Video: Browser Speed Test, Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4

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Here’s a comparison of the browsers between the Nokia N9 and iPhone 4. The result is very close, it isn’t clear cut.

This is a quick Speedtest an iPhone 4 against a brand new Nokia N9.
They are approx. just fast, you would never notice the difference.
Is it a problem? iPhone 4 is fast enough?

video by 

Cheers Alex for the tip!


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  • Alex


  • raz0rz

    Considering that iPhone 4 is more than a year old, it fared pretty well.

    • migo

      Well, 1GHz single core each… makes sense that they’d be about the same.

    • Tiago Silva

      Considering the only thing on the N9 that’s less than one year old is the case and the UI (CPU 18 months old, GPU 22 months old), it fared pretty well.

      • raz0rz

        And who’s fault is that, genius? Nokia’s. Why give an old SOC in a new phone? That’s not how it works. iPhone 4S is the 2011 model and that’s what N9 should be compared with. I’m sure iPhone 4s will the floor with N9, at least in browser comparison.

        • Tiago Silva

          (need sarcasm tags)

    • Just Visiting

      Agree. I think a better comparison would be for the N9 vs. iPhone 4s. It’ll be released in about a week or so, so maybe they’ll do an update 🙂

  • Mendax

    Not bad, but I doubt the N9 will be able to hold its own against the iPhone 4S.

    Just out of curiosity, what’s better, a single-core 1 GHz processor with 1GB RAM or a dual core 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM?

    • migo

      Depends on how many pages you have open.

      • StylinRed

        depends on the OS too i imagine

        • MeeGo actually multitasks so for that the extra ram is better. The iPhone doesn’t so it doesn’t need the ram.

    • GordonH

      The vdo just reminds me (again) that Nokia has stupid policies of using one-two years old cpu and gpu.

      • migo

        It’ll go well for them given their plans to replace S40. By the time they implement that, a 1GHz TI OMAP will be easy to produce in volume at a low price. When 2 years from now you’re getting effectively the N9 for $150, you’ll see it was a good call.

        • GordonH

          Dude it’s Nokia !! These guys cannot be as sensible as your comment. Jokes aside I wanted the best and latest CPU and GPU on a meego or symbian device. Last we got such a device from Nokia was on the N95.

        • N00-00

          The bigger reason why Nokia sticks is because of the GPU optimizations it does…

          • N9 hardware was ready nearly 12 months ago, it was upper management who held the announcement back and made the up-to-date hardware out-of-date.

            • Tiago Silva

              But the software wasn’t ready – or at least, the software that was ready at that time had an evolution of the N900 UI and not the Swipe UI of the N9.

              Nokia’s problem, as always? Repeat after me:”Execution!” They always deliver things too late to make a difference, even though the right ideas are all there.

    • N00-00

      It depends on lot of factors:
      1. OS on top.
      2. GPU optimization of the OS.
      3. SMP code in the OS to handle multiple-core..

      A well-optimized (both in code and GPU) OS on a single core can perform better than a dual-core one without much optimization..

    • dsmobile

      The should test it with 3G speed. That’s where the browser is most used anyway.

      N9 > ip4 as it has better download speed to start with.

      N9 = ip4s Should be again same actually but will see how well the “new” antenna actually works then.

  • Eddie

    I think the Iphone won most of the time.

  • N8ownerwantingtobuyN9


    N9 kills everything in HTML5 rendering!

    • jr

      Wp7 sots on top of that chart

      • N00-00

        WP7 just does the canvas tests better. It fares worse in all the other HTML5 tests…

        • jr

          They don’t have wp7.5 mango final release in the test.

  • j

    are they doing te test via wlan?

    im interested how the polycarbonat unibody affects the reception quality and therefore the browsing speed.

  • jr

    Why don’t you bring in wp7 too.. ? So Nokia fanboys can see how “slow” it is

    • Slayer

      what are you doing in a nokia fanboy blog?

      • jr

        Because i love Nokia and i have had at lest 5 Nokia devices.. Including nGage, 3310, n95 and zone others i can’t even remember.. Does that not give me a pass to talk here?

    • N00-00

      WP7.5 only fared well in a MS specified test for Canvas rendering..

      It doesn’t do well here

  • random

    Yawn, so the N9 is multitasking all kinds of stuff at the same time.

  • Mikkel Bruhn Stenkjær

    the speed on the N9’s browser is fair, but when i compare the speed on my N9 and my N900, the N900 win, and in my opionion the browser on the n900 is a little bit better. But the N9 is still a great phone!

  • Cod3rror

    You know, N9 is a nice device but watching them side-by-side the iPhone really is better, it’s a better looking phone.

    Also iOS looks better than Harmattan. More alive, more colourful…

    N9 and MeeGo came very close but they are still behind the iPhone and iOS.

    It’s amazing really iOS is the most popular platform and the best one too… i.e. there are platforms and products that are the most popular but not the best.

    • why the hell do you come to this blog to post you f**king hatred comment…i have been noticing you since a few weeks…but i try to ignore you but when i see your avatar…i remember you…this is a nokiafan blog so just go out of here

      • Ole

        who knows? Inferiority complex? Psykopatical tendencies? Astroturfer for Appel? The possibilities are legio!:-):-)

    • Tiago Silva

      Well, opinions are like something that everybody has.

      Me, I think the UI of the N9 is simple, subdued, classy (scandinavian minimalist design), and find iOS to be Fisher-Price and Android plain disgusting. Too old, too computer-y, too busy, demanding too much attention.

      Always did feel like this and I’m still using my N95 because of it – it’s the N9 UI that will make me buy a smartphone, nothing else.

      But weren’t we talking about browsers? iPhone 4S will of course blow the N9 away with any page-rendering that uses CPU, but optimizations in DOM and CSS handling can give several times the benefit for page loading than a faster CPU or a tricked-out JIT Javascript engine. Remains to be seen, too many variables, from many different kinds of pages to cellular network handling, especially handling MARGINAL conditions.

      Besides, I do my browsing on Opera. In iOS I am limited by Apple to Opera Mini – heck, I’m using that on the N95 already, why should I buy an iPhone?

  • dsmobile

    I have tested the N9 and SeaRay and well windows phone sure has smooth UI and browser is also smooth.
    Is it smoother than N9 UI, not really it just has longer animations.

    Windows phone has smoother browser or faster? Not enough different that it would have any meaning when you choose between those 2 phones. Everyday use SeaRay,N9,IP4S are the same with the browsing but N9 wins in terms of screen size and it can use 100% of the screen just for the page.

    N9 pr1.0 and pr1.1 difference? yes N9 user will get faster phone what comes to loading times of apps. + other improvements.

  • ricky
  • Heh..

    Dosn’t HTML5test only tests rendering capabilities of HTML5 elements on the browser? If you whana test speed, shouldn’t you use browsermark instead?

  • nokia n9 is much better than iphone if it comparision in between only in specifications..
    bt according 2 apps iphone is won..
    battery backup is same as iphone..