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Because people couldn’t get enough of the new White N9, here’s a collection of the hands on. I wish I just stuck using just the N8 for video. As you’ll see next week, they all came out much nicer than what my 60D produced. And that was 1200GBP of something that was supposed to be all about imaging. The N8 was a PHONE. Seriously, some of the videos I shot looks nicer than some hands on of other handsets I’ve seen pro blogs take with their cameras. Again, I note the awesomeness of N8 imaging in this post here.


Since day one, the White Nokia N9 has always been a suspected colour choice. There was a problem though getting the lacquer correct. Nokia was absolutely stringent with the quality control on the N9. It had to be no less than perfect, tested with oils, lotions, sunlight, and general use to make sure it would not be ruined over time (unlike say, handsets like that white N97 that peeled over time and slightly discoloured around the keys). The N9 in white had an exterior surface that had to be completely brilliant white. No being sandwiched in glass. I somewhat like the glossy look. The soft, marshmallow look of the matte N9/800 is quite something though. I saw an early proto N9 that over months of use became all shiny.







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  • jonnyjl

    Damn, I’d still prefer my N9 64GB in Cyan instead of Black… but I like Black over white.

    Nice previews of PR1.1, I hope it gets released soon.

  • Zhi

    OH MY!! Such a beautiful phone!

  • yabai.youth

    Seriously Jay, you sure are making it difficult for me in choosing my next phone :) I was so sure I’d get the Windows Phone, untill this post came along reminding me of the stuff Meego/Linux is capable of.

    • Heh..

      Same.. I’m planning to jump ship to sony’s next flagship phone and the N9′s getting really REALLY hard to resist..

      • migo

        You would seriously go for a Sony? Their phones are quite possibly the worst crap you could get. Horrible reception, poor sound quality, they’ll even skimp on the PDA components.

      • john mortimer

        if its not nokia get the samsung gs2 all the new nexes, way the best with that os

        • migo

          I’d say Motorola, they’re the ones that are closest to Nokia in hardware and build quality, the RAZR even has Nokia’s styling.

  • weirdfisher

    did the staff in the 3rd clip said it will come out later this year in markets n9 have not been sold?

    • Franco Ng

      oh really?!

      • weirdfisher

        listen to what he said around the last 10 seconds

    • Roc

      No, he’s said it will only be available in the markets that it’s already being sold in.

    • migo

      No, it’s in markets where the N9 is sold.

  • migo

    What Nokia really needs to do is get rid of that stupid shortcut idea – having two separate places for icons makes no sense. Have swipe down to close, swipe left or right to bakground, and swipe up for universal search. Would make it even simpler and more useful at the same time.

    • Jaydee

      I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks and have no complains regarding the default swipes.. Sticking to ur WP OS is best for u. We don’t need u to meddle with the N9, you’re way out of ur depth.. shooo shooo ;)

      • jklubi

        @ Jaydee

        Thanks for the comment, migo seems to be full of himself .

        The N9 is the best out of there and anyone who uses it have a peculiar way of handling it.

        The interesting aspect of it is that, when someone comments about it, you can tell if the person either has one or not.

        My wife who uses an iPhone4 can’t take her hands off it.

        • Jaydee


      • migo

        If you look on Ideasproject you’ll see swipe up for universal search comes up quite often, but the 4 shortcut icons are always a problem for deciding how to implement it. It’s very much a good idea, and we don’t need people like you saying the N9 is perfect as is when it could still use some improvements.

        You could even see the demo guy was a bit confused when swiping up and to the sides had the same effect. It’s almost like he was expecting that swiping to the left or right would take you to one of the other home screens.

        • N9

          yes the fast shortcuts is wrong in some ways, thinks its gone be fixed soon…its not fundamentally wrong its just a presentation thing…

          The big bonus is that it really does not stand in the way and if you don’t like it you simply don’t use it..

