Video: First Working N950 FM Radio QML GUI

| October 30, 2011 | 31 Replies

Check out this video showing the a Qt QML FM Radio. It’s pretty funky looking, especially that on/off button.

The FM radio dials can be set to a station. Not sure if it would have the “seek” function to search for stations automatically.

Video by 

Cheers AmmAR  for the tip!


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  1. Diogo says:

    MeeGo, the best S.O. killed by Elop!

    • Sun Down says:

      I’m sure you meant OS, not SO.

    • Nintendo-Xbox says:

      I can’t understand why Nokia can’t commit to having one mega Linux phone a year next to their best Windows phones. It can be their iPhone killer device priced way higher than everything else.

  2. arvi says:

    Wow! Great start for the N9 hacking!! Next stop? Ffc. Yehey ^^, N9 FTW

  3. whatever says:

    this is why i should buy n9 killed by elop, becasue of the great support from community

    next will be video calling using front camera and fm tranmitter!

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      FMTX is already being worked on by the same developer of FMRX, javispedro. The video above is simply some making a UI for his command line application.

  4. Schneider says:

    If it shows to have a transmitter too, then I’ll buy it in an instant. I can’t live without the transmitter that my N8 has.

  5. #@! says:

    …………n950 has FM radio?n9 seems hasn’t the FM hardware support【is it right?】?

  6. Ajit says:

    Yo Yo Yo! I love this! I hate Elop!

  7. GordonH says:

    Go meego.
    Hope N9 gets more developer love. A handful of useful apps should be more then enough for most consumers. Dropbox, Skype vdo and whats app would be nice to have on the N9.

  8. N00-00 says:

    As expected….

  9. Deathcoder says:

    N9 is alive and kicking….too bad that psychopath elop will copy paste swipe ui in wp7 apolo update

    • ssdh says:

      Well, that’s just counterproductive..
      What’s the point then of going to WP to differentiate if they’re just gonna turn it into a MeeGo-Harmattan clone??

  10. Shmerl says:

    Elop will be kicked, WP will fail, and N9 will be remembered as a masterpiece.

  11. stylinred says:

    N9 has a sadder story than the N900 it seems :/

  12. whatever says:

    great games for n9

    and first Unity game in ovi store

  13. Gen says:

    Here’s the download link

    It doesn’t work. I think its just the UI

    • thp says:

      Actually it should work. If it does not, please join the discussion at the forum where this is developed:

      Please also specify which device (N950 or N9) and which firmware (tested on PR1.0 on N9 and PR1.1 on N950 – both work). Don’t forget that you need to plug in headphones to be used as the antenna; otherwise you only get static.

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