Ballmer: A “bunch” of Nokia Windows Phones next week at Nokia World?

| October 19, 2011 | 120 Replies

Windows Phone, world domination with various price points served in years to come?

Winrumours is reporting that next week at Nokia World, we may see a “bunch” of Nokia Windows Phones. Who’s saying that? Apparently, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. He’s looking forward to it, saying “they should be pretty good”. We know possibly two windows phones launching, but a bunch indicates more than that. Might we see Windows Phone Nokia Ace with SeaRay and Sabre?

Another thing to note is that he accepts for now, Android phones will be the very rock bottom priced phones, indicating though that Windows Phone will overtake in that territory (perhaps with Tango) to bring wider availability by bringing it to lower price points.

He also mocks Android somewhat, saying you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use Windows Phone, like you have to be with Android (though some might point Windows itself isn’t a bag of laughs for a tech noob, macs aren’t that simple either. Maybe perhaps with WIN8. But lets stick to current mobile oses.)

BTW I saw a picture of Ballmer that I thought looked like Superman’s antagonist, Lex Luthor. I’ve been itching to use it somewhere so here we go :p. But he’s not really that evil MS character, right? He seems a more jovial, funny bloke.

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  1. h3csc says:

    Right after Ice Cream Sandwich and now Nokia World! Exciting thing happens in the mobile world now! ICS was up to my expectation while iPhone was underwhelming for sure hopefully Nokia come back in a bang!

  2. andy koh says:

    nokia are proud of their windows phones?

    • Deep Space bar says:

      what phones XD they should damn proud of MeeGo and Symbian …..20+ years of Symbian there shouldn’t be anything to ashamed of……loook what happended to MSFT with Windows Mo/Pho XD …..FOREVER FAILING

      • migo says:

        Microsoft realised earlier that their old platform wouldn’t cut it, while Nokia stupidly tried to make Symbian a touch screen platform instead of handing it off entirely to Maemo.

        If the moment the iPhone was released Nokia had worked on putting out something like the N900, and released it a year earlier, instead of trying for the 5800 and N97, we might not be in the situation where Nokia needs Microsoft to keep going.

        Microsoft had the foresight, Nokia didn’t. That’s something Nokia should definitely be ashamed of.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

          exactly right. It is difficult to make a new beginning but there are times when it is better to admit defeat and start afresh. Nokia never realized that until it was too late

          • yasu says:

            Too late how? They were still growing in volume and things were picking up. Why do you think MS chose them and gave them money?

            For WP7 to save Nokia, it should be able to save itself, and so far, the sales show nothing of the sort.

            • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

              stop calling it WP7, it is WP7.5 already and we’r anxiously waiting for WP8

            • migo says:

              That’s where they made the mistake, they didn’t realise things were going to change until they did. That’s the mistake that every leading company makes. MS wasn’t leading in smartphones so they already knew what they were doing wasn’t good enough, and looked at doing a serious overhaul.

        • yasu says:

          Nokia doesn’t need Microsoft to continue. Nokia was still increasing it sales before till the fateful 11th February. Meanwhile, MS “is going from very little to very little”.

        • Calvin H says:

          The N9 and Meego Harmattan were supposed to be Symbian’s evolution. Then Elop killed it, even though it was out before WP7 on Nokia.

          • migo says:

            It’s still an unfinished product, and it doesn’t have developer support, because all the devs had already abandoned Nokia anyway. It’s way harder to get someone back than to get someone to try something new.

      • Jesse says:

        I am embarressed for anyone involved with Symbian or MeeGo.. Such a piece a terrible OS.

  3. jklubi says:

    From twitter.

    RT @ceoStephenElop: Steve Ballmer confirmed that I will release the first Windows Phones next week. Well, I guess so then.

    • zoomergs says:

      that twitter-account is fake, the real Stephen Elop is @selop

      • GordonH says:

        The real Stephen Elop is hidden away somewhere. The Stephen Elop now at Nokia is an Ms Robot.

      • N00-00 says:

        Yup.. it is @selop.. Nokia’s official tweet account retweets lot of his tweets..

      • jklubi says:

        Yeah the account is fake, the real account is @selop, but that guy is hilarious, he even twits using an iPhone.

        My submission was purely about fun. He has a lot of interesting twits when ever there events.

