Pics: Nokia N9 vs Nokia 800

| October 27, 2011 | 97 Replies

There are several differences between these handsets, but what links them like twins are their nigh on identical appearance.


We were asked by readers to compare the sizes, and without knowing the dimensions, to the eye, you can’t see any difference.

Whilst this is NOT an OS/Software comparison, one thing I have noticed, and it has been said by people who are using both, that Nokia 800 takes “better” more pleasant looking photos. N9 are certainly more natural in some sense with colours but the 800 in the short samples I’ve seen was much better. Video on the other hand (I think there’s a bug in 800 where CAF is so slow). When the samples are up, I’ll link to that post.


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  • stylinred

    better pictures? oO thought they were the same camera

    different setting/algorithms for post processing?

    • stylinred

      oh; does it take pictures just as fast? when i was watching a demo video the other day it seemed the 800 was a tad bit slow

      • Jay Montano

        No, picture taking is quite fast.

        • Linuxfag

          Can you please ask someone why they’re not releasing the Windows phones in Finland this year. It’s really irritating.

          • Mariano

            n9 rule! you suck montano wp lover

            • migo

              Jay’s a Nokia lover, for all their faults, whatever they do, he supports them. It’s really sad that people don’t get this.

              • dr_zorg

                Why? Where does this unconditional love come from? Nokia is not his child, neither is Elop his father. The only incentive to do that would be money, but he says he’s not paid.

                Could it be he actually likes Windows Phone?

                Your comment, instead of supporting J.M. actually hurts him 🙂

            • Raja

              So do u this is a nokia blog not meego or symbian blog and whatever Jay says you don’t like makes u sad right ? Pls grow up . He has been giving very balanced views pros and cons of everything he feels . There is 1 site called you will love to be there because everybody will be discussing everything which you would love to hear and believe . And btw I like n9 a lot it’s a great phone but that docent makelumia 800 bad

            • Jay Montano

              I do love Nokia unconditionally. They introduced me to a young age the amazing feats the Finns could bring. They set themselves apart time and time again and this inspired me. I loved them and what they did and what they stood for and wanted to let everyone know what they’re about. Although it looks like not their best time at the moment, I still see great potential in them.

              I guess that makes me a Nokia fanboy. I’m not however blind to their faults. On the contrary, I want these known, accepted, and immediately on the path to be sorted.

              @dr_zorg. I don’t work for them, I am not paid to say positive things about them. I have written about them for a long time for nothing and only now require to make revenue to keep this blog up and possibly to grow more, but nothing more. I really do like Nokia so much, but I do understand that I also have studies and it is in my best interest not to have to take time out of studying to work in order to pay for things such as hosting, themes, support, equipment etc.

              I get the same criticisms over and over. Was I paid to say positive things on Maemo 5? Was I already back then a Symbian touch hater because I loved that platform so much? Or could it be that I just genuinely liked it? Like other things that may not be entirely Nokia at all.

              Although I can also appreciate products from other manufacturers, I could never fly the flag for them as much as I could for Nokia.

              I like all Nokia OSes, some i’m finding more useful to me right now than others. Just because you like one OS over another shouldn’t really warrant such ignorant comments. Just use what’s best for you and leave it at that.

  • Marcel

    I love my N9, though I have to admit if the N9 would have never been released, I’d buy the Lumia 800 in a second. The big plus is the exterior (copied from the N9) which really helps it to stand out from the crowd.

    • John

      Completely agree 😀

    • Cod3rror

      So you buy a phone to stand out from the crowd?

      How about buying an iPhone so you stand WITH the crowd?

      • Deathcoder

        I hate iphone and wp7’s restrictions but if in next 6 months apple release iphone 5 with 720p resolution display then I’ll buy it without any second thought

        • john mortimer

          you mean the iphone6

  • Keist

    the n9 with a metro ui looks appaling!

    • ausadl


      • Deep Space Bar


  • John

    Will definitely be getting my Lumia 800 soon 😀

    I wouldn’t mind getting the N9 in white as well !!

