Nokia Lumia 710 with MicroSD support

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One of the unknown quantities in the Nokia Lumia 710 was the possibility of having MicroSD card expansion. Now we know it works, it would be good to know if it is hot swappable. I never take the card out of my N8 – only ever to increase the size. We were aware of a problem in early WP as they weren’t ready for MicroSD card, though Sammy still put them in (having said that, although there were famous ones like Josh’s card error, fixed only by a Nokia, it appears most users were also able to use MicroSD ok)


The 800 doesn’t have one, but that’s likely due to design constraints (N9 didn’t have it either.)

Nokia Connects (previously WOMWorld/Nokia and Nseries Blog) confirms MicroSD up to 16GB.

Okay so the 710 only stores 8GB of internal storage, but it betters its elder sibling, the 800, by including a microSD card slot that can accept up to 16GB of additional flash storage. This means that with one tiny slither of plastic, you can automatically triple your memory status.

I welcome the 16-24GB sizes. 8GB was really no where near enough for me on my Omnia 7, especially as I had so many apps I wanted to get. I have no room for any more now.

Cheers @htarhini for tip (and a few others who I think also mentioned this but we weren’t able to confirm at the time!)


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  • Dinesh Manne

    From Nokia UK website the specification sheet specifically states no microsd slot, is this regional option, if yes it sucks for UK but i dont think so and who is right. can you confirm from NOKIA Jay please.

    Total user memory

    8 GB mass memory (no slot for micro-SD cards)
    SDRAM memory

    512 MB

    • Dinesh Manne

      I dont think Nokia 710 has microsd card, some one got this wrong.

      • yasu

        @Dish Manne:
        I don’t think either.

        Jay wrote:
        “Now we know it works, it would be good to know if it is hot swappable”

        I don’t think that WP in its current incarnation would have use for hot swappable microSD cards since once you put them in an WP device, the OS considers it part of the system memory and format both as a single partition. I may be wrong of course.

        • Jay Montano

          hmm yeah that’s what i thought it was from the last wp iteration. I guess it wont be a problem for most people – as cable, wifi, data is easier than hot swap (as mentioned I never do so on my N8).

  • Mazze

    16 gigs only? I’m using a a32 gig card on my N8…

  • StefanP

    MS will take care of your data on the Sky Drive… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Doffen

      Downloads take time and eats data… Choice regarding where you want your data is wonderful. Large capacity storage is good to…

  • migo

    Awesome if true, but I’m waiting on confirmation from a few more sources. I’d wonder then if any microSD card would work or if it’s only special approved ones.

    • N9

      works great just like sending and reciving files via Bluetooth or like anything else in wp7

  • Epsoo

    “One of the unknown quantities in the Nokia Lumia 710 was…”

    Correction required.

    Love your blog

    • Epsoo

      Ok, it seems you couldn’t find it, if that’s so then just replace “quantities” with qualities. That’s it.

  • jay c

    someone tell me it 4 real??
    does it really have a micro sd slot,cos it would b pleasing in as much as they said only 8gb of internal memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MH.

    eu nao consigo colocar o meu cartao de memoria no meu nokia lumia 710,como posso colocar