        • jiipee says:

          The Fakeselop does well also. Eg. “We’re working on a new C6-01/ Duct Tape value pack to compete with the MOTOACTV.” or “Siri, how do I fix Nokia?” “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” or “iCloud is old news. We invented, implemented poorly, and abruptly discontinued the same thing years ago.” ;)

        • migo says:

          Funny that you say ‘twits’

  4. krustylicious says:

    “bunch” should be outlawed when its not used properly ..

    anyhoo the 2 or 3 nokia windows phones will be lead stones for the company…

    how can we put symbian on them :D

    • outdated os says:

      somebody please leak the symbian/maemo code and save us all.

    • jr says:

      Dont want to hear that uglyt thing called Symbian.. you not even ashamed bringing it up?

      • krustylicious says:

        Given symbian 1ghz dual core, with the best mobile gpu out there along with 1gb of ram and 1gb c: drive you then retract that quite quickly..

        From a user point of view – Symbian belle is nearly nearly there.

        From a tech point of view its the hardware specs that are failing Symbian.

        From a dev point of view, symbian needs to replace outdated code with a new api base using qt as its basis. With that they could move to 2 major updates a year instead of 18 month period we saw pior to belle/anna.

        From a mindshare point of vew – new ad men are needed.

        just thought i’d write a lot of the failings of symbian and how it is correctable .. just to prove i’m not just a fanboi but one with brains.

        • migo says:

          There’s nothing you can do to Symbian to change anything about it. It just was never intended for touch screen use and has too much bloat, not to mention it’s way too hard to develop for.

        • Anjanu Sonkar says:

          this is exactly what I wanted to say…Nokia I think had Knowingly doing injustice with Symbian for 2 years or so, because of Microsoft…otherwise Belle would have been out a year ago…really now its the hardware and the screen size on the new Symbian phones that is going to fail it and it will…

          • Viipottaja says:

            Errr… how could that be given that MS talks only started around October/November 2010?

            Btw, you would be surprised (I sure was) to know one of the reasons for delays in Anna.

          • migo says:

            2 years? Make it 5. They’ve been screwing it up ever since before the N95 was released.

  5. outdated os says:

    ‘saying you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use Windows Phone’

    err, what?

  6. John says:

    OOOhhhh !!!! should be a good one :-D

    Those phones are going to have to be epic with Glalaxy Nexus (shit name BTW) and the RAZR coming.

    competition is heating up !!!

    • N9 says:

      wasn’t Samsung in bed with MS cant MS ask Samsung to do a “Glalaxy Nexus” for WP???

      O well I guess it must be Nokia to save Microsoft, since no else cares… yeay for a vibrant “ecosystem”

      • jr says:

        “Glalaxy Nexus..” ? Nexus is a Google brand.. Nexus one was made by HTC… so how can Samsung make a Nexus phone for Microsoft?

      • migo says:

        The big thing about the GN is that it has 720×1280 screen resolution, which is pretty awesome, but not supported by Windows Phone. We’re probably waiting until 1600×960 screens become widely available in a couple years.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

          i see what you did there. Same aspect ratio right? That would indeed make dev life easier, however it is more likely that we see a new chassis with 1280×720

          • migo says:

            Not just same aspect ratio, perfect pixel doubling, so you can run the same app having what was intended for 1 pixel to be handled by 4 pixels.

            Although really once Windows Phone 8 is released, which is supposed to share the same kernel as Windows 8, with WP7/Mango apps being ported over, multiple screen resolutions should be supported. 1280×768 would be the same aspect ratio as 800×480. It’s a rather unusual one, but anything over 1280×720 is good enough.

    • Guest says:

      But they use a not so epic virtual operating system. “Virtual” means lag:

      “As to overall performance, we saw a good deal of stutter in the Galaxy Nexus before us. Taps were not always recognized and there were occasional delays in performing an instruction, though in Google’s defense, it was a phone fully loaded with running tasks and the software is being continually improved and optimized (i.e. it’s not yet fully baked). That having been said, it unfortunately remains the case that Android isn’t as swift and responsive as iOS or Windows Phone (or even MeeGo Harmattan on the N9). Or at least it wasn’t on the demo phone we got a look at. The subtle, pervasive lag that has characterized the Android UI since it inception is still there, which is not a heartening thing to hear when you’re talking about a super-powered dual-core device like the Galaxy Nexus.”