    • Harangue

      Too bad it lacks NFC and a little more memory. Although I could live without NFC it’s the idea of having it to play around with it that makes it worth having.

      The lack of a FFC doesn’t bother me though, have had one for nearly 4 years now and never even actually used it.

      I did hope they would bring out some extra colours. The blue and pink are very much niche colours, too bad the white won’t be initially available for the 800 as well.

      • John

        I am a big believer in NFC too and would love to have it, the problem is until Apple “invents” NFC and call it iWallet nobody cares 😀

        • migo

          Nope, Google’s already done the job for it. In fact, you’ll probably see Apple holding out on NFC for quite some time simply because Google got there first.

      • Raja

        +100 my choice s black for sure the pink and blue even I dint like much when I saw the n9 in flesh and I agree with you white will be just damn sexy will buy in instant but for now it’s black

  • Jaydee

    Nokia gave us an opportunity to compare which OS looks pleasing on almost the same hardware- shape & size wise.. N9 wins hands down.. The WP version juz looks… stoopid/out of place/confused..?

    • N9


    • Marcel

      I still think the tiles fit pretty well in the rectangular shape of the phone. Also, proportions-wise it doesn’t look bad…

      I find the Lumia 710 way more odd-looking with the Windows Phone UI.

      @Jay: can you please also do comparison shots within other functionalities than the homescreen? E.g. open contact cards/people hub, Messaging center and so on and compare side-by-side.

      • Harangue

        The 710 does look odd, but it has price as a main differentiator. Still though, it looks like a poor implementation of that concept that was released february 2011.

    • Harangue

      Come on, I’m seeing all this hate towards WP. It’s stupid, outdated, iPhone/Android/xx is better. WP sucks, I hate Elop and all that.

      I’m not drawn too the N9, it’s much the same as what is out now today in iOS and Android apart from the Swipe overlay and multitasking.

      Do I hate it because I prefer the 800? No, definitly not. I appreciate what Nokia did and understand what appeal it might have for some. There are elements of it I absolutely don’t like; like the notifications screen, which just looks cluttered. The lack of customization (WP doesn’t really have that either but still). You only have the app screen without any information coming straight at you, it is just the app screen and that’s it. You always need to perform a second action in order to get to your information and sometimes even a third.

      However, there is a device for everyone in this very diverse market today. You want utter freedom? Go Android or N9. Want a controlled environment and familiarity, go iOS. Want something new that takes a while to get used to but provides a pretty good experience, then go WP. But there is no need to hate on any OS. Don’t hate Android, iOS, WebOS, Bada, MeeGo, Tizen, S40, Symbian or whatever just because you love another.

      • AngryPenguin

        I think the reason we all hate WP is because elop sacrificed meego & symbian for it.

        There is nothing like meego & nothing like symbian out there. After elop kills them it is our loss (we consumers in general lose choice).

        On the other hand wp does not bring much to the table compared to iOS. Our loss is huge and our benefit is small.

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          “I think the reason we all hate WP”

          all?! speak for yourself dude

          • Eddy

            this guy’s nickname says it all


            i’m sure he’s not biased towards Symbian or MeeGo with a name like that.

          • Anjanu Sonkar

            yes all

            • Glim12808


          • dr_zorg

            I believe he meant “we all who hate WP”.

            Reading in context is a difficult art to master.

        • migo

          Oh there’s plenty like Symbian – Windows Mobile (dead), BlackBerry OS (dying), Android (going to end up a mess like Symbian did eventually).

          There’s also stuff like Harmattan – webOS, pretty much a non-starter.

          And as far as the N9 being totally innovative goes, the idea started with webOS, which the N9 simplified and the PlayBook refined.

          • Dave

            Oh aye, WM is soooo dead. I mean, its only supplying the underlying operating system for WP7 (WP7 being a point or two change in the same CE OS)

            One big difference between N9/webOS and the Playbook. The N9 and webOS have been well reviewed. The playbook doesn’t tend to get good reviews, and is horrendously overpriced for what is on offer.

