Video: First Working N950 FM Radio QML GUI

| October 30, 2011 | 31 Replies


Check out this video showing the a Qt QML FM Radio. It’s pretty funky looking, especially that on/off button.

The FM radio dials can be set to a station. Not sure if it would have the “seek” function to search for stations automatically.

Video by 

Cheers AmmAR  for the tip!



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  • Diogo

    MeeGo, the best S.O. killed by Elop!

    • Sun Down

      I’m sure you meant OS, not SO.

    • Nintendo-Xbox

      I can’t understand why Nokia can’t commit to having one mega Linux phone a year next to their best Windows phones. It can be their iPhone killer device priced way higher than everything else.

  • arvi

    Wow! Great start for the N9 hacking!! Next stop? Ffc. Yehey ^^, N9 FTW

  • whatever

    this is why i should buy n9 killed by elop, becasue of the great support from community

    next will be video calling using front camera and fm tranmitter!

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      FMTX is already being worked on by the same developer of FMRX, javispedro. The video above is simply some making a UI for his command line application.

  • Schneider

    If it shows to have a transmitter too, then I’ll buy it in an instant. I can’t live without the transmitter that my N8 has.

  • #@!

    …………n950 has FM radio?n9 seems hasn’t the FM hardware support【is it right?】?

    • N00-00

      N9 has FM Transmitter & Receiver just like N900 did…

      • Schneider

        How you know? And even if it has the transmitter, does it have any antenna installed?

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          It needs to have headphones plugged in like all other phones, they are the antenna

          • Schneider

            Err, I’m talking about the transmitter, not the receiver.

            • Michael FT

              Yes transmitter is there too

              • Schneider

                But it isn’t connected to the 3,5mm jack I assume because it has never worked like that one previous phone.
                The transmitter has its own built in antenna just like the GSM and 3G module.

                Can you confirm the N9 has an antenna for its transmitter chip?

  • Yo Yo Yo! I love this! I hate Elop!

  • GordonH

    Go meego.
    Hope N9 gets more developer love. A handful of useful apps should be more then enough for most consumers. Dropbox, Skype vdo and whats app would be nice to have on the N9.

    • whatever


      has alternative dropbox client, dropn9
      skype video is not that important to have but nice feature to have
      whatsapp is good for many, but i use skype low-cost sms instead.

      what i need now is upcoming vlc player, or mplayer in n900, google maps client not from google:)

      and a widgets view to make n9 more intresting

  • N00-00

    As expected….

  • Deathcoder

    N9 is alive and kicking….too bad that psychopath elop will copy paste swipe ui in wp7 apolo update

    • ssdh

      Well, that’s just counterproductive..
      What’s the point then of going to WP to differentiate if they’re just gonna turn it into a MeeGo-Harmattan clone??

  • Elop will be kicked, WP will fail, and N9 will be remembered as a masterpiece.

  • stylinred

    N9 has a sadder story than the N900 it seems :/

    • Nintendo-Xbox

      And we thought the N900 was a sad story. At least the N900 still has Skype video calls

      • rxc13

        And so does the N9, so your point is?

  • whatever

    great games for n9

    and first Unity game in ovi store

  • Gen

    Here’s the download link

    It doesn’t work. I think its just the UI

    • thp

      Actually it should work. If it does not, please join the discussion at the forum where this is developed:

      Please also specify which device (N950 or N9) and which firmware (tested on PR1.0 on N9 and PR1.1 on N950 – both work). Don’t forget that you need to plug in headphones to be used as the antenna; otherwise you only get static.