    • superheroman says:

      ok lets face it… the samsung galaxy… is boring… not talking abt the new android, but the form factor itself… there is no new look… all the android phones look the same. but the RAZR brings something nice! whateva diet that phone went on, must share it with nokia, coz lets face it… nokia fones r never thin! but the RAZR still doesnt bring a new design! lets face it… nokia n9 just carries all these goodies…

      • superheroman says:

        samsung galaxy nexus*

      • migo says:

        It’s following the Nexus S with the concave screen, which is a smart design to prevent scratches when putting the phone face down. One of the big reasons I’m a bit wary of the N9, as nice as it might be to use, it’s not practical as far as durability goes. Drop a phone with a convex screen and it lands face down you have a good chance of it all shattering. Could still happen with the concave screen if the glass is edge to edge, but at least it can be done without that risk.

  7. Stylinred says:

    nice picture

    however Lex Luthor is evil + cool whereas Ballmer is evil + dorky

    luthor would work better with a picture of Dick Cheney ;)

  8. Cod3rror says:

    Are you guys ready to face your future? WP7, enjoy!

  9. DroidUser999 says:

    Icecream sandwich has so many features copied from WP7. Some like People hub, Roboto is like Metro Interface, App Switching. I think some of the original ideas (except app swtiching) in WP7 are real innovative. I guess marketing is such a failure it has not picked up in share. I hope Nokia may bring fresh approcah to this ecosystem

    • jr says:

      The completely ripped the dialer form wp7 .. and exact copy !!

    • migo says:

      Good thing too. It shows WP is on the right path, and I’m not going to complain that Android is getting a more clean look while iOS is the only one left in the past with the kitchy faux materials look.

  10. Stound says:

    SO with the Galaxy nexus samsung went old school and used the iPhone 3gs design this time with a hint of the nokia x10 concept phone with the curve at the bottom part. Also so what if there is face recognition and nfc ? nokia already had them before this ice cream sandwich update. Pathetic but effective marketing. Nokia should improve their marketing skills badly

    • migo says:

      The iPhone 3G/S design was actually a good one. Thick enough to be held comfortably, curved edges again for comfort and easily slipping into your pocket. All plastic for better reception. I’d say the 3G and 3G/S are the only phones Apple did right.

  11. jr says:

    I understand why symbian fanboys are scared of wp7.. They have invested so much in crappy symbian phones and bad UX of Symbian than they can’t help that a saviour has come to their rescue.. more like a slave who doesn’t want to gain his freedom.. let wp7 save you guys.. you derserve it..

    • N00-00 says:

      I understand WP makes the user a slave with all its restrictions…

      • jr says:

        I like to be a slave of good design but restricted than no restrictions bad design… you know that symbian together with BBOS are the only samrtphnes without kinectic scrolling? wha are you guy living in 1945?

        • N00-00 says:

          Kinetic srolling?? My Symbian Anna does kinetic scrolling without any problem what so ever..

          I live in 2011 and in a free country. So I don’t like restrictions..

        • N00-00 says:

          But I’m not sure your CEO lives in 2011 with his “you have to be a computer scientist to use Android” comment. I don’t agree with that nor does Android’s sales… In fact, I think WP needs it more than Android..

      • migo says:

        I’d rather have restrictions and reliability than no restrictions and the random crashes and other problems Symbian experiences.

    • yasu says:

      I’d sooner buy an iPhone, and believe me when I tell you when that I dislike Apple products.

      Thanks $deity, I won’t have to resort to that, I’ll probably join the Android army.

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

        what r you waiting then? Goodbye

        • yasu says:

          “what r you waiting then? Goodbye”
          Why do you care?

          • Doffen says:

            He is possibly a blatant WP fanboy and probably an astroturfer for MicroSoft. A Nokia fanboy would point ot that you have other possibilities than WP if you want a Nokia phone.

            • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

              there are other possibilities yes:
              there is Meltemi, an OS that we haven’t seen yet but for some unexplained reason it is already considered by some better than WP, there is Symbian, an OS that is not under Nokia control anymore and the CEO has pronounced it dead, there is MeeGo, an OS that failed to attract developer interest and Nokia has further sliced its already pitiful budget

          • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

            it’s just that for a moment i thought you meant it. You’re getting a Windows Phone then. Good

  12. MobileUser678 says:

    Hello World

  13. ssdh says:

    Well, now I guess the first batch of NokWPs will be priced a bit lower to be competitive,that’s right Ballmer, sacrifice Nokia for your plans…
    Slim Nokia down by firing lots of people, closing factories, trimming R&D and lowering the quarterly expected profits so that when the earning reports come in, you can say, “yeah we were able to reach our goal for this quarter”.. Nokia really is becoming just an OEM, without R&D to make innovations and file patents, then they would heavily rely on their only OS provider..