            • migo

              The PlayBook doesn’t get good reviews due to the absence of email. Anyone who looks past that does acknowledge that the interface is really very good.

        • Boyang

          and it looks boring.

        • Raja

          Have you ever used wp7 aim sure you have not it brings many things much more then iOS . And other then bunch of fanboys like you nobody is at loss because symbian is killed , so pls don’t talk about all the consumers. I agree n9 should have been continued but inside nokia they know better then you and me there must be a strong reason and remember nokia is not a just ruled by Elop there is a board who has to approve the decisions made so nowpls don’t start the same boring theory of mr elop is a spy and a Trojan it’s becoming quite boring and childish

      • j

        i don’t have to perform any action to get my information on the n9. i don’t even have to touch the device! missed calls, new mails are shown on the sleeping screen! when i double tap on the screen i get the lock screen, where i get detailed information about the mails – when i swipe at the mail notification i get to the mail app!

        and windows phone is compared to that totally behind. sorry, thats a fact.

        and sorry i hate windows phone. just because it’s an os that tries to remove a nokia own os with the brutal force of money. and wirh elops dirty tricks to damage the n9. remember the sea ray presentation? is the lumia 800 like the sea ray? no! watch the buttons! that was a n9 prototype flashed with windows phone.

        • migo

          You’re wrong, Microsoft was the first to get all the info on the lock screen… back with Windows Mobile 6.5

      • Nrde

        It’s not the same at all.

        – you can make the notification screen what you like, if you don’t want twitter there, just unselect it in the settings, don’t want email notifications – no problem, unselect email. Associated press well… you get it.

        In the future there will probably be other programs you can have that update stuff for the notification screen.

        What kind of customization you need? Swipe left and you always get task list? No problem install Swipemanager and make swipes your own.

        As a fortunate consequence of the excellent multitasking and task list you can have the apps open, depending on the app they can show a lot of info just on the preview (live) image of the app. So can you elaborate what kind of customization you are after.

        For some of us MeeGo/Harmattan and Symbian is little bit more than just a phone OS. So the replacement should proof itself before I consider giving it any credit. So far it has failed.

        • N00-00


    • N9 FTW.

    • Boyang


  • jklubi

    So apart from pictures the N9 beats the OS hands down

  • Linuxfag

    I like both and I may just buy both as well. I have a 64gb N9 but I’m itching to port Linux to the 1.4ghz processor on the 800 and it’s much cheaper than the N9 was.

    • John

      I love both too, both have different personalities, personally i don’t get the hate for Windows Phone 7.

  • yu

    the n9 ui is beautiful and had eyecandy factor, the 800 ui is all about simplicity.

    • guest

      Other way around. There’s no useless ‘wow’ features on N9, just usability and simplicity.

  • Stound

    Since i cant actually play with one, I downloaded the demo in nokia store(similar to n9 demo) and they can actually put swipe UI to wp7 perfectly, was missing the multitasking view after the one after the list view(which i hope they add a grid view option) I hate the current task manager UI and the way it is activated, btw

    @Jay: how do u close apps via task manager in mango ?

    • Mazze

      U can’t. Need to do it from within the app.

    • migo

      You don’t really need to close apps in Mango because it uses tombstoning instead of parallel multitasking.

      Swipe could definitely be introduced into WP, I wouldn’t mind seeing swipe from the side to get the multitasking screen introduced, and flick to remove from the back list somewhat yoinked from webOS cards. Even though webOS has actual multitasking, if there’s something you did recently that you don’t actually want to go back to, clearing it out makes sense, and really being able to scroll through the full history instead of just 5 would be nice too.

      We’ll probably see something like that in Windows Phone 8.

      • N9

        and there its starts “Windows Phone 8.” is the real deal forget about wp7 failing to even retain former windows mobile users.. WP8 will save it all heheheheh, and you say symbiam users are delusional giiiiii

        • John

          Fanboys of any manufacturer or OS are all delusional, they will always make excuses its not just Symbian, MeeGo or Windows Phone fans its ALL OF THEM !!! 🙂

        • migo

          Most people don’t care about that anyway though. They’re perfectly happy with what Windows Phone offers once they see it. Sure some come in with pre-existing bias, but there’s nothing you can do about that.

