Video: Kinect Effect – what will you do with it? #NokiaKinectingPeople – brilliant marketing video

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Kinect is the fastest selling electronics device on record. It surprised me too as I thought it was essentially a play station eye toy attempting to do motion things like the Wii. Whilst it has its feet in Xbox, there are even cooler things being done by ordinary people hacking the heck out of it.

The video below is, I think, amazingly done. It has a sort of Apple feel to it, that brings up some annoyance inside of me because I’m thinking, “Darn these guys, they’ve done it again with their marketing. Why does no one else get it?”.

At Nokia World we saw how Nokia Lumia phones now interact with Kinect.

One of Nokia’s strengths has always been the weird and wonderful unexpected things people did with Nokias. N900 being the prime example, and N8 having a “what would  you do with it” campaign.

This video came by way of winrumours, tweeted by @@stroughtonsmith who said:

Incredible Microsoft video of the things Kinect lets us do; this is every bit as impressive as the Siri ads and more

Steven isn’t a Microsoft fanboy. Check out his site. It’s all about iOS apps he’s made.  It is genuinely incredible. It’s that future of minority report, (with the awesome 7650 btw) but real life.

Kinect, xbox, office, skype, windows 8 – all will pour back to Windows Phone where Nokia is the lead partner. I remember back when WP was launched, I got scared of the potential it could have (and detrimental effect on Nokia smartphones) once Microsoft gets its act together and funnels everything to their mobile platform – not yet another strong competition. What a turn of events that it’s actually Nokia who will be there in part to help make it successful.

Sorry to sound MS fanboyish. It’s not Microsoft I’m loving – it’s the very bright future I see for Nokia.

Nokia – Kinecting people.

Source: WinRumours

OK actual kinect stuff:


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