  14. Ronit says:

    On a different note, does everyone have Anna now? So that we can move on to Belle? Or are a few carrier branded wretches still left out?

  15. symbian says:

    Bllamer talks about new nokia phones based on windows phone 7.5 i think why he didn’t talk about new samsung phones based on windows phone 7.5 ???
    The reality is like this … He talks about her new products her new mobile phones.
    Bllamer says android bla bla bla but android is beter than all is top os.
    Im symbian lover and using n8 but i will newer buy nokia windows phones or windows phone by samsung or something.
    when the symbian die i will buy android or tizen (meego) by samsung and intel.
    Fuck bllemer Fuck elop.
    Nokia change the ceo if you want to sell some smartphones.

  16. Techstic says:

    This is great news for Mango lovers including me, but will these phone can compete Android in Price points, which is also must for a new buyer.

  17. Viva La Nokia says:


    Sorry for going off topic. How do I get the N9 from Hong Kong? Online shops or niche retailers? Any feasible way?


  18. dfs says:

    I think nokia windows phone will fail. all clues tell us that it is basically a windows phone with nokia hardware. I’m very pessimistic about their success.

    • BellGo says:

      I feel pretty much the same way right now. =/

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

        is that sixth sense or you know something we don’t?

        • Doffen says:

          Statistics and common sense! WP has ca 1% market share! Even if doubled by Nokia it is hardly a great success.

          • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

            tell that to IDC and Gartner, they both predict Windows Phone will take second or even first spot worldwide

            • N00-00 says:

              IDC, Gartner aand other analysts have been wrong a lot in the past… I have read their reports and those predictions are basically converting Symbian’s market share to WP.. But in reality, people jumping from Symbian are moving to Android and not WP..

              • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

                i’ve seen them mentioned a few times in the blogosphere. Strange noone ever mentions the N0000 analyst :P

          • migo says:

            That makes no sense, that’s like saying because Nokia had 70% marketshare that they couldn’t lose. All that says is where they are now, not where they’ll be in the future.

    • migo says:

      No really? Of course it will be Windows Phone on Nokia hardware, how could it be anything else?

  19. hackman says:

    Hey guys.. spotted this on nokia innovation..
    Donno if they’re real shots or not..
    they seem to be telling it..
    Do check.. :)

    • migo says:

      The quality looks good enough to be real, rather than some of the other more obvious fakes. I’m just really disturbed that they’ve just got some permanent hard keys at the bottom 54 pixels of the screen – that’s going to make it suck to use in landscape.

      • hackman says:

        quite true.. landscape’s gonna be hard with the 3 keys around..
        i’d settle with it also if nokia could bring out a deadly flagship device..
        as promised they need to bring True Zoom and a dual core phone this year.. i hope that both of them are present in the same windows phone they might pack with..
        i’m just waiting for the phone that’ll break the tradition of nokia’s mediocre devices from past 2-3 years..

        • hackman says:

          excluding the n9 there is.. and interms of camera well n8 as well..

        • migo says:

          The leaked Nokia Sabre shots look a lot better for landscape use. I’m glad. Quite realistically some people will only use their phone one handed in portrait, and for them the Sea Ray will be great (shifting the screen up a bit actually makes most things easier to use that way). Choice is always good, a big reason I don’t want Apple’s platforms. With Android and Windows Phone I can choose between various hardware options to find the model that just happens to serve me best.

  20. Mike says:

    I’m so glad Nokia teamed up with Micro. That Mango is light years ahead of Apple and Google. It’s too bad for Apple and Google that they do not own Nokia so now they have to make do with poor quality hardware for the Androids and IOS.

    • migo says:

      Not quite true. It is for Apple, but Motorola is an exclusive Android vendor, and they’re a very close second behind Nokia as far as hardware quality goes, and very good in the innovation department as well.

      I’d go with Nokia first, Motorola second, and LG as a possible third if for some weird reason the first two aren’t viable options. So Android isn’t really in that bad of a place as far as hardware goes. Apple though…. they just don’t know how to make phones. When they get it right it’s by accident.

  21. V* says:

    Check this out ‘Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 Mango’ !!

  22. jr89 says:

    Let us drink a cup of tea and wait for the next week. I don’t know if Windows Phone are good, but Nokia made better phone hardware than any other mobile brand.

  23. yemko says:

    OMG! what has come over ELOP? Steve ballmer looks HORRIBLE!!! He looks DEVILISH!!! I smell troubles in their merging together….

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