is great news for us and it shows everybody including elop that symbian is not dead!

    • Just Visiting says:

      Pretty sad that there is no Kindle App (as well as other top tier apps available on the other platforms listed above), but I knew this going in when I purchased the N8 a few months ago (but I still want that app for my N8, dammit!). Hell, the Kindle app was on WP before WP handsets were released last year!

      Anyway, isn’t it safe to say that Stephen Elop gave the green light for this mapping effort? Or does Qt operate independently from Nokia?

    • N8ownerwantingtobuyN9 says:

      And a Barnes and Noble app! I bought a bunch of stuff on my Nook Color that I would like to have access to on my N9.

  3. nonikhanna says:

    Is this the kind of ECOSYSTEM that elop wanted? more app support???

  4. Stiund says:

    there already is for Symbian and it’s called fMobi. it will improve greatly and its made of qt

  5. akse says:

    Some people still use facebook?:)

  6. StylinRed says:

    great news lets get those developers biting

  7. lobo says:

    nice… this might make me buy N9 instead of iPhone 4s. the hardware of N9 is far superior than iPhone 4s.

  8. dheeraj says:

    is this available for nokia n8 ?????

  9. adit38 says:

    maybe elop said that 2016 is the death of symbian just to make competitor recieved fake alarm, and elop will bring symbian strike back when everybody sleep?

    • FireDragon says:

      I did think and said it somewhere few days back. But for some reason I don’t think it is the case. With Belle and response to it the board must have forced him to take his words back.

      I am hoping to see same happen for MeeGo device. In case of MeeGo, perhaps they already knew what is to come so they announce N9 the last set of it, while the new sets might come with its new name.

  10. great job… now i will try my hands on Qt using my previous experience on Android and Windows Phone

    • JD! says:

      Good… This will actually bring more people into Qt.

      Yey… I will get more quality apps which were available only to fruit or robot platforms lol

  11. Iqbal says:

    y doesn’t Nokia jus convert all the ios and android app to qt and put it up on the ovi store

    • FireDragon says:

      It is up to the developers. Without Qt, the conversion is a painful process (as I keep reading from developers) but with Qt, it is as easy and fast as compiling, and a few twicks in between I think, but still it is up to developers to take these steps.

  12. Carbontubby says:

    Is this Elop’s idea of disruption? It’s a mighty fine way of disrupting iOS and Android momentum, and it’s also for that new non-burning platform ;)

    I think we could see renewed life for Symbian and Meego/Maemo/Tizen once Qt apps become more popular. That Elop is a smart cookie – impress investors by switching to WP, then keep disruptive technologies alive and in Nokia’s hands just in case WP tanks.

    • nonikhanna says:

      LOL OMG tank the nokia stocks, buy them all back at a cheap price, and THEN release BELLE, Meego Harmattan and this QT update to raise the stocks up. did they do that?

      • NetAmp says:

        So it seems :P
        And I believe they have (at least?) until June (Q2 2012) until Apple might release iPhone 5.

        This *should* give them space to put N9 and WP7 phones (and what ever surprises come up at Nokia World :o) in the spotlights :D yeeha!

        • NetAmp says:

          … though not the whole world revolves around Apple… (even when they like to think it’s the case)

          There’s also the fast-paced Android ‘train’ still going full-speed-ahead. With presumably Samsung showing off the Nexus Prime, next week (Oct.12 ?) ?? :o

          But, at least the ‘disappointing’ iPhone 4S announcement may win Nok/WP7 back some (spoiled) customers… who knows ;)

    • N00-00 says:

      I remember Nokia mentioning that WP is for short- to mid-terms with disruptions being lined up for future… Not sure what they meant back then because as a Symbian\Qt(and .NET too) developer, I was very pissed off after they announced Symbian’s death sentence and N9 being the only phone for 2011..

  13. outdated ⠞ os says:

    port Anki to nokia devices so I don’t have to buy horrible device A/closed device I. Damn.

  14. cruz says:

    I only wan talk box apps on my N8…

  15. Jason says:

    One development tool to rule then all :) Stick with Nokia, baby, stick with Nokia!!!

  16. aboodesta says:

    whatsapp for the N9 and I promise I won’t want anything else.

  17. herrmo1 says:

    I went through Android’s top selling apps here and I didn’t find an app which I need on symbian.

    So any idea which app should be ported? We could contact the developer…

  18. burakos says:

    i want em all !

  19. Abba says:

    First nokia need to get some softwares to support inbuilt hardwares, such as fm radio – transmitter and receiver and second one is to enable front facing camera for video chat! inclusion of these two features will help to boost the sale of nokia N9.
    Also, what nokia can do near future is give recent updates of meego 1.3 and ithink 1.4 is out too.
    I would be very happy to see Nokia on top of all phones beating all phones in all aspects!!!

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