          • migo

            Sure, there’s not using it, but then swipe up is kind of wasted. Particularly when swipe up to bring a keyboard and can then type in the program that you want to launch. I suppose you could also swipe up to the shortcuts and have a search icon there, but that’s something of an intermediate step.

  • Deathcoder

    White N9 simply looks gorgeous… My next phone for next 1.5 years …. whether Nokia succeed with wp7 or not thats their own business

    • jklubi

      + 10000

  • reptile

    I wish they would have put in a camera key since they had it delayed anyway…

  • Anjanu Sonkar

    bought Black Nokia N9 today early morning here in India…was absolutely loving it…until I realized it was in my dreams…why isn’t this coming to India!!!what the hell is MS so afraid of!!!

    • sumod

      from where u bought it. I am lookin in delhi

  • ADER

    I watched them all. Do I need to consult a physician?

    • N9

      No all you need is a white N9 like me, And I have a cyan one but I need the white….:)

  • dsmobile

    There is possibility that Nokia is going to bring N9 and 800 to all same markets and give customer a choice to take it with WP7.5 or with Nokia’s OS.

  • Doffen

    Nokia may possibly bring the N9 to all markets but only if their WP phones fails utterly or are smashing successes. The first is to sell something and the last is to satisfy all of their customers.

  • ausadl

    Once you start playing with it (understand N9) you will never want another phone … ;-) Ordered another one for my brother …

    • N9

      Yeap :)

  • S

    Gorgeous phone.

  • Heh..

    I know it may only be a dream but what are the chances of a future “N9 S” with probably dual core and maybe a better camera or some miscellaneous stuff?

    • dsmobile

      there is always a small change in that but they need a new name for the OS before that for N9 and for the N9 “S”.

      • reptile

        Maemo 7? :P

      • john mortimer

        what are you on about the os is called swap
        on there website anyways
        they have never said meego

        • john mortimer

          i mean swipe, sorry

    • migo

      If they could have made it a dual core, they would have already done so. They stuck with a TI OMAP 3 because they would have taken too long to make the small changes necessary for a TI OMAP 4.

      • yasu

        Felipe Contreras disagrees :

        “The problem is when porting to an entirely new hardware platform, say Snapdragon. Suppose only 3 devices are planned on the “years immediately ahead”, well, then it makes sense to have 3 different hardware platforms, and each one of those requires work from the hardware adaptation team, not from the upper layers, though. However, that’s not a technical limitation, it could very well be 30 devices instead of 3, it’s basically the same amount of work for us. IOW; what matters is the hardware platform, not the number of different devices.

        Note: all these are merely examples, not actual plans

        Funnily enough, Windows Phone only supports one hardware platform: Snapdragon (and in fact only certain chips). So MeeGo already has an advantage over Windows Phone; you could ship more devices on more hardware platforms. All we need is the word.

        Not to mention the fact that most of the hardware adaptation is already done by hardware vendors. They do it because it’s the easiest way to demo their hardware (it’s Linux). I tried to explain that on an earlier post where I show many examples of people porting MeeGo to a plethora of devices (it’s easy and fun).”

      • dsmobile

        There was dual-core’s already in works. Intel just did not like it much as those dual-cores aren’t intel’s. lol

        But those might end up to be dual core windows phones instead of N9 “S” .

        • migo

          If Intel couldn’t provide the chips, there would be no obligation on Nokia’s part to not use whatever they can from TI. The chip in the N9 is hardly any different from the one in the N900, which itself came out rather late. The long term availability of OMAP4 means if they could have made it work, they would have.

  • jr89

    What I think is that the N9 will be the one and only phone with MeeGo – look at the apple phone, there’s also “1″ device, and if it’s true what I think about this logic, we can expect something great. Did you get me?

    • john mortimer

      it does not use meego
      it uses swipe

      • migo

        Swipe isn’t an OS, it’s a UI design paradigm.

    • jr89

      Not the answers I was waiting for..

    • CH4R3L

      If that comes true, Nokia will succeed. Let’s hope it won’t just be in our wishes.

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