Video: N9 Review – Camera, Gallery, Music, Video

| October 10, 2011 | 24 Replies

In the next video, I do a quick demo/review of the N9’s Camera app, Gallery, Music player and Video player.


[Note: This is not meant to represent camera quality, only the UI]

Although it’s not the 12mp of the N8, I still think it’s very good. I never actually used all 12mp on my N8, instead choosing the 9mp setting. So for me, it’s only 1mp difference. The UI is very nice. Slim, helpful, everything that you need is available quickly, and in my opinion, a very modern approach to a camera. This would have been nice to see in the N8.

The shot to shot time is definitely very quick, as well as the swap from still to video recording. Something that I did not like with the N8 was the long time it took to change and even start up. I like the manual focus option too, again, something else that would have been nice to see in the N8.

For the camera enthusiasts, there are extensive settings, that I think will please you. If not, CameraPro N9 is already out in the Nokia Store (currently in beta and free) so it may fix your issues.


I like the new gallery. It is simple, yet, does a lot. The option to choose what content in shown, via the selection, is something I find handy, especially when trying to showcase Camera samples.


There are only three options, but I think it’s all you need; Share Items, Edit Tags, Delete Items.

Share Items allows you to mark the items you want, then send via Mail, MMS, NFC and Bluetooth, as well as allowing you to upload to some social networks. Edit Tags, obviously, allows you to edit the tags of the image. This is useful when using the “View by tags” option. Delete items allows marking of items, then deletion of the marked items.


The music player is nicely designed. The inclusion of swipe to change song, is subtle, yet, still brings that whole “Swipe” experience to apps, not just multitasking.Although there is still no equalizer option, but after having the N8 for a year, I got used to its absence. For those that use the Ovi Music Store, there is a shortcut to get to it, straight from the Music Player.


The only criticism I have with the video player, is the swipe away. I wish the animation dragged the whole video and not just cut it. But that aside, very simple to use. Nice and polished UI.



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  • DM


    please can you let me know what IM are supported, i know google talk facebook and skype are supported. Are MSN and yahoo supported as well. Thanks mate

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      No they’re not. I think you can do an SIP work-around, but I haven’t tried yet.

      • fffhhffh

        i use yahoo for mail and sometime yahoo im and msn

        how to do the workaround

        • Suabesh

          Yahoo messenger support will be added with the next PR update.

          • Viipottaja

            You know that for a fact? What are the other improvements in the next FW? Just speed and bug fixes mostly?

  • Nabeel

    What about fring?? or any other video call app?

    • fffhhffh

      it does not have fring yet, as for video calling, you can hope for peregrine to become more stable and usable

  • viipottaja

    can you select a default folder for the gallery to open to, or doess it always open to an “all images” folder like on the n900 (which is really annoying)?

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  • jim

    I see n9 Is released in Thailand now. $610 which is slightly more than the sgs2 here so I don’t see too many justifying the purchase

    • rambaz

      Well… if they look at superficially they won’t.
      But if they actually invest some time to understand most of the differences many will.
      Plus it’s a starting price….
      SGSII has been out 6mth+ in many places, N9’s price still has plenty of room to move.

  • SirraH77

    I think there will be quite a few improvements on the software. Nokia is hiring Qt / Linux developers here in Finland. I think the preorder numbers of N9 have be pretty good.

  • ricky

    is the camera is 7.1 mp in 16:9 mode or we get the whole 8mp?

    • camera shoots with full 8MP in 4:3res

    • shretzer

      I believe it’s slightly more than 8mp (can’t recall full amt)
      But only 8mp usable…
      Some may get more with sw/physical modz later.
      But its prolly not worthwhile in the end.
      Except beng interesting in a hacki-ish way ;-P

  • Cod3rror

    Not that impressed after iOS 5 and iPhone 4S.

    I like that when you share an image, the share menu opens up in it’s own window so you can continue viewing images in the Gallery and share the picture you wanted later. But other than that, nothing impressive really.

    • Rock

      You have turned into a typical troll, stupid.

      iOS5 truly sucks.

      But I have no doubt that the iPhone 4S Camera is better than the N9’s. Well I do have doubts but even so the Camera’s are quite on par with detail.

      But the iPhone 4S’s captures the colors amazingly I don’t really care if its post effects and neither will 90% of people.

      • shretzer

        Don’t speak too soon….
        Main thing holding N9’s camera back from smashing i4S is it’s overly agressive AMBR.
        I suspect PR1.1 or 1.2 will taper that back + introduce some extra post processing.
        Underlying hardware “is” better overall, the fw just needs a few more tweaks.

    • James

      We know your not impressed…about everything. Go cry in the corner emo kid

  • arvi

    Can someone post here the link of this video?

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  • Uggs

    Usually I do not read article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

  • aryan

    wil u let me know that whlch phone is better from n9 and lumia 800.