Video: My Moves, awesome shortcut gesture app for N9 available at Nokia Store

| October 7, 2011 | 15 Replies


Here’s a pretty cool app for MeeGo-Harmattan. Now we know that swipe gestures are core to the experience in N9. This app adds more gestures, with multitouch support, you can open apps with gestures.

There are a range of gestures, and you can set which gesture opens what app. SANDST1 notes it will take some time to get used to – but when you do, it’s all quite elegant. It works anywhere in the system.

Check out

Cheers Glenn for the tip!


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  • Lloydo

    You’ve got the Danish video in there, the one which compares the N9/iP4 browsers. Video link is

    • Jay Montano

      woops, sorry. Darn copy paste going wrong in mac. Had to remove gmail from mail app as it kept opening and freezing. Hmm.

      Cheers. Will sort now.

    • Lloydo

      Also, it looks pretty cool. My only suggestion to him is to describe the gestures as “thumb and forefinger” or “thumb and two fingers” as shown in his video. Unless of course it is OK to swipe with two or three fingers.

      • ttt

        you can reach the developer of this app, he is very friendly.

      • The app is not limited to thumb & forefinger. If you want, you can use e.g. middle&index finger 🙂

        The most important point is just to keep your fingers together while swiping, that’ll make the gesture easier to recognize because drawing with fingers together tends to be more stable.

        • Mathias

          Or toes even. I’ll use my nose and ear and later try some other things too, when I’m alone.

  • ttt

    one of my favourite apps for n9

    sports tracker
    vlc remote
    xmbc remote
    picasa browser
    landscape enabler

    • N8ownerwantingtobuyN9

      Is there a dropbox client yet?

      • fjf

        it will come occasionally. not a big deal, why not try the using the web browser?

  • Eddie

    Really is that it no real world app i can use to better my day ? or to help me find a store to check on my flight .

  • awesome.

  • larryg968

    This is one on the most useful applications i have ever seen.

    Swipe UI has so much potential.

    Is it possible for these gestures to be corporated in games/ applications and have predetermined functions. For example, two finger swipe down reloads a page or someting. That would be cool.

  • j


  • is web2sms coming to n9?

  • swiss

    is this app available for nokia n8