N9-Apps goes live!

| October 30, 2011 | 15 Replies

This has happened right in the middle of Nokia World so I pushed it back for the weekend.

We brought you news about a site being created that would act as an “app store” of sorts, bringing together a list of Nokia Store published apps as well as community developed ones. If you haven’t seen it, take a look here.


A feature of the site that I like, is that they have introduced a “Requests” section, where the user can request an app, get that request voted up by other users, and hopefully a community developer will create it! I like the connection between the site and developers, allowing for them to upload their own apps.

Apps also include if they have a free/premium app. The way that did this is good, as it limits the app listing to only one for the app itself, regardless of the versions.

If you have an N9/N950, head over to N9 Apps and add it to your apps screen 🙂



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  • migo

    Mosh Redux?

  • Jaydee

    Good only if quality apps are featured.. Leave out the crappy apps populating the Nokia Store.. And once in awhile have beta apps for members to try out and give comments before the apps go full blown at the Nokia Store.. Have tutorial articles specially written for the noobs esp. one involving using the Terminal mode..

    • Nabkawe

      i just laugh when i see whats featured on the front page of the store every time , Man when i read that there was a Quality Assurance team i thought wow that’s an over paid employee …

      • migo

        Probably just that the apps don’t crash, they certainly can’t block App Wizard apps after promoting it so hard.

    • KS

      Agree! Maybe should have another page for hardware/accessories makers? lol. And services. Complete ecosystem.

  • whatever

    very pretty site

  • Sun Down

    Ovi store… Lol. Someone needs to clean that mess up.

  • Peter L

    I recently counted 1000 latest applications from the ‘New’ category for N9 from the Nokia store and the result was this:

    79 real applications
    921 Ovi App Wizard RSS crap applications (several of them actually cost money!!!)

    The ratio is about 1:12. People say that App Store and Android Market is full of crap, but Ovi Store is easily as bad.

    • MoritzJT

      Hi Peter… I hope they pick your idea and bring in a filter… @QtDevDays I spoke to the store devs from California and requested that filter and some other store realted things…

  • aboodesta

    great site. i have an n9 and im loving it, but the lack of whatsapp is killing me 🙁

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Viber is releasing “Nokia” compatable app. Know for sure winpho and Sym, so hopefully, Sym will be QT and a MeeGo version will come 🙂

      BTW, Viber is voip app essentially, but will be great replacement for WhatsApp imo

      • Folkert

        70% of my phonebook contacts (500) have installed whatsapp. This programs works so well because you dont need an account.

        So do other people need to install viber first?

        We just need whatsapp on the N9…

  • Punching Bag

    Anyone have insight on Shazam development for N9? Is that in dev?

  • Thanks for featuring us! We will be improving the site and more apps will come. It works in the way that it assumes that new apps don’t come in very frequently so that each app can get proper air-time and chance to get on the hot list. So it’s better to not add huge number of apps at the same time.

  • Nice to see it working for now 😀 Keep it up!