Channel 5’s website is ALL Nokia Lumia 800 (and 5 reasons you would want it)

| October 30, 2011 | 29 Replies

Channel 5’s influential Gadget Show seems to love the Nokia 800, at least as their blog indicates. This is music to my ears.

  • Design – puts vast majority of other smartphones in the shade
  • Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive –  Nokia has been a leader here, but they note you no longer need to get a Symbian to experience it (well there was that N9). Enjoy getting lost with other Windows Phones that aren’t Nokia.
  • Screen.  – Deep blacks, stunningly vibrant.
  • Mango – “finally gives Nokia software to match hardware” (well in masses terms now anyway since N9 is not going anywhere)
  • Camera – they’re putting money on it being one of the best. I love you Carl Zeiss branding and Nokia making sure it actually means something. You just hear across the blogosphere the immediate assumption that – “It’s a Nokia with Carl Zeiss – of course it’s going to be good”. We need more like this. More positive associations. More maps – it’s a Nokia with Nokia Maps, of course it’s going to be good.
Also probably of equal if not more significance is how the WHOLE of the Channel 5 website IS The Nokia Lumia 800. You might have heard in the previous post if you watched the BBC click segment, that Nokia is spending megabucks on getting this seen. I don’t think there’s any need to worry about impartiality. No one cares. The freaking Nokia 800 is everywhere. Hopefully this means people giving it a chance and trying it out.
This must have been a fair few million. But that is so well spent. This means something. This is a full terrestrial TV website. Got to hand it to Nokia. They’re taking this whole image branding seriously. I’m so pleased they’re taking on the “hype, hype, solid hype and sell” so well. They’re announcing it, and they’re just going from strength to strength with the campaign.
I know I’m a Nokia fan, but you guys know I will be the first to moan/complain/whine/rant if they’re messing up the ads. Hallelujah Nokia.

There’s Nokia 800 lumia ads EVERYWHERE. LOVE IT. When I saw it I kinda burst out loud, in front of my housemate in excitement, “That’s IT!!”. Ha.


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  • Grazy

    they really are! every other add is Nokia 800! i’ll be interested to pick one up in store and compare it to my N9 🙂

  • Meegomad

    Lol looks like Nokia is splashing cash out for ads like apple

    i’m not blaming I just wonder they didn’t do this sooner before they killed good old symbian

    ah well new Nokia could catch up and probably become a leader once more

    • Zhi

      I think they didn’t do that with Symbian because Microsoft paid Nokia A LOT (, so they have plenty of “Microsoft’s money” to spend on marketing?

      • Viipottaja

        The MS contribution is a very small part of Nokia’s overall marketing budget.

        This is about rebranding Nokia and launching a new platform.

        • Jay Montano

          Yup. Nokia understand they have to make it BIG and they have to make a BIG splash. This is it.

    • migo

      No amount of advertising could save symbian. They could have put this kind of budget behind the N9, yes. Symbian, hell no.

  • Michael FT

    In Aus we have been bombarded with N9 ads,so hopefully the 800 is publicused as well. WP is not promoted here very well.

  • 1 main reason I will never want it – I’m not going to support Microsoft and use their products.

    If there would be an option of wiping out WP from it, and installing open systems like Meego/Tizen/Nemo etc. – then I might think of buying one.

    • Raja

      It’s better then you buy n9 and save the lumia 800 for others.

      • erm

        +1. sensible reply.

      • jr

        He knew this.. Just trying to be silly.

      • deepesh

        hehe 🙂

      • Well, buying N9 is naturally expected 🙂 I was talking about these new devices in particular.

  • dans

    Reading the @bbcclick responses, seems most are worried about how many apps there are for Nokia devices.

    Also noteworthy is they see it as Nokia OS, not a MSFT OS in partnership with Nokia.

    • erm

      it might be because wp7 has so little traction else where that nokia just might have the chance in the public mind that wp7 = nokia only.

      • migo

        That may or may not be a good thing. Given the current opinion of Nokia’s OSes (N9 notwithstanding, only techies know about it), WP7 being a Nokia OS is a strike against it.

  • kannuchi

    This time, i’m going back to NOKIA!!

  • FireDragon

    I love the show, The Gadget Show. Many said good things about N9, they picked E7 a couple of times for their purchases. They give N8 chances for their Camera based projects but for one reason or another they always had to put it down.

    It is good that the channel is going full Nokia with it. Maybe this will also help other Nokia handsets than WP.

  • BellGo

    …So many adverts for the Nokia 800.. If this wont make WP sell, nothing will. I still think it would be better if Nokia wouldn’t force one OS to the consumers, (I especially don’t approve the killing of MeeGo) but in theory this might result in ok sales, because of all this advertising. I still don’t think it is very likely though..

    We’ll see.

    • Viipottaja

      Well they are selling Symbian alongside WP in most countries for a long time to come. And N9 in some too (e.g. Russia).

      Plus of course S40 and Meltemi in the future are getting closer and closer to smartphone functionality.

      • BellGo

        Yeah, but they are acting as Symbian would be already dead. No adverts or anything for Belle. In my country virtually no one knows that Belle exists!

    • FireDragon

      Claiming the Symbian and MeeGo dead as the first entry was the mistake. Specially Symbian since it was already active and has users and developers support.

      After all they still working on to Symbian and now Symbian is reading to the level of acceptable form. They could say that we are leading more toward WP as it is new and it is more consumer friendly and we will be keeping Symbian and enhancing it. This type of announcement wouldn’t hurt Nokia’s image nor Elop.

      At the end People will pick what they want to pick. Someone who want’s Symbian will pick Symbian and would always want Symbian to be as good as others.

      Besides this I always say that Symbian has nothing wrong, specially now that it has QT. The only bad thing it have (still have) is its interaction with the user. Besides this, it has every single thing in its core that we need. Well they did trim a few things in Symbian^3 but they better bring it back and fast.

  • Jalpatine

    It had much of the cool stuff my N9 has + some other cool stuff like the new music. I’m gonna one ASAP.

    Pinning applications and i.e. Persons to the main screen is a good one… I would propose the same funtionality to the N9 for people…

  • Camchams

    Even though what they have said is true I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia some how paid them to say this. Watching Big Brother I’ve practically been bombarded with Nokia Everyday adverts with and the program may start with Nokia Lumia sponsors Channel 5 etc. I’m not complaining though ,I love seeing good Nokia adverts.

  • meego

    There is a different view:

    WP7 won’t make a difference for Nokia

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