    • Jesse

      You don’t need to worry about closing apps in Windows Phone, the OS manages all of that for you. The apps use agents while in the background so they do not provide much overhead to the OS.

  • jonnyjl

    The only thing the 800 has over the N9 is a camera button…. and even that is not that important.

    Oh yeah… I’m posting this from my N9 🙂 God this keyboard blows my N8 out of the water. Rivals other devices too.

    • migo

      Better than N8 I can believe, better than iOS also (hell, S60v5 had a better keyboard than iOS). Windows Phone – that keyboard is pretty damn good, I’d be surprised if the N9 were that much better. Android… it has so many custom keyboard options, I guess if you mean it rivals the default keyboard.

    • Aleve Sicofante

      I find the camera button important. It’s a shame they didn’t put it in the N9. It seriously hamper the use of the phone as a camera.

      I also like the position of the flash better. Not a functional thing, but much nicer from an appearance point of view.

      • migo

        I’d wonder how useful such a dinky button would be in the first place though. This obsession with thin phones has made it rather difficult to get a properly usable button like was found on the N95.

  • ali

    for sure n9 is better. we don’t need to compare.

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      but the Lumia 800 comes with a better OS, one should take that into account

      • anonymous

        well, to each his own… you can’t objectively argue that WP7 is better than MeeGo, as neither can I state the opposite without facts. Until someone will do extensive testing… cheers to the WP7 fans, and cheers to the MeeGo ones!

        • migo

          There are definitely pros and cons to both, but assuming RF is the same, and I can get a Lumia with AWS, I’d pick the Lumia over the N9. On the other hand, if Nokia doesn’t support AWS thanks to the Snapdragon limiting the number of bands they can support, I’ll definitely get the N9.

          Nokia first over other brands, but within Nokia I’d pick Windows Phone over MeeGo.

      • j

        therefore the lumia has to be sold cheaper than the n9. 400eur vs. 600eur of 16gb n9!

        the lumia is a n9 wannabe. nothing to be proud of.

        • Cloud

          I would have gicen the Lumia a thought with better specs (escpecially memory upgrade: 1 GB RAM, at least 32 gb better 64 gb of storage memory., FM Transmitter – a specialty of nokia I liked very much…).

          • migo

            If they made the Lumia 800 with 64GB storage, they wouldn’t have the chips to make 64GB N9s. The 64GB Lumias will come later, once they can get them in larger quantities. I agree though that it should come eventually, as Windows Phone is so finicky as to not realistically support expandable storage. Some people can do fine with 8GB or 16GB (such as myself), others do have a good reason to be asking for 32GB or 64GB.

            FM transmitter would certainly be a differentiating characteristic that shouldn’t cause fragmentation, particularly if it’s just introduced as an alternative to DLNA.

            1GB memory, bad idea, that gives devs the freedom to code inefficient apps instead of making them write clean and efficient code to work within the 512MB limit that most other devices are working in. Keeping steady at 512MB also lets them move the prices down, so Windows Phone is available to more people at a reasonable price point.

        • Jesse

          They aren’t in the same class. 9 series are higher end devices than 8 series. Funny that the 800 seems so much faster in videos though, especially since it is cheaper!

          • j

            of course they are not in the same class. n9 runs meego and the lumia runs an already failed os – windows phone.

            well i have used windows phone for some minutes – i dont like it. by the way the lumia runs a 1,4Ghz cpu and the n9 a 1Ghz CPU. The n9 has a brand new os, with room for optimizations.

            well and a nokia without nfc? thats a joke. going to order the md310 receiver for my n9.

            • Jesse

              N9 hardware wise has a few advantage: NFC, FFC, Pentaband,more Ram, more Storage etc.. It is the highest end device that Nokia has for sale. It is a testament to Windows Phone that despite all of that the 800 still runs much faster haha!

              I do wish the 800 had NFC, FFC and most of all Pentaband though : (

              Nokia isn’t for me this year, but I have high hopes they will bring something good soon!

              • migo

                Pentaband is a huge disappointment, fucking Qualcomm. I suspect for Windows Phone 8 Microsoft will have to expand to allow TI OMAP and others, but I think until then we’ll be stuck with Quad-Band Max. 🙁

      • Nrde

        Eh an OS that only runs managed code without real multitasking. What is actually better in your opinion in WP?

        • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

          you answered the question yourself: managed code ( = stability/safety)
          And what do you mean by “real multitasking”? Having to kill tasks every now and then to conserve battery? That was Windows Mobile, Microsoft has learned from mistakes of the past

          • ausadl

            … ‘Microsoft has learned from mistakes of the past’ … well, if you think so …

            • migo

              And so does anyone else intelligent.

              • dr_zorg

                Evidently implying that anyone who disagrees is stupid. Way to go!

  • j

    this comparision is an insult! you should compare the lumia to other n9 copies:

    compare lumia vs. this for example:

    • Schneider

      Haha. oh lord. OH WAIT what’s that at 1:10?! Is it a guy?! With those nails?! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

      • Team Cod3rror


      • guest

        Pinky nail is for cocaine and thumbnail is for resistive screen.

  • Mazze

    What a waste of space with these tiles! I want widget-based homescreens. I love the design of the N9. But I’d prefer Android or even Symbian with a proper browser on it. Widgets make ur life so much easier. You can access the main app features without starting the app or reactivating it from the multitasking menu. Besides you can put these nice weather forecast, clock time, bluetooth on off buttons etc… all on top. How can anybody at Microsoft not see that this is so much more convenient while at the same time consumes a lot less space than tiles?!? I really don’t get it!

  • john

    Well done Nokia, even if its a flop, you have managed to release 3 phone-camera’s with autofocus this year !!!! Congratulations. You can take the other 30 fixed focus cameras you have released this year and shove them up a reindeer’s …. .

    • migo

      Hey, fixed focus is nice as an option. Some people prefer it, others prefer autofocus.

    • Nrde

      Not everyone has need for autofocus camera.

  • migo

    The N9 looks like a chocolate bar, somehow the Lumia 800 doesn’t.

    • Jaydee

      I assume u love chocolate that much huh..?


      • migo

        Or maybe I hate chocolate? You never know. I was just making an observation, not a value judgement.

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  • gjggj

    exactly the same ui as other wp7

    and the public still call it new?

    • Diogo

      N9 is very better than crap WP7

    • migo

      Compared to the N9 which is just a rehash of the iOS UI, which is just a rehash of Palm OS? The look of the N9 is more than a decade old. Android really isn’t all that different from Windows 98 with Active Desktop either. Compared to that – both more than 10 year old looks, hell yeah Windows Phone is a new UI.

      • ssdh

        I thought you people called the WP UI a “classic, timeless” UI??
        So, Which one is older then??

        • migo

          Timeless doesn’t mean it’s old, it means that it will never age. It takes a design language that you can’t look at after a few years and tell that it’s old. The only thing that can really be changed with the metro design language is the layout and functionality, so you’ll be able to tell old metro from new metro because the new metro is more functional and better laid out, but there won’t be any visual cues.

          • MADol

            I don’t know who you are, but Nokia and WP deserve more fans like you. You have an eye for perfection (Nokia + WP = PERFECTION).

          • ssdh

            Timeless, yeah that’s one part of the definition, the other part is that it has no beginning, it’s been there since time immemorial. So it’s not a new UI… It’s a copy of a typography based design, that some people say is reminiscent of something from a magazine.. So it’s older the?? Even older than 10 years old??

            • migo

              Hey, that’s a very good point. Yeah, if you really get down to it, Metro is at its core, text on a page. No borders, no lines, only differentiation by the location and size of